Boys Put a Muzzle on Critics With Impressive December Win

Is there anything more glorious than waking up the day after a win and watching/hearing the critics eat crow?

ESPN should have felt ashamed on Sunday morning, after tearing into Roy Williams all week about “guaranteeing a win,” even though those words never left his mouth.

What I would have given to see the look on Tony Dungy’s face when he heard Tony Romo say that his incredibly foolish “no chance” comment inspired Dallas to come out with both barrels blazing at the Superdome last night.

‘Tis the season.

Saturday’s win over the 13-0 Saints marked the second time since 2006 that the Cowboys have beaten a heavily favored undefeated team. The other instance came in 2006 when Dallas thrashed the high flying 9-0 Indianapolis Colts.09000d5d81517bb9_gallery_600

As the saying goes, “that’s why they play the games.”

December woes can no longer be pinned on Tony Romo, who has played arguably the most consistent football of his career over the past four weeks. The man has not thrown an interception since November 22 against the Washington Redskins, a game which the Cowboys won. He also has not thrown more than one interception in a game since week two against the Giants. Romo is playing error-free football during the point of the season that matters the most for a playoff hopeful team.

As we saw on Saturday, the running game is also starting to emerge during the month in which running the ball wins games. The rushing attack has been inconsistent all season, and with three capable running backs in the Cowboys’ stable, there is simply no excuse to have a lackadaisical running game. Grinding it out on the ground will be the key to victory in the next two weeks against division foes.

On the other side of the ball the Cowboys have played hard-nosed defense at a level that has gone without praise for most of the season. The play in the secondary has been consistent for the first time in years, even with the injury to Ken Hamlin. Mike Jenkins has emerged as a Pro Bowl caliber cornerback, and defenses are starting to realize that throwing away from Terence Newman is not a viable strategy anymore. Anthony Spencer has finally emerged as a pass rushing threat opposite Demarcus Ware, and Keith Brooking has solidified the inside linebacker spot with outstanding play. Jay Ratliff is also having a Pro Bowl season, and with the play of Igor Olshansky, the ‘Boys are not regretting their decision to let the Giants overpay Chris Canty.

Up until a few weeks ago, special teams was also playing at a very high level. With the unfortunate erosion of Nick Folk, the best Cowboys fans can do is cross their fingers and hope Shaun Suisham can kick well until another viable option becomes available.

Don’t count ’em out just yet Cowboys fans. As we have seen in past years, the team that plays their best ball in December has the most success in the playoffs. If the things we all saw on Saturday night are any indication of the brand of football the Cowboys plan to play for the rest of the season, they have a great shot.

Flashback: Dallas vs Washington – 1985

The 1985 season started on Monday Night Football for the Cowboys for the third time in the last four years. It was the second time in three years that the Cowboys would be opening against division rival Washington. It also was quarterback Joe Theismann’s 36th birthday. It also was Theismann who took the saying “It’s better to give then to receive” a bit too far as he threw five interceptions in the game.

Unlike the 1983 season opener when the Cowboys had to come from a 23-3 deficit to win the game. This game the Cowboys took the lead and never looked back.

The only scoring in the first quarter came from Rafael Septien on a 53 yard field goal giving the Cowboys a 3-0.

In the second quarter the Cowboys put together a 98 yard drive that took up 8:49 of the clock. Timmy Newsome finished the long drive with a one yard touchdown run to put the Cowboys up 10-0.

The Redskins scored on a John Riggins touchdown run to make the score 10-7, but that would be as close as they would get to the Cowboys as the Cowboys took full control of the game.

The Cowboys closed out the first half scoring as Danny White connected with  receiver Mike Renfro on a 55 yard touchdown pass with only six seconds left in the half. Dallas went to the locker room leading the Redskins 17-7.

The second half would be a dominating performance by the Cowboys defense as they confused Joe Theismann and the Redskins offense with different coverages and blitzes. The Redskins first three possessions of the third quarter all ended in turnovers and resulted in points for the Cowboys.

Everson Walls got things started as he stepped in front of a Theismann pass and intercepted it, giving the Cowboys the ball at the Redskins 44 yard line. The Cowboys could only manage a Septein field goal and a 20-7 lead.

On the Redskins next possession linebacker Eugene Lockhart forced Redskins running back George Rodgers to fumble and Dexter Clinksdale recovered at the Redskins 40 yard line. But once again the Cowboys had to settle for a Septien field goal. Dallas was now up 23-7.

Third possession for the Redskins and third straight turnover as Ron Fellows intercepted Theismann and returned it to the Redskins 13 yard line. This time the Cowboys were able to get into the end zone as Tony Dorsett burst through the middle of his offensive line and scored from nine yards out. Dallas was now up on the Redskins 30-7.

With all the turnovers the Dallas defense was getting, they decided that they wanted to do some scoring themselves. Cornerback Victor Scott collected his own interception off of Theismann early in the fourth quarter and returned it 26 yards for a touchdown which put the Cowboys ahead 37-7.

The Redskins managed a touchdown of their own as all the Dallas scoring was going on and made the score 37-14.

Dallas cornerback Dennis Thurman finished the scoring as he intercepted Jay Schroeder who replaced Theismann and returned it 21 yards for a touchdown. The Cowboys completed their domination of the Redskins and won the game 44-14.

Joe Theismann threw five interceptions to five different Cowboys and only managed 206 yards passing in the game. Joe Gibbs took him out of the game midway through the fourth quarter and as Theismann sat on the bench something began to be heard. It started low and then got louder and clearer. It was the Texas Stadium crowd who started singing Happy Birthday to Theismann over and over again.

“It was a hot night, and we were hot,” coach Tom Landry said.

“I’m really surprised,” Landry said. “It doesn’t happen like that very often. It was one of those nights when they didn’t have anything going for them, and we had everything going for us. You don’t ever expect to beat the Redskins like this. We shouldn’t have even been favored. Somebody must have been crazy.”

“I just couldn’t be more pleased with the play of our defensive backs,” Landry said. “They were in great position all game. When you win this way, the other team has a lot to do with it. We just kept on the pressure. Right now we are at an emotional high as you might expect.”

“Hey, if I hit a couple of passes after those turnovers, we could have scored 64 points,” White said. “We were just missing against the blitz. Our offense didn’t even have to show up tonight. The defense scored twice and set up up so many times in plus territory.”

You can see the box score of the game here…

I also found this video that shows all six of the Cowboys interceptions in the game.

If The Season Ended Today…

Thanks to the good people at, here is a chart that shows the Playoff Picture if the season were to end today.


There’s a very interesting aspect if these standings were to hold until the end of the regular season.

The Cowboys would end up playing the Eagles in back to back games; once at Cowboys Stadium in the regular season finale, and then the Wild Card game which would be played in Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

My biggest hope is that somehow we find a way to be all alone in first place before the start of the post season. To do that we need the Eagles to lose to the Denver Broncos this weekend, while we win against the Redskins.

And then of course, we beat the Eagles in the season finale.

Hey… You never know…

Lets Go Cowboys!

Folk Gets the Boot and Suisham Gets the Nod

Shaun SuishamAs reported by several local sources, Nick Folk has been cut by the Dallas Cowboys. Shaun Suisham has been signed. You might remember him from a few years back. Redskins recently cut Suisham after he missed a 23-yarder.

Its good the Cowboys made a move, I just wish there were more options out there. Let’s hope Suisham makes the most of it his second time around.

Many fans were calling for Folk’s head after his miss last Saturday night after he missed a routine 24 yard field goal. Folk has made only 18 out of 28 field goals this season.

Suisham had made 18 of 21 FG attempts before being cut by Washington two weeks ago.

Ironically, Suisham will get to return to FedEx Field Sunday when the Cowboys travel to Washington.


Our own Joe D. predicted there would be open tryouts on Monday, great call!

Hat tip to TD and Nate the Cowboy Ninja for promptly shooting me the news.

Dallas Signs New Kicker, Plus Injury News

It is being reported by ESPN that the Cowboys have signed Shaun Suisham to be their new kicker. Suisham kicked in six games for the Cowboys in 2005-06. His most recent kicking job was with the Redskins this season. With the Redskins Suisham was 18 out of 21 on field goals, but his three misses were in games the Redskins could have won. One was against the Saints a few weeks back which caused his release and two were against the Cowboys when Dallas pulled off the victory with a last minute touchdown and won 7-6.

Now Suisham gets to return to FedEx field this Sunday night to go against the Redskins. It is not yet known what will happen to Nick Folk. I’ve heard reports that the Cowboys may put Folk on IR because of his off-season hip surgery. The Cowboys may know something that others do not concerning the hip and would rather not release him knowing how automatic he once was at still a very young age. In recent weeks the Cowboys have replaced holder Matt McBriar for Tony Romo in hope that it would help. In the Saints game we all must have felt a little better when Folk kicked a 44 yard field goal in the second quarter. But then in the fourth quarter Folk missed a 24 yard field goal that would have sealed the game.

Injury Update

Looks like offensive tackle Marc Colombo could be making his return this season. If the Cowboys earn a spot in the playoffs Colombo could make it make back for a Wildcard game.

Colombo is trying to come back from a fractured fibula and torn ligaments in his left ankle suffered against the Packers. Colombo also said that it wouldn’t be pain that stops him from returning, but it would be strength. He has been working out and rehabbing since his surgery. If he regains his strength it looks like he will try to play again. If Colombo can’t come back, then Doug Free will continue to be the starter. Free has done a very nice job as the starter the last five games.


It couldn’t happen. It shouldn’t happen. How could it happen? The Saints were 13-0, their offense was tremendously dominant, the defense had significantly improved. The last two opponents of their schedule would be the Yucs, excuse me, Bucs and the Panthers.

All they had to do was knock off Big D at home. And they lost. THEY LOST!

If I sound like I’m yelling, I am. My voice is gone from the shouts of joy coming from the depths of my belly to the rooftops of my neighborhood.

Sometimes I wonder if I am writer or a member of the team because I feel an enormous weight off of my back.

The Cowboys were not supposed to win. It is DECEMBER! Their worst month! How is it they won???

I’ll tell you how. Because no matter what I say or what my colleagues say in their articles about game previews, power matchups, who is the weak link; none of it matters.

Am I slurring my work? Yeah, I am. Because games are won by men in armor on a field of play.

The games are not decided by the keys that are underneath my fingers as I type this article. They are decided by sweat, by want, by men on a field in the dead of night, in a stadium filled with fans and loud noise.

The field is where the game is decided. The Cowboys knew that. Some of the Saints apparently didn’t. They underestimated the Dallas Cowboys. They thought that this team couldn’t beat him. It already lost two heartbreaking games in consecutive weeks.

That was the biggest mistake you can make.  You can never think a team of NFL players is unworthy of you.

When you step onto that field. You are 0-0. There are no previosu wins or losses with teams outside your division.

The attitude is this: “I don’t care abour your record. I don’t care about your stats. I don’t care that you are guaranteed playoffs. You are going to get a fight, so suit up and put up or shut up.

The Saints and Sean Payton can now shut up.

Because the Dallas Cowboys beat the Saints. Tony Romo completed 22 of 34 passes for 312 yards and a touchdown. Dallas ran for 145 yards and two touchdowns. The defense forced three turnovers, including one to end the game, and four sacks.

The Cowboys may not be a better team than the Saints, but guess what?

You just have to be a better for 60 minutes.

And I don’t think any team could’ve matched Dallas tonight. None whatsoever.

Will Dallas win next week? That’s another 60 minutes.

Right now, I’m going to go enjoy this win.

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!

Bringing The Heat

Before I get into my thoughts on the game and what it means for us, I want to make one small point.  FIRE NICK FOLK!!!!!!!!!!!. I am so sick and tired of them making excuses for him. He has lost his edge. They showed footage of pre game warm-ups by Nick Folk. If I am correct I believe they showed 7 attempts WITHOUT a holder. How many of those attempts did he make? NONE!!!!!!! How can you sit back and watch your “struggling” kicker  miss several warm-ups before game and then when the game is on the line, put him in??  That makes absolutely no sense to me. I am also totally against Romo holding kicks. What other team in the NFL, NCAA, High school or any other league you want to bring up has their starting QB holding kicks? None!!! When Kris Brown of the Texans missed those critical field goals for the Texans this year, did Kubiak think, hey I have an idea; let’s put Matt Schaub back there to hold the kicks so that Kris Brown can make them, no he did not. Again, FIRE NICK FOLK!!!!!

As for what this game means for us this season, we are one step closer to the playoffs. We need help from SF this weekend by taking down the Eagles. Also, being the die hard Cowboys fan that I am, it makes me sick to my stomach to even think about saying this, but we really need the Redskins to beat the Giants. Wow admitting that I want the skins to win is even hard to type but it has to be said.

Now for the game. YEAH BABY!! WOOOHOOOO!!! WAY TO GO BOYS!!!! Ok got that out of the way. We finally got to see the FULL potential that the cowboys have on the field each and every week. Romo and the offense looked flawless. The defense was brutal. The game was AMAZING. On the field Romo was the better of the 2 quarterbacks going 22/34 for a total of 333 yards and 1 touchdown with ZERO interceptions or fumbles and his ability to avoid the rush was able to get him 4 rushes for 21 yards. Our #1 receiver Miles Austin once again showed us why letting T.O. go was the best option for the team with 7 receptions for 139 yards and a touchdown. Jason Whitten had a good game with clutch catches when it mattered most, as he usually does, going for 44 yards on just 5 catches. Romo also distributed the ball well to several other options, giving the rest of our receivers and our running backs a total of 10 catches for 129 yards. Once again proving that the Dallas passing game is a force to be recon with.

Rushing rushing rushing. There is not much more to say about our ground game than, MARION BARBER!!!!!!! That man is a beast and was not going to be denied. Although he only had 17 rushing attempts he went for a hard fought 62 yards and 2 touchdowns. Felix Jones made his presence known not only on his 14 carries for 58 yards but also in the return game averaging 30 yards with one return of 41 yards. Let just say this is one ground game that was not going to be denied.

Ok, say it with me, DEFENSE!!! DEFENSE!!! DEFENSE!!! Wow what a performance our defense put up. Anthony Spencer is coming into his own and making all teams account for him. Our secondary is making other teams passing games quiver. Our linebackers are making running backs think maybe we should pass the ball more often. And then there is the man. The best defensive player in the league. The man that gets thru double teams to force QB’s to make errant throws, picks and run for their lives. Of course, you know I am talking about Demarcus Ware. After last week when all of our hearts stopped and the city of Dallas came to a complete stop and everyone was holding their breath, while Ware was being carted off the field, no one knew if he would play this week. Well, as we all know he did play and once again he dominated. He had a total of 2 sacks with 2 forced fumbles, and of course the key forced fumble at the end of the game with ten seconds left in the game to seal the victory for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys as a whole during the game Dominated every aspect of the game We had more first downs, 24 to 23, more total net yards, 436 to 336.  Rushing yards were to our advantage 145 to 65. Our defense held the high powered offense of the Saints to only 3 points in the first half and 17 points in the game with Drew Brees passing for under 300 yards and only touchdown. A very big key to the game was third down efficiency.  While Dallas went for 8 of 15 attempts on third down with a 53% efficiency rate the Saints only converted 1 third down during the game with an efficiency rate of only 14%. Once again proving that our defense is one of the best defenses in the league. Let’s take this win and this momentum that we know have, and bring it to the next game when we go to Washington and show them that the December curse is now OVER and we are making our run to the SUPERBOWL!!!

Cowboys Hand Saints Their First Loss In 24-17 Thriller

Wow what an incredible finish to an incredible game, and quite possibly some the best drama we’ve seen all season.

The Cowboys did the unexpected and beat the previously undefeated New Orleans Saints 24-17 in a hard fought battle that kept most Cowboys fans on the edge of their seats right up until the final seconds of the game.

Tony Romo and Miles Austin lit up the sky and the scoreboard once again on offense, while Marion Barber and Felix Jones kept the ground game churning and burning.

However, it was the defense who stepped up the most and found a way to stop the juggernaut from New Orleans.

DeMarcus Ware

DeMarcus Ware was back and made some key plays including a sack of Drew Brees and a forced fumble with 10 seconds left on the clock and the Saints moving the ball. The Cowboys recovered and the rest as they say was history.

Anthony Spencer and Mike Jenkins had huge efforts on defense, and as for Spencer, he is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on defense.

The only bad note to the game was the continuing struggles of Nick Folk who missed a chip-shot field goal that the Cowboys needed to put the Saints away for good. There”s no way the Cowboys don’t replace him next week.

This was the first December win on the road since 2007 for the Cowboys.

The victory may have put a final nail in the Giants coffin, but keeps us alive and well for a play off spot as we inch closer to the final game of the season against the much hated Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. What a game that will be!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Enjoy this gift from the Cowboys!

Some Things To Consider

I may be wrong, but I think the Cowboys need some serious restructuring, beginning with their head coach. Wade Phillips may be a “good guy” but he’s no Tom Landry or Jimmy Johnson. Personally, I think the only good thing he’s done for the Boys so far was let Terrell Owens go, and I doubt that was Phillips’ decision. Bring in Shanahan or even Holmgren (if he can handle the micromanagement)!

Also, I think it’s time to replace Nick Folk. He’s lost the pizazz he used to have and is missing field goals almost as often as he’s making them. I really don’t have a problem with anyone else on the team. I just think that they need to be playing as a team instead of individuals. I’m actually proud of how well Tony Romo has been playing the last couple weeks. He’s been distributing the ball well and not making as many mistakes.

On a more positive note, it looks as though the Saints are nervous about playing the Boys this weekend, especially if DeMarcus Ware is healthy enough to play. Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints said,

“DeMarcus Ware is one of the extreme exceptional rare talents that we find in the NFL. He was close to the single-season sack record last year, and people are saying he didn’t have as much production this year, but he’s still a force. There’s no way you cannot account for a guy like DeMarcus Ware.

“Put football to the side OF COURSE you hope he gets better but I’m not going to say I’m not breathing a sigh of relief that he might not play because DeMarcus is a force to be reckoned with on the football field.”

The Saints are a little beat up right now but Brees loves the deep pass and is damn good at it. I’m not sure the Dallas defense can stop him but I’ll have my fingers crossed. It’s time to put an end to the December curse and show everyone that the Cowboys can win!

Cowboys Stadium: A Fan’s Eye View

I have had the absolute luxury of attending four home games this year, in our inaugural season in the new, breathtaking stadium. I also attended the Big 12 Championship game between Texas and Nebraska, but that being said let me start from the beginning.

The first game I went to was Monday Night Football against the Panthers. I was so dang excited and in awe of the stadium that I am thankful I went in several hours early to take it all in.The fans were pretty lively as the minutes ticked away to the kickoff, as a matter of fact I specifically remember getting the chills when they played the intro to MNF on the big screen and when we all heard the anthem to MNF everyone was going crazy …and then we watched a half that ended with Carolina up 3-0. That does sort of take the wind out of your sails.

I sat in the upper level for this game and there were several groups trying to start chants and even the dreaded wave, and it was a decent atmosphere. There were a lot of cheers during the defensive series.

The second game I attended was a 3 o’clock kickoff vs Atlanta. I was very lucky to get free lower level tickets on the 15th row. This is where I saw a marked difference. There was little to zero passion down there. As a matter of fact, there were at least 10 empty seats on our row! The face value of these tickets were $375.00 each, so I seriously doubt that someone would pay that and just decide not to go, so they must have belonged to some gigantoid corporation.

I remember early on in that game texting my friend who was in the 200 level and telling him that there was no hype, no excitement. This was during one of our best wins of the season. Sam Hurd was dancing and waving his arms before every kickoff to get the fans into it, and this would work to an extent. I almost felt bad once, because I stood up on a 3rd down to cheer and looked around and I was the only one.

So, on that occasion it was NOT a great atmosphere. I loved the view, but not the vibe.

My third game was Thanksgiving and again, I was in the upper level. This game was sort of a tweener, sometimes really good, sometimes very quiet. Miles Austin brought the biggest cheer of the day when he was doing a little celebrating on the bench and it was shown on the big screen. He was smiling and holding his arms up and the place went nuts.

Overall, this being a holiday game and a very lackluster opponent, I was a little disappointed in the atmosphere.

Now, about last week’s game against the Chargers. I was shocked to see so many San Diego fans! This must have just not translated to the TV because this was a loud game. The fans knew how important this game was, and if not, then the loud, obnoxious Chargers fans put a little life into them. The 4th and goal debacle and lack of points took some steam of off things, but I really enjoyed Sunday’s game from an atmosphere standpoint.

I have some theories to why things seem to be the way you wrote… but first, let me just say that the most insane, intense game was without question the Big 12 Championship.

With the crowd split about 65/35, there was never a quiet moment, the marching bands in the stands filled every break with fight songs and such, and the colors were vibrant… it seems that every person in the building was wearing red or burnt orange. It was an amazing experience.

Now, my theories on why the stadium is or can be quiet.

First theory: the product on the field. Let’s be real and honest with ourselves as die-hard fans. We are disappointed right now, we have no consistency, we can’t seem to make the defensive stops we need so badly, cheering or not! The offense racks up yards but can’t put points on the board and we are very unsure about our head coach. Just because we don’t boo doesn’t mean we are not concerned.

If we as knowledgeable fans feel this way, imagine the schmucks and trophy wives that sit down along the first level, they don’t know anything but when the Cowboys score it’s good and when they don’t it’s bad. While this may be a reflection on ticket prices, I believe it’s more of a reflection on casual fans.

Secondly, the aforementioned ticket prices. When you out-price the average joe, then you lose your most passionate fans. If there is one thing I walk aways from thinking after each game, is that this is NO Texas Stadium, in both good and bad ways; I remember being at many games there and while you would freeze your you-know-what off trying to walk to a 30-year old bathroom. You had an awesome time screaming and yelling and cheering.

I recall a Sunday night game four years ago, the first home game against the Redskins and it was electric. When Romo hit Terry Glenn in the endzone for a TD, my friends and I went crazy, jumping and chest bumping and so was everyone else. You just don’t see that now at the new place. There is no community of fans, no tradition yet.

And my last theory: the big TV. It is amazing, the most awe inspiring thing you could imagine but it draws people in like a tractor beam. You just sit there and stare at it. I have weened myself off of it to an extent this year and now am able to actually watch the live game below, but look around and everyone is sitting back, eating their popcorn watching the game on TV. It almost brainwashes people into forgetting they are AT A GAME!

Who knows, maybe these could all have a little truth to them, or maybe none at all. I am with you and with Roy, and I try to do my little part. I know that winning and consistency cure all. The fans, for the most part, start off with good intentions. It’s those 7-6 games against the Redskins that seem to turn even the best intentions, into disappointing actions.

I want to give it time, let the stadium grow it’s own traditions. Let’s get some landmark victories in there and let’s let the corporate suits give their tickets away to clients for now, and as time goes by we can hope that the stadium becomes more accessible to the true fans! Go COWBOYS!

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Bengals WR Chris Henry Has Passed Away

On behalf of all of us here at Lone Star Struck we would like to express our sincerest condolences on the sudden passing of Chris Henry. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris’ family and team at this difficult time.

The young wide receiver’s tragic death reminds us exactly how fragile life is. Henry leaves behind three young children.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.(AP)—Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry has died, one day after suffering serious injuries upon falling out of the back of a pickup truck in what authorities describe as a domestic dispute with his fiancee.

Police say Henry died at 6:36 a.m. Thursday. Henry was 26.

Away from the team because of a broken forearm, Henry was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after being found on a residential road. Police say a dispute began at a home about a half-mile away, and Henry jumped into the bed of the pickup truck as his fiancee was driving away from the residence.

Police said at some point when she was driving, Henry “came out of the back of the vehicle.”

Rest in Peace Chris.

Injury Update: Ware, Hamlin News

After a huge scare last weekend, we could likely see DeMarcus Ware back on the field this Saturday night in New Orleans.

Coach Phillips reported that if the game had been Wednesday, Ware would not have played but it would have been close. He hasn’t lost any strength or motion, it seems to be more of a soreness issue. If by chance Ware does not play, Victor Butler will be his replacement.

Safety Ken Hamlin has missed the last four games with an ankle injury but is now fully recovered and ready to roll. Hamlin is pumped up about the Saints game this weekend and cannot wait to get back into the action.

“I’m a competitor. I want to be out on the field.

“It’s going to be an exciting game. I’m ready to get back and start playing.”

Tight end Martellus Bennett will be out again this week after suffering a concussion two weeks ago. He hasn’t practiced since the injury occurred. Rookie John Phillips will replace Bennett in the lineup.

Safety Pat Watkins is also out with a sprained left PCL. Alan Ball will fill Watkins shoes as backup safety and on special teams. Ball has started the four games that Ken Hamlin has missed.


Personally I’m praying for Ware’s recovery, you definitely need your best defensive player in the game when you are going up against one of the best, if not the best, offenses in the league. The Cowboys need this win desperately after losing their division lead and any hopes of a playoff run could be determined this weekend.