Video: Cowboys/Eagles Game Coaches’ Reactions

Excuse me, can someone tell Wade Phillips we won the game?

Seriously, we can’t complain about Wade Phillips right now, but his press conferences really make you miss some of the other more emotional coaches interviews.

With a record of 28-12, I’m thinking maybe he’s just camera shy because he’s certainly doing things right lately.

Great win Coach!

Seems like Andy Reid wants to blame the loss on losing the challenge he never should have made.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I like it. With the recent history I don’t want anyone thinking they are satisfied. One week at a time. Keep moving forward.

    • Kelly Horn
      Kelly Horn says:

      True Rob, I love the teams attitude, no one seems to be getting a big head, after a 4 game winning streak sometimes people get carried away. Lots of season left! GO COWBOYS! (((((FIRST PLACE)))))

      Us fans can get excited still, right? LOL

      • Rob V.
        Rob V. says:

        oh, you know that!!! very excited. They are playing well, but I still think Garrett can do a better job putting everyone in the right position to succeed more. Felix needs more plays. He is a homerun hitter and needs to be on the field more. And so does Olgetree…and not because I’m the president of his fan club. LOL


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