I Have A Giant Problem

In 1990, I saw my very first Super Bowl. At the time I never had a love for football, I was one of the many kids stuck on Michael Jordan. This Super Bowl featured Buffalo vs. New York. A great Super Bowl, good back and forth with drama mixed in. At the end it was decided on a single kick. The Giants won and it pushed Bill Parcells into football glory. I was happy…until I heard my dad curse for the very first time. “Bleep” the Giants.

My Dad moved to Washington, DC during the Redskins glory years. No team beat up the Redskins worst then the Giants. Somehow that hate was transferred to me. I think I already said it before, but I HATE THE GIANTS! I really mean it. For some reason, every person in my life who ticked me off was a Giants fans. You would think by living in the DC area you wouldn’t find any, but we get more and more every year.

I think my hate for them started during the Cowboys decline in the late 90’s. The New York Giants became this team who got all the glory. To make it worst it wasn’t like they were this great team. They were average, and I think I’m pushing it by calling them average. On top of that, I had a co-worker who was one of the most aggravating fans in the world. Giants stickers everywhere; Tiki Barber did this; Jason Sehorn did that; and your team sucks! I did get into a fist fight with this jerk and everyone agreed with me. It’s a sad day when a Redskins fan helps you out. But that was only one person you say, well guest what. I had another co-worker who was Jesse Armstead’s cousin. Even worst she hated the Cowboys and was a super Giants fan. The 2000-2001 New York Giants made me truly hate them. But then it got worse.

They go and get, Eli Manning, Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs. Eli, outside of the Giant uniform, seems like a pretty nice guy, but that only goes so far. I think what ticks me off so much about him is the fact I know and everyone else knows he isn’t better than Tony Romo. I said it; ring or no ring, Romo is better. Plax…well I don’t have to worry about him. And finally, this overweight big mouth named Brandon Jacobs. I had to read this bum’s stats close just to make sure. He says he runs all over us. Now granted last year he had a monster game on us; but other than that he’s only gained about 40 to 50 yards on us per game. Really? Clinton Portis with a twisted ankle and no offensive line kills us more than you. I hate to see a guy talk so much crap and never being it. And to make it worse it’s like the media backs him up. Another thing, the media clearly gives this team too much leeway, at least that’s how I see it.

In reality, I can go on and on about how I hate this team, best thing is I’m not alone. Tons of Cowboys fans have stories of this team pissing us off collectively. So far NY has been getting the upper hand, but does it warrant all the trash talk? It does, because the Giants nation sees us the same.

Let’s Go Cowboys!!!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I’m right there with you with my hate for the Giants. I live in NY and am surrounded by Giants fans or should I say Bandwagon fans. For the most part all the Giants fans I know are Bandwagon. They are the only fans in the world that even they pulled off one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history still get defensive when you talk football to them. I can’t stand the Giants and I don’t want Dallas to just beat them, I want them to destroy them! I’ve had a feeling about this game all week. I’ve had a score in my head as well, but I will not say what I am thinking. Let’s just say I really hope it comes true. HEY JASON GARRETT, ARE YOU READING THIS????? YOU NEED TO ATTACK FROM THE VERY FIRST DRIVE ON SUNDAY. Give them everything and then some more. Do not let up. Three healthy RB’s and they need to be used!!! Go out there and pound this Giants team into the Jersey swamps. So pumped up and it’s only Thursday!!!!!!!!


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