Romo to Williams Finally Connected

Roy WilliamsRoy Williams stirred up a little controversy this past week saying the balls Romo was throwing to him were all over the place.

Well Sunday night against Philadelphia they finally connected. It was not a ton of catches nor was it for a ton of yards, but it was nice to see Williams catch five for 75 yards. It was great to see Williams thrust his hand forward after making a first down.

I am not sure what the issues were, but the extra work put in at practice must have helped. Maybe it was the fact the Miles Austin was drawing double coverage and that left Williams one on one or maybe it was Williams running crisper routes and getting open. Whatever it was, it was great to see.

Hopefully we will continue to see the Romo to Williams connection and hopefully it will account for more touchdowns.

The Cowboys are learning to play well together in all phases of the game. That becomes more evident along the way as we ride this four game winning streak.

Next up are the Cheeseheads from Green Bay lets show them how our team can play. GO COWBOYS!!!

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    i sure expected Roy to have a lot more production at this point, like everyone else, but now that he’s joined the party, i hope he never leaves…this cowboys squad is all about “team”…the polar opposite of the 2008 squad…keep spreadin it around, romo, and do what it takes to win, no matter who that involves…i love this team…so glad we’ve turned the corner

  2. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    I love the way he played. I was so busy getting mad at he, I didn’t realize that he’s was upset at the way things was going. Like the train was rolling and he wasn’t on it. 911 looked real good. Let’s hope him being there opens up the offense a lot more.

  3. irvin ross jr
    irvin ross jr says:

    roy got off in that game he was smooth he was catchin too now its time to lay it down like the rest of the crew put it on map for the boys brake it to the goaline and let barber bust it thru felix he can take from forty choice too witten i wana see more td for you go cowboys


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