Fantasy Report: Week #16 Picks

Week #16 – Fantasy Football Playoffs

Congratulations, Because if you are still reading this going into week 16 then you must have made your Fantasy Championship! Most leagues (ESPN excluded) end in week #16 because there is just too many players out in week 17. Because most teams stop playing in week 16, this will be my final Fantasy Football report for this season.


1)      A. Rodgers – GB

2)      D. Brees – NO

3)      T. Brady – NE

4)      M. Schaub – HOU

5)      P. Rivers – SD


1)      C. Johnson – TEN

2)      F. Gore – SF

3)      A. Peterson – MIN

4)      R. Williams – MIA

5)      B. Wells – ARZ


1)      A. Johnson – HOU


3)      B. Marshall – DEN

4)      R. Moss – NE

5)      W. welker – NE


1)      V. Davis – SF

2)      A. Gates – SD

3)      T. Gonzales – ATL

4)      B. Celek – PHI

5)      J. Finley – GB

ARZ – May hold out some players in week 17, but all should play in week 16

ATL – Grab Jason Snelling

BUFF – Brian Brohm may start at QB

DAL – Must win

GB – Needs a win to clinch a Playoff spot

IND – Will start pulling starters early this weekend

NO – Will start all players as they need 1 more win to clinch home field advantage

PHI – Westbrook should be back.

Good luck ALL! Watch the IR reports.

– Gremlins

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