Taking Care Of Bussiness…

Sportscasters and sports journalist everywhere are making way too much about what needs to happen for the Dallas Cowboys to clinch a spot in this season’s post season.

I don’t really know why these things have to be so overly complicated to the point of utter confusion…

The bottom line is this…


The Dallas Cowboys are in control of their own destiny.

They have tonight’s game against the Washington Redskins and next week’s finale at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here is the magic formula…

If the Cowboys win these last two games of the season, not only will they clinch a playoff berth, but they would also secure first place atop the NFC East division.

Now if by some small chance the Cowboys do fail to win tonight, something that I find very unlikely, we’ll worry about the ramifications another day. For now, just keep the optimism levels up, stay away from the doomsday fans, and stop listening to Keyshawn Johnson and all the rest of them clowns on Fox and ESPN.

Lets Go Cowboys!

  1. Rob V.

    Agreed Joe. Could care less what other teams do. Boys just need to keep winning and building the confidence.

  2. Kelly H

    Amen to that Joe! One game at a time! GO COWBOYS!

  3. Riggs

    COWBOYS BABY! Screw the rest!