Fantasy Report: Week #15 Picks

Week #15 – Fantasy Football Playoffs

It’s show time! Now is the time if you are lucky enough to make the playoffs to get serious, you have some very tough decisions ahead. Most of the work you’ll be doing is trying to decided who is going to be on the field? Example: QB-Culpepper, RB-Charles, RB-Forsett, RB-Davis, WR-Thomas, WR-Cribbs. Now did any of you have these guys on your roster 13 weeks ago? I doubt it. But they will all be starting this weekend and have a chance to make a fantasy impact! So stay on your toes..


1)      D. Brees – NO

2)      P. Manning – IND

3)      K. Warner – ARZ


5)      A. Rodgers – GB


1)      C. Johnson – TEN

2)      A. Peterson – MIN

3)      M. Jones Drew – JAC

4)      R. Rice – BAL

5)      T. Jones – NYJ


1)      A. Johnson – HOU

2)      A. Boldin – ARZ

3)      D. Jackson – PHI

4)      M. Colston – NO



1)      A. Gates – SD

2)      V. Davis – SF

3)      D. Clark

4)      B. Celek – PHI

5)      J. Witten – DALLAS COWBOYS


IND vs JAC: O.K., the nightmare starts here. They say they will not start and or hold out their hurt players, sheeeez! They have their whole dang team on the Injury Report this week? In “MY” opinion the regulars will start and play this week. Too early to shut them down.


DALLAS vs N.O.: This will be the FANTASY game of the week. There will be lots of points to go around. Start all players on both teams. Well, avoid “N. Folk”. Hell I can out kick him.


ARZ. vs DET: Arizona will rebound this week against the feeble Lions. Start all Cardinals. Detroit is a waste of time.

ATL vs NYJ: Looks bad for the Falcons! No Ryan, No Turner! I would even avoid the receivers on ATL. Start all NYJ players it could be a blow out.

BAL vs CHI: Start your Balt players and be real picky about who you start on Chi this weekend.

BUF vs NE: Wow this is where all of the Patriots get well. It’s an above average matchup for the Patriots and another bad day for the Bills.

CAR vs MIN: Man it looks like the week of blowouts. Minn should win this game without any trouble. Feel free to start all players.

CINN vs SD: OK scratch my last quote about all blowouts… This is going to be a lot closer, but both teams should score with SD pulling out a win with a better defense. Start all players

CLE vs K.C.: This is one of those games if you need help there are players here (Clev) that will help! Except for Charles, nobody on KC is worth a roster spot.

DEN vs OAK: With Gradkowski (hurt) gone, it will be all Denver this weekend.

GB vs PIT: This game could go either way? I say start the GB passing attack and be careful on Pitt who you start.

HOU vs STL: Bake to the blowouts. Feel free to start all Texans you got.

MIA vs TENN: Low scoring ground game here. Look for other options if you got them

NYG vs WAS: Both team will score but not a lot.. Start ’em if you need to.

PHIL vs SF: With Westbrook back, look for an inspired Eagles team to beat the surging 49ers. It is a good scoring game so start all involved.

SEA vs TB: Not worth even talking about these 2 teams.. There is nobody on ether team that will help you.

Well that’s it from the Gremlins Family Forum. Hope the Gods bless your team, well that is unless you’re playing me 🙂

– Gremlins

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