And So Another December Starts… Badly!!

So the Cowboys stood at 8-3. A two game lead over the NY Giants with an opportunity to send the Giants to a 6-6 record and pretty much end their season. We all know the December history with this team over the last three seasons and we have all heard the talk this past week. The Cowboys then open a 10-0 lead on the Giants late in the second quarter and well…that’s where it kind of ended.

The Cowboys took a 10-0 lead on the Giants with a nice Romo to Williams touchdown pass. They had the Giants just were they wanted them. The once mighty 5-0 Giants now at 6-5 and little or no confidence in the way they were playing. So what does the Dallas defense do when they have the Giants down? Well, you would think they would step on their throats and end it for them. But no, they allow the Giants to drive down the field and score to tighten the game to 10-7 and give the Giants some life.

Next possession for the Cowboys with a little over a minute left in the first half. The Cowboys try to answer the Giants touchdown, but then Marion Barber fumbles. The Giants take full advantage of the turnover and score the go ahead touchdown right before halftime. Dallas had the Giants on their knees begging for mercy, but just like in past seasons the Cowboys let a team off the hook and gave them life.

Third quarter…Romo leads the offense to the go ahead score on another touchdown to Williams, 17-14. You think the Dallas defense would try to respond once again. But….it took the Giants only one play to take the lead back. A short pass to Jacobs resulted in a 74 yard go ahead for good touchdown. Here is my question. How does the defense let something like this happen? I honestly thought the Dallas defense was still on the sideline after the kickoff. But then I saw Anthony Spencer, Bradie James and Gerald Sensabaugh. But Spencer might have well been on the sideline as Jacobs ran away from him like he was standing still.

Onto the fourth quarter as the Cowboys held the Giants to an all important field goal to keep the Giants lead to only seven points, 24-17. Although I must say that it really had nothing to do with the Dallas defense on the third down play as Steve Smith clearly beat Scandrick (That’s a surprise!!!), but dropped the pass.

Ok, you would think the Cowboys are in good shape as they are only down by seven points with a lot of time left in the game. So they get the ball back and what happens? Yes, three and out as Barber gains three yards on first down, Romo get an intentional grounding penalty which results in a lost down. And on third and 17 they can only manage a short gain to Witten.

Punt formation!!!! Ok, punt the ball and let’s get the ball back with plenty of time left. Nope!!!! Not going to happen. Hixon gets the ball and after three missed tackles (well, I kind of stopped counting at that point and proceeded to destroy my living room), Hixon scores on a 79 punt return to put the Giants up 31-17.

Once again the Cowboys get the ball back and start driving. They get to the Giants 36 yard line where Williams is beyond wide open down the right sideline and what does Romo do? He misses him on what would have been a touchdown. And two plays later they fail on a fourth down attempt.

Yes, Romo once again drove the Cowboys down the field for a score at the end of game that was already over, but it was just too late at that point. The Cowboys once again just gave up too many big plays and were not able to respond when they needed too. So, December of 2009 is underway and the Cowboys are now 0-1. They have fallen to 8-4 and are tied with the Eagles for first place with the Giants now only one game back.

What is ahead for the Cowboys. Oh, not much. Just four teams playing at the top of their game. Yes, even the Redskins who lost today, but still played one hell of a game against the Saints. Here is the rest of the schedule for the Cowboys….

San Diego, 8-3

at New Orleans, 12-0

at Washington, 3-9 (record will not matter)

Philadelphia, 8-4

At this point I honestly do not know what will happen the rest of the season. The way I am feeling right now (frustrated), I can take a guess, but I would rather not because it just makes me sick to my stomach. I would say I’m speechless, but I just read my own post and I guess I’m anything but speechless.

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  1. Mary Lou Herrera
    Mary Lou Herrera says:

    There is no doubt in my mind, the defense gave the giants the W! Their tackling was pathetic! Romo, and his offense for the most did their part. Especially, Romo, Witten, and Williams. Wake up defense, before it’s too LATE! Go COWBOYS!!!

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I’m more upset over a loss to the Giants more than any other team that the Boys lose to, but come on now. How can the defense look themselves in the mirror after how they played? How can the special teams do the same? It just kills me. Reminds me of the Baltimore loss last season. They are so up and down. Media better not get on Romo after yesterday. He was the only one that showed up with Witten of course. Folk use to be automatic. What happened??

  3. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    Im already hearing people on the Facebook page of this knocking Romo, c’mon Romo, Get it together Romo…IT WAS NOT ROMOS FAULT, Blame the D, special teams, they let to many big game plays (those 2 HUUUUGGE ones killed the cowboys)

    Oh well….sorry people..Im just very aggravated people are saying its Romos fault, its not, get your facts straight or learn football, one of the 2.

    On to the next game, another game that should have been won damnit! god f’n damnit.

    And can someone tell me why we still have Folk? Thats a person you can yell at for being horrible this season…5/10? PATHETIC when your only main job is to freaking kick. Folk is on my bottom about the Flozell thing? HA!

    • April
      April says:

      Riggs I’m with you on the Romo Bashing thing. Romo played a career game and if you look in his eyes he had his eyes on the prize. Very focused and very poised and determined. Unfortunately he’s going to take the brunt of the blame because people like to blame him. When he does good no one recognizes it and when he does bad they are quick to point it out. I wish Defense and Special Teams could have helped him out last night but that obviously wasn’t the case. Next week its the Bolts and they are coming with a storm The Boys better have their Umbrellas Ready. Go Cowboys!

      • Frustrated Cowgirls Fan
        Frustrated Cowgirls Fan says:

        I can’t believe we lost again to them. All we do is choke in December. Jerry you have to fire Bum’s son and take the reins yourself before we lose to the Giants again in the playoffs, if we still get there. Oh and good job Floozie for firing up the Giants because they needed to be woken up from their slumber. Report is he will be suspended for one game (third strike) and fined.

  4. C-Moore
    C-Moore says:

    How can anyone even suggest firing Wade?? I mean yea, he started 2-2, but then he and his team rattled off 4 straight, and 6 of 8 overall… I just don’t understand it. 8-4 overall… 3rd seed in the NFC.. that seems pretty good to me… And if you even say, “well, he doesn’t win in December…” you’re right, but neither has anyone else since Jimmy. You sure as hell can’t blame that solely on Wade Phillips, I’m sorry but it’s true…

    I really dislike when we as Cowboy fans demand the run, and when a good run defense stops us, we HAVE TO rely on the pass game, What else are we suppose to do? Keep jamming up the run trying to force the issue? NO. You have to go with what’s working in this league on any given Sunday.

    I’m with Riggs, STOP BLAMING ROMO…. It was not his fault… I guess all the “fans” on facebook, must not really WATCH the games……

    Okay, I’m done.



    • April
      April says:

      I agree C. What if Jerry fires Wade and then we get someone who not only can’t win in December but can’t win in Sept, Oct or November then what? We need to Patient and Thankful because it could be a WHOLE lot worse. April is Celebrating 8-4 and hoping for the best. Go Cowboys!

  5. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    No offense, but I think we have all been more than patient for the last three seasons with these coaches. The only thing consistent with the Cowboys the last three seasons is them being inconsistent. See recent article about that!


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