Can the Boys Do It?

Tony RomoRumor has it that the Cowboys are a small favorite in this Sunday’s game against San Diego despite the fact that San Diego is on a 7 game win streak. We all know about the notorious problem Dallas has had in the last month of the season. After last week’s disappointing loss to the Giants, I have to question if the Cowboys really do have a jinx on them. Their running game was all but shut down. However, Romo did have quite the passing game. But games cannot be won in the air alone.

Dallas has some very tough games ahead of them even after the Chargers. Week 15 will have our Boys in New Orleans playing a team that is 12-0 so far, possibly 13-0 after this weekend if the Saints get past Atlanta. Then the last 2 games are against division rivals Redskins and Eagles. Sure, the Redskins are 3-9 but after their near win against the Saints, I wouldn’t count them out as a team that could beat the Cowboys. Also, the Eagles have been playing some solid ball and with Vick showing how he can score by passing and running one in, they are dangerous. They completely dominated the Falcons this last week. Since they’re now tied with the Cowboys for the division lead, they’ll be out for blood the rest of the season.

The Cowboys have got to jump start their running game. We all know Barber, Choice, and Jones have the talent to do what needs to be done but they just haven’t been doing it. None of them have had 100 yard+ games in a while. Romo has been playing well, not making the silly mistakes like he did before. It’s been a relief to see him play like he truly wants it, that the hunger for a win has finally returned. Now if the rest of the team could get hungry, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Even though my faith in the Boys has been rattled a bit, I still believe they can do it as long as the defense doesn’t allow too many points and the offense can get a good running game going. Another key thing is to not be allowing so many senseless penalties to hurt them. I’m sick of the Cowboys being a joke amongst other team’s fans because of their December “curse”. They need to pull their heads out of their butts and concentrate on putting points on the board….and not allowing their opponents to do the same.

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  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Great post Michelle. My faith has been rattled a bit too, but unlike so many so-called fans I’m not ready to toss it in and let the media tell me what to think. As Brooking said in another post by Rob V. the facts are that only 2 teams have a better record than the ‘Boys. That’s hardly an indictment.


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