News and Notes heading into Giant Showdown

Not that it needs to be said, but the Cowboys are preparing for their biggest game of the season up to now. The Cowboys need to be at their best come Sunday. They are as healthy as they have been and they seem to be as focused as they need to be.

Injuries is reporting that the only two players not practicing on Wednesday were Ken Hamlin and Marc Colombo. I think we are in good shape with Alan Ball playing for Hamlin and Doug Free playing for Colombo. Also practicing on Wednesday were linebacker Victor Butler, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Gerald Sensabaugh. All have been nursing some minor injuries in recent weeks.

Marion Barber was finally taken off the injury report for the first time since week 2 after playing the Giants.

December Slump

We all know about the recent December history and I for one am tired of hearing about it and talking about. So is the team as reported by…

“We don’t look at other seasons,” Romo said. “This is this season – it is brand new football team. Nothing that happened in 1999 or 2004 or 2008 has any bearing on what is going to happen this December. We feel as though we are just going to keep getting better each day we are out here. We have to have a good Wednesday practice. And if you do that, the next day will be better. And you can keep getting better as the season progresses.”

“This team this year is a new team,” defensive end Stephen Bowen said. “As far as he knows, we’re undefeated in December. He asked if we had lost in December. Everybody said, ‘No.’ This is a new team. We’re all leaving everything that happened in the past. Nobody’s even thinking about last year. We’re all just trying to look forward and trying to get these wins.”

Bracing for Felix

Felix Jones finally played without his knee brace on Thanksgiving against the Raiders and had his best game of the season. Jones ran for 68 yards in the game including a 46 yard touchdown run. Quote from

“I’m very excited to have my health again and be able to play,” Jones said. “It was very frustrating.”

Hating the Giants

Reported by Bradie James decided to tell it like it is Wednesday. It was not a shot at the Giants. He was just simply saying what everyone already knows.

“We don’t like them, and they don’t like us,” James said. “There’s no way of getting around that. People have been saying this is their season, what they’re playing for. This is our season, too. If we beat these guys, we don’t have to worry about them coming back to haunt us.”

“This is a big game,” safety Gerald Sensabaugh said. “They came in here and beat us earlier in the season, and we have to get some revenge on them.”

A shot at the Cowboys??

This is a quote from from Eli Manning. It could be considered kind of a shot at the Cowboys. You decide.

“We’ve got to know that this is the same team that started 5-0,” Manning said today. “You look at it offensively, the same guys that started the first game are in the huddle. We’ve got the ability and the talent to go out there and play great football and win games, and we’ve got to expect that from ourselves. There’s no reason not to. Just because you go through a little stretch where you’re not playing your best, it’s still the same guys, it’s still the same team that got off to a great start, the same team that beat this team in Dallas in front of 105,000 people.”

This is one of the biggest games the Cowboys will be playing in quite a while. With a win it puts them one step closer to the NFC East title and run at Super Bowl XLIV.

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