Pro Bowl Rosters Released

The 2009 Pro Bowl Rosters have been released and the Dallas Cowboys will be well represented with a total of six players. Two of them are starters and the other four are reserves. I don’t expect any of them to actually play in the Pro Bowl since they will be too busy getting ready for the Super Bowl. The Pro Bowl in case you did not know will be played the weekend between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl this season in Miami.

Dallas Starters

Andre Gurode

DeMarcus Ware

Dallas Reserves

Miles Austin

Jason Witten

Leonard Davis

Jay Ratliff

I can’t really argue with the selections that were made. I would have liked to see Bradie James, Keith Brooking and Mike Jenkins because I think they deserved it this season. But like I said earlier in my post. The Cowboys will be too busy practicing for the Super Bowl and won’t be worrying about the Pro Bowl.

  1. Awesome news thanks Rob! I agree about Bradie James (my personal fav) and Keith Brooking as well as Mike Jenkins.

    Its all good the Super Bowl means more! :)

  2. Terri York

    I am so excited for Miles Austin!! What a remarkable person and year he is having.. Go ahead and add him to a top Sexiest guys in the NFL commercial, the ladies would be pleased!! me too!! Way to go MILES!!!!

  3. Joe D.

    I am very shocked that Ratliff made it, deservedly so, but not Brooking or James. Obviously we cant expect all of our linebackers and defensive linemen to make it in, but I really felt James and Brooking really distinguished themselves and had better years than those they decided to go with.

    I was surprised to see Leonard Davis make the team, but it goes to show what a solid player he is.

    Congrats to all of our guys!

  4. raina

    wow Spencer might just join that group next year the way he is playing. I am so happy for Miles Austin and JRatt.

  5. Michelle G

    I agree with you Terri….Miles Austin is the sexiest man in the NFL! He’s just YUMMY! lol

  6. C Moore

    You guys think Romo was a snub??

    Congrats To D Ware And Miles and everyone else!!!! They Deserve It….