Fantasy Report: Week #13 Picks

Week #13    Hot starts for this weekend

For most of us, this is the last game of the regular season because our playoffs start on week #14. I will try and put out a playoff sheet the next couple weeks to try and help figure out who is playing and who is going to be on the bench watching.


1)      M. Schaub – HOU

2)      T Brady – NE

3)      P. Manning – IND

4)      D. Brees – NO

5)      T. Romo – DALLAS COWBOYS BABY!


1)      M. Jones Drew – JAC

2)      C. Johnson – TEN

3)      A. Peterson – MIN

4)      S. Jackson – STL

5)      C. Benson – CIN


1)      B. Marshall – DEN

2)      R, Moss – NE

3)      A. Johnson – HOU

4)      L. Fitzgerald –ARZ

5)      C. Ochocinco – CIN


1)      D. Clark – IND

2)      V. Davis – SF

3)      J. Witten – DALLAS COWBOYS

4)      A. Gates – SD

5)      T. Gonzales – ATL

OK Guys! Another Thursday Day Game so make sure you get your lineups in by Wednesday Night or Thursday morning just in case…


BUF vs NYJ: Owens has had back to back good games since they put in Fitzpatrick, so I say start him. Lynch has lost a step and Jackson is handcuffed behind him, so below average matchup there. NYJ on the other hand, have a sweet running game and it’s a must start for Jones.


ARZ vs MIN: This should be a good game “IF” K. Warner can play. It is a must start on all players.

ATL vs PHI: Turner is hurt again and likely won’t play. So I see a rough day ahead for the Falcons running game and an above average day for the passing game. This is a great game for the Eagles so start all players.

BAL vs GB: This game is the beginning of the playoffs for both teams and looks to be a battle to the death. It is a below average Fantasy day for both teams, so be careful who you start here.

Car vs TB: Battle of the “Doormats” here. BUT there is fantasy points to be had. D. Williams should have a good day so feel free to start him. TB is a waste of time don’t start anybody unless you have to.

CHI vs STL: Both teams are struggling badly, but again there are points to be had here. S. Jackson is a must start. The Bears are due to get that feeble passing & running game going and this could be the week.

CIN vs DET: This is going to be a blowout fantasy game so make sure and get your Bengals in your lineups.

CLE vs SD: Cleveland players are a waste of time. Don’t start any of them. This will be another great game for the Chargers so a must start on all players involved.

DALLAS COWBOYS vs NYG: Mark my words the Cowboys will win this game! The Giants are the the team we are used to seeing. Their defense is a mess and their offense just can’t seem to get anything going. This is in “MY OPINION” a must start on all Cowboys players and be careful who you start on the Giants as the have another below average day ahead of them.

DEN vs KC: Denver should have an even better day than last week, so go ahead and start’em if you got‘em. Now on the Chiefs there is only one player I would consider starting and that is J. Charles.

HOU vs JAC: This should be another above average fantasy game with plenty of points to go around.

IND vs TEN: This is an above average game for Indy so feel free to start all players. The Titans have an average game but, because they are in a must win situation, I would go ahead and start them as well. Their playoff lives depend on this game.

MIA vs NE: Miami run game will get shut down by the Pats so bench R. Williams this week. Their passing game and all of NE players should have an above average day.

NO vs WAS: This is another big day for every Saint player! A must start on all players. Now Washington on the other hand is sinking fast and I would avoid all players except R. Cartright as he may score.

OAK vs PIT: Even though Oakland has looked better the last couple weekends, I still say avoid all players this weekend Pitt is just too strong. Go ahead and start your Pitt players since Roethlisberger should be back, then so will their offense.

SF vs SEA: Believe it or not this looks like it is going to be an above average fantasy day for both teams. Start all top players. J. Jones should be back from his bruised lung (OUCH) and Crabtree is starting to help A. Smith look like a real QB after all.

Good luck and my the Fantasy Gods bless your team.

– Gremlins

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