Flashback: Dallas vs New Orleans – 1984

The 1984 season will not go down in Cowboys history as one they want to remember. Actually it’s one of those seasons that should be forgotten. The Cowboys finished 9-7 and missed the playoffs. It was also the season that coach Tom Landry made the preseason decision to make Gary Hogeboom the starting quarterback over veteran Danny White.

The Cowboys went into the game against the Saints with a 4-3 record. They started strong with their first drive of the game as Hogeboom drove them to the Saints 20 yard line before the drive stalled on a Hogeboom sack by Saints linebacker Rickey Jackson. Rafael Septien kicked a field goal and the Cowboys took a short lived 3-0 lead.

Early in the second quarter the Saints punted and pinned the Cowboys on their own one yard line. The Cowboys were forced to punt after three plays and no yards gained. Danny White could only manage a 36 yard punt and the Saints took over on the Cowboys 39 yard line. Two plays later the Saints took the lead on a Richard Todd (Yes, the same Richard Todd who played for the Jets in the late 70s and early 80’s) to Tyrone Young 36 yard touchdown pass as Young streaked across the middle beating Everson Walls and Ron Fellows. The Saints went ahead 7-3.

The Cowboys could only manage another Septien field goal before the Saints went back to work. The Saints alternated running backs in 1984. Their first back was Earl Campbell (67 yds rushing in the game) and they also had George Rodgers (52 yds rushing in the game). But it was fullback Hokie Gajan who took center stage in this game as he ran for 78 yards and a touchdown. His score came after Ed Jones got a hold of him in the backfield, but Gajan managed to break free and went untouched from that point and scored from 62 yards out. This gave the Saints a 14-6 lead with 2:54 left before halftime.

Saints kicker Morten Anderson added a field goal at the end of the first half increasing the Saints lead to 17-6. Things would only get worse for the Cowboys in the third quarter.

Morten Anderson kicked his second field goal of the game early in the third quarter. With the Saints leading 20-6 things went from bad to worse for the Cowboys as Hogeboom was intercepted by Dirt Winston who then returned it 43 yards for a Saints touchdown. The Saints now led 27-6.

On the interception Hogeboom hit his wrist on a Saints helmet and forced him to the bench for the rest of the game. With the injury, it forced Danny White into the game. The entrance of White seemed to wake the Cowboys up.

Early in the fourth quarter Cowboys special teams player Chuck McSwain blocked a Saints punt and the Cowboys recovered on the Saints three yard line. From there Tony Dorsett ran it in and got the Cowboys closer at 27-13.

Late in the fourth quarter with only 3:59 to play Danny White threw a 12 yard touchdown pass to receiver Mike Renfro. This closed the Saints lead to 27-20.

With 2:53 left in the game and veteran Kenny Stabler in at quarterback for the Saints because of Richard Todd’s injury early in the fourth quarter, the Dallas defense made a stand. Stabler attempted to pass from his own nine yard line as Randy White came crashing through the line and sacked Stabler forcing a fumble. The ball rolled into the end zone where Jim Jeffcoat fought through a wild scramble of players and recovered the fumble for the touchdown. With the extra point the Cowboys tied the game at 27-27.

The Cowboys actually got the ball back two more times in the final 1:20 of the game on two Stabler interceptions, but could not move the ball into scoring position. The game would go into overtime.

The Cowboys won the coin toss in overtime. From their own 29 yard line Danny White attempted a pass to Tony Hill who was interfered with, which resulted in a 24 yard penalty. Then White completed a 15 yard pass to Renfro to set up Septien for the winning field. Septein kicked a 41 yard field goal to complete the comeback and the Cowboys won the game 30-27. The comeback was the Cowboys biggest in team history.

“I always feel we can come back and win it,” coach Tom Landry said. “Our guys found out how hard you have to work to win a football game.”

“I feel good about our team now, said Landry. Better than I felt all year. We just haven’t played with the tough emotion we played with in the fourth quarter. It may be the difference the rest of the season. I’ve been saying all along we have to play hard to win.”

“I thought all along I should start. But I don’t think because of the way Gary played I should start,” White said. “I’d love to start to be back in there, where I should have been all along. But that’s up to coach Landry. It meant a lot for my confidence.”

You can view the box score here…


Fantasy Report: Week #15 Picks

Week #15 – Fantasy Football Playoffs

It’s show time! Now is the time if you are lucky enough to make the playoffs to get serious, you have some very tough decisions ahead. Most of the work you’ll be doing is trying to decided who is going to be on the field? Example: QB-Culpepper, RB-Charles, RB-Forsett, RB-Davis, WR-Thomas, WR-Cribbs. Now did any of you have these guys on your roster 13 weeks ago? I doubt it. But they will all be starting this weekend and have a chance to make a fantasy impact! So stay on your toes..


1)      D. Brees – NO

2)      P. Manning – IND

3)      K. Warner – ARZ


5)      A. Rodgers – GB


1)      C. Johnson – TEN

2)      A. Peterson – MIN

3)      M. Jones Drew – JAC

4)      R. Rice – BAL

5)      T. Jones – NYJ


1)      A. Johnson – HOU

2)      A. Boldin – ARZ

3)      D. Jackson – PHI

4)      M. Colston – NO



1)      A. Gates – SD

2)      V. Davis – SF

3)      D. Clark

4)      B. Celek – PHI

5)      J. Witten – DALLAS COWBOYS


IND vs JAC: O.K., the nightmare starts here. They say they will not start and or hold out their hurt players, sheeeez! They have their whole dang team on the Injury Report this week? In “MY” opinion the regulars will start and play this week. Too early to shut them down.



DALLAS vs N.O.: This will be the FANTASY game of the week. There will be lots of points to go around. Start all players on both teams. Well, avoid “N. Folk”. Hell I can out kick him.


ARZ. vs DET: Arizona will rebound this week against the feeble Lions. Start all Cardinals. Detroit is a waste of time.

ATL vs NYJ: Looks bad for the Falcons! No Ryan, No Turner! I would even avoid the receivers on ATL. Start all NYJ players it could be a blow out.

BAL vs CHI: Start your Balt players and be real picky about who you start on Chi this weekend.

BUF vs NE: Wow this is where all of the Patriots get well. It’s an above average matchup for the Patriots and another bad day for the Bills.

CAR vs MIN: Man it looks like the week of blowouts. Minn should win this game without any trouble. Feel free to start all players.

CINN vs SD: OK scratch my last quote about all blowouts… This is going to be a lot closer, but both teams should score with SD pulling out a win with a better defense. Start all players

CLE vs K.C.: This is one of those games if you need help there are players here (Clev) that will help! Except for Charles, nobody on KC is worth a roster spot.

DEN vs OAK: With Gradkowski (hurt) gone, it will be all Denver this weekend.

GB vs PIT: This game could go either way? I say start the GB passing attack and be careful on Pitt who you start.

HOU vs STL: Bake to the blowouts. Feel free to start all Texans you got.

MIA vs TENN: Low scoring ground game here. Look for other options if you got them

NYG vs WAS: Both team will score but not a lot.. Start ’em if you need to.

PHIL vs SF: With Westbrook back, look for an inspired Eagles team to beat the surging 49ers. It is a good scoring game so start all involved.

SEA vs TB: Not worth even talking about these 2 teams.. There is nobody on ether team that will help you.

Well that’s it from the Gremlins Family Forum. Hope the Gods bless your team, well that is unless you’re playing me 🙂

– Gremlins

Are You Starstruck? Then Act Like It!

Ever heard of the term “12th man”? It refers to the fans in a stadium and their impact during a home game by chanting, whistling or making other loud noises to distract the opposing team’s offense. The idea is to cheer while your team’s defense is on the field, inevitably confusing or making it hard for the other team’s offense to hear calls or plays.

With the same idea, fans of the home team should be silent while their offense is on the field so plays can be heard loud and clear and not to cause any false starts.

Homeofthe12thManIronically, the term was first used in Dallas by Texas A&M University in 1922. Its now commonly used in Seattle by the Seahawks who have made it very useful and truly believe it makes a positive effect on the outcome of the game. But the truth is it does work and every home team should be able to count on their fans to do their share. Thats also part of the benefit of  “home field advantage”.

You are probably wondering why I am attempting to give you a history lesson.

Frankly, we have a problem my fellow Cowboys fanatics. Some people have noticed and expressed their concern, specifically my friend and current season ticket holder Roy.

Roy’s rant comes from a true die hard fan who is concerned about the loyalty of the people who attend football games in the beautiful new stadium that we as fans should feel honored to call our team’s home.

I have been a fan for 40 years and have attended more games than I can remember. I used to be a season ticket holder back before I had kids, and now that they are finally grown and out of the house I am once again a season ticket holder.

I have a huge problem with the fans at the home games I have attended this season. It angers me that they don’t seem to understand when to make some noise, and when not to.

I yell when we are on defense, which is what you are supposed to do so the other team cannot hear their QB. I yell, “C’mon D make a play. Get the ball. Defense. Defense.” I start yelling as soon as the other team breaks the huddle and comes to the line of scrimmage. I guarantee you I am just about the only one yelling in the whole stadium. You can hear a pin drop.

Then when the Cowboys have the ball, the fans start yelling, “C’mon Romo make a play!” I am not a shy person when it comes to the Cowboys. I will stand up and look in all directions at the fans around me and say, “Hey! We got ball, be quiet so they can hear the count.”

When the defense returns, I stand up and ask if we have any Cowboy fans here. I get little response. I actually give instructions to the people in my section to make noise when the other team has the ball, and especially on third down.

The fans just don’t know how to make our new stadium loud when we are on defense. We need to drown out the other teams cadence so maybe we can be the 12th man and cause a false start or so that they don’t get off on the ball as quick as they need to.

I don’t know that my complaint will make a difference but I needed to vent.

I will continue to make noise and root for my Cowboys! Cowboys Rule!!!

– Life Long Cowboys Fan, Roy

Roy speaks nothing but the truth. Coming from this out-of-state Cowboys fan, I have heard, or should I say not heard the rumble of the crowd during the televised games. It seems so quiet in Cowboys Stadium compared to others. I realize my only source is what the television provides, but at the same time comparing the Cowboys games to say, the Packers or the Steelers… lets just say we should be a lot more excited and well, just LOUDER.


Honestly if you are one of the lucky ones who actually gets to attend games, I would think you would want to make the most of the experience. You know – wear your favorite jersey, be the 12th man, cheer for your team, watch every play, enjoy every touchdown, take pictures, etc. Don’t spend the entire game on the phone or start mocking or name calling your team when they are down.

Being America’s team, you better believe there are thousands of us die hard fans spread around throughout the nation that would give anything to be at the home games. Some people really don’t take advantage of going to Cowboys games on home turf. Don’t get me wrong I know there are many truly dedicated fans that attend the games (I know this for a FACT), and you are definitely appreciated. It just doesn’t seem that the majority of the crowd is really getting into the action. I would like to know how many of those seats are going to corporate big-wigs who toss them at clients or use them for business meetings. Jerry needs to pull their fan cards.

Hey, how about adding a “CHEER” and “HUSH” sign to the big scoreboard, kind of like studio audience’s “APPLAUSE” signs. That shouldn’t be hard, after all we can premiere movie trailers and host the first 3-D broadcast at a sporting event.

We’ve got cheerleaders, we’ve got cage dancers in the upper levels… maybe instead of just looking pretty they can instruct the fans on how to participate. Now there’s an idea…

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if Wilford Crazy Ray Jones (may he rest in peace) were here with us today? Things would be different. Crazy Ray would put the fans in their place, and do it with a smile on his face! We need to remember the passion and dedication that Ray brought to every home game during his lifetime and make him proud.  Just ask yourself, “What Would Crazy Ray Do?”

So, the moral of the story is: Make us proud, if you have the honor of attending a Dallas Cowboys home game…

1. Wear Cowboys gear

2. Make noise for the defense

3. Be quiet for the offense

4. Respect the Star

Simple enough.

Now that we have only two more home games I expect them to be heavily impacted by the fans this time around. Now, all together in your toughest football voice scream with me,


Big Comments from Roy Williams

Two weeks ago the Cowboys were sitting at 8-3 and on top of the NFC East. Then something happened that just could not be avoided. That something was the month of December. Now two weeks later the Cowboys are 8-5 and in second place in the NFC East after back to back losses to the Giants and Chargers. How can get things get any worse? Enter the New Orleans Saints. Did I mention that the Saints are a perfect 13-0 this season?

The Cowboys best defensive player DeMarcus Ware may not play due to a neck injury he suffered in the San Diego game.The team will more know about Ware’s status after practice on Wednesday.

Add to that the kicking issues with Nick Folk. Once known as Mr. Automatic, Folk has fallen on hard times this season. This week Folk is competing with David Buehler on field goals in practice. Wade Phillips expects Folk to kick come Saturday night as reported by DallasNews.com.

“Well, I mean, that’s what I would presume right now,” Phillips said. “We’re still working with Nick. He’s obviously been a good kicker but for whatever reason, he’s been in a slump lately. Can he come out of it? I think he can. We’ll just have to see. David (Buehler) is working more on field goals, but he’s a ways away.”

Also reported on DallasNews.com is that safety Ken Hamlin is expected to start against the Saints after missing four games with an ankle injury

Then there is Roy Williams. I’m sure everyone has seen his interviews throughout this season and how he approaches things with the media. This week he decided to go in another direction. With everything the Cowboys are going through and all the talk about now being 0-2 in December so far this season. It’s Roy Williams who is the voice of confidence coming from the Cowboys locker room as reported by ESPN.com.

“Might as well crown them, right?” Williams said with more than a hint of sarcasm Tuesday. “They’re undefeated. It’s December. We don’t have a chance.”

“This is a two-round fight, and this is just the first round, in my eyes,” Williams said. “I don’t know about everybody else, but I think we’re going to see this team in the playoffs down the road.”

“If we pack our bags and show up in New Orleans on Saturday night,” he said, “we should be victorious.”

I believe I’m not alone when I say that this week’s game against the Saints is the Cowboys whole season. Falling to 8-6 would not be a good thing. I also know that there are many fans out there that are less than confident about getting a win against the Saints. Any team can lose any game at any time. Do the Saints concern me? Of course they do. I guess we will just see what happens come Saturday night.

Latest Cowboys Injury Updates

As the Cowboys brace themselves for the storm raging in New Orleans, they will have to make do without several of their key players.

Head coach Wade Phillips said DeMarcus Ware’s sprained neck is “a lot better” today after injuring it in the fourth quarter against the Chargers, and he is now listed as day-to-day. That said, despite being closely monitored, it’s still unlikely that he will play on Sunday. Rookie Victor Butler will get plenty of playing time in his absence.

Starting safety Ken Hamlin (high ankle sprain) will try to work himself back to practice this week, but it’s still uncertain if he’ll be ready for Saturday’s game at the Big Easy.

Cowboys beat writer Josh Ellis tells us that the Cowboys will be without tight end Martellus Bennett again this week, as he has yet to pass the necessary tests to be cleared of concussion-like symptoms. Under the NFL’s new concussion guidelines, a player must wait one week to return after passing a brain injury test. Since he hadn’t been given the green light by Saturday, the Cowboys can already rule him out for the Saints game.

Pat Watkins suffered a sprained PCL while diving for a tackle on the Cowboys’ first kickoff of the game on Sunday. It’s a similar injury to the one running back Felix Jones had earlier this year. He will miss 2-3 weeks and could miss the rest of the season.

December Tumble Continues, Chargers Zap The Cowboys 20-17

Before I get into my little tirade, let me first begin by saying how relieved I am that DeMarcus Ware only suffered a sprained neck. Seeing him lying on the ground like that sent chills down my spine and I’m sure all of us collectively held our breaths waiting for DeMarcus to show some movement and give us a sign he was okay. When he gave that thumbs up it felt like the weight of the world was immediately lifted off of our shoulders.

As for the game, if you want to call it that, what can I say that you haven’t already heard every December for the last three seasons?

The Chargers made themselves right at home in Cowboys Stadium and beat us 20-17 in front of packed house of 90,000+ fans.

The Chargers have now won 16 consecutive December games, while the Cowboys still struggle to put a couple of wins in a row together in what has become their death knell. The Cowboys may have produced more first downs (22 to 21) than the Chargers, but it’s points scored that matter the most in the NFL.

It seems that whether they are on the road or at home, where they never seem to have any advantage, the Cowboys are always behind and have to play a vicious game of catch-up. In fact, do you know that the Cowboys have not had one touchdown drive on their first possession in over a year? The other team almost always strikes first blood and that’s not really a lasting formula for success..

The turning point of the game came just before the end of the first half when on first and goal and on the one yard line, Marion Barber failed to get in the end zone.

The Chargers defense was impenetrable as Barber failed to break through again and again and again including on fourth and goal. Barber got the hand-off on that final attempt, but the Chargers got penetration and dropped Barber once again for no gain allowing San Diego to take over on downs at their own one. It was as deflating a series as we’ve seen all season long and just humiliating and brutal to watch.

They went into halftime trailing 10-3 despite running an unbelievable 28 plays in Chargers’ territory. That is such an epic fail on so many levels, it’s almost hard to believe a team can be that futile and impotent.

And even when they did recover the ball after those failed Marion Barber attempts at the one yard line, Nick Folk missed a 32 yard field goal that would have made it 10-6.

There seemed to be no sense of urgency, and I took issue with the fact that Wade Phillips didn’t use up any of his timeouts to stop the clock and give his offense a few more shots to get some points on the board. Also, with 4 seconds left in the half, Romo took a knee rather than attempt one final pass if only to give the perception that there was some fight left in this team.

You could have turned your sets off right there. It was apparent that the San Diego Chargers were doing everything they could to win, while the Cowboys did everything they could to lose.

The second half only confirmed our first half fears.

So now the Cowboys have tallied consecutive losses for the first time this season, and head to New Orleans to face the undefeated Saints on Saturday night.

With the loss, Dallas falls to 8-5, and pending the outcome of tonights game between the Eagles and Giants, they will either be in second place, or in a three way tie for first. The thing about ties is this, the Cowboys have the worst record in the division and would lose any tie breaker.

How many days to the NFL Draft?

Breaking News: DeMarcus Ware Carted Off the Field

With the game tied at 10 and 11 minutes left in the fourth quarter, DeMarcus Ware appeared to have suffered a neck injury. The game was delayed for 12 minutes while they tended to Ware on the field until finally carting him off.

As he left the field Ware could be seen giving a thumbs up to the crowd who cheered for him and gave their best wishes.

He was replaced in the lineup by Victor Butler.

We will give you more details as news filters in.

On behalf of everyone at Lone Star Struck our prayers go out to DeMarcus Ware for a speedy recovery.

UPDATE 5:53 p.m.: CBS Sports is reporting that DeMarcus Ware may have sprained his neck and is undergoing precautionary x-rays. They also reported that Ware had full movement. Needless to say this is good news.

Anthony Spencer: The Latest Weapon In Cowboys Arsenal

As most Cowboys fans know, we have plenty of  talent within our defensive huddle: DeMarcus Ware, J-Rat, Brooking, etc., I could go on and on.

However, one player that has really come in to his own this season is linebacker Anthony Spencer. In the last few games number 93 has been on fire.  In 12 games he has played this season, he has tallied 45 tackles, 2 sacks, an interception, and a forced fumble.  He is quickly making a name for himself and has become relied upon as much as fellow defensive play-makers Ware and Ratliff.

Anthony SpencerIn 2007, the Cowboys’ scouts knew what a talent they where getting when they selected Anthony Spencer as their #1 pick.  He has athletic ability and is fast enough to offer a change of pace and give the team another solid pass rushing option. He played in all 16 games his rookie season and started 6. The only other Dallas Cowboys that have achieved this their rookie year are Lee Roy Jordan in 1963, Robert Jones in 1992, and DeMarcus Ware in 2005. Pretty good company of you ask me.

So, where did this young power house come from?  Let me tell you a little about Anthony Spencer before the Cowboys drafted him and he slipped that famous silver helmet on for the first time.

Anthony E. Spencer II is 6-3 and weighs in at 256. He was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on January 23, 1984.

As a teenager, Spencer was a 3 year starter playing nose guard and full back at Bishop Luers High School, in Fort Wayne. While playing fullback, he absolutely dominated in the backfield and he ran for more than 600 yards, averaging solid 9.1 yards per carry. By the time Spencer was through, he ended his high school career by setting team records in tackles and sacks.  Anthony lettered in both football and basketball, and this helped him get accepted at Purdue University.

While at Purdue, Spencer majored in African American Studies and minored in law society, but it was on the gridiron that he would make his impact and make scouts take notice.  He started 36 of 47 games for the Boilermakers and recorded 155 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries,13 pass deflections, and a blocked kick. If you were to look into Purdue’s record books, Anthony’s name would appear for sacks, tackles, and forced fumbles.  He already has his name written in the Dallas Cowboys record books thanks to an impressive rookie campaign. and I am looking forward to see what else this exciting and intimidating linebacker will achieve in the future.

What are your expectations for Spencer going forward, and do you seem becoming an integral part of the Cowboys defense?

Weekly Game Balls: Week 13

Unfortunately I’ve had to say this before, sometimes its hard to choose players worthy of game balls after such a devastating loss. This week the offensive game ball was a given but the defensive game ball took some thought.

This week’s offensive game ball goes to Jason Witten.

Jason Witten never fails us. Even though it had seemed he had slowed down for a few games, Witten excelled during his second consecutive 100+ yard game.

Witten had a career day last Sunday in New York. Not only did he catch his 500th catch for the Cowboys but his 14 receptions for 156 yards also set a career high for the veteran tight end. He has also moved up to second place behind Michael Irvin in Dallas receiving of all time. That’s pretty impressive!

The Cowboys didn’t come away with the win on Sunday, but this wasn’t due to lack of performance from Mr. Clutch by any means.

Way to go Witten!


This week’s defensive/special teams game ball goes to Jay Ratliff.

As stated above, this was a tough decision and not for a good reason this time.

However, the only defensive play that stood out and made a difference was Ratliff’s forced fumble and recovery.

The play lead to the first touchdown during the second quarter. I won’t go into what happened after that, but at the time Ratliff created a game-changer and for that he deserves props.


Way to go to Witten and Ratliff!

Honorable Mention: Tony Romo ( 41-55, 392 yards, 3 TDs – a career/franchise high in receptions), DeMarcus Ware (lead the team in tackles and had the one and only sack)

Fantasy Report: Week #14 Picks

Week #14 – PLAYOFFS STARTING for most people

For most of us this is the 1st week of the playoffs, that is if we are lucky enough to make it. Now it’s all about winning (win and you continue or lose and you’re out).

If you’re lucky enough to have made it, make sure you really study who’s playing and who’s not.

Take INDY for an example. They have clinched everything but the conference championship. Once they do they will rest their key players like Manning, Addai, Wayne & Clark. So if these are players you rely on then you will need some back up, because they will be watching the game next weekend just like you!


1)      A. Rodgers – GB

2)      M. Schaub – HOU

3)      D. Brees – NO

4)      B. Favre – MIN

5)      K. Warner – ARZ


1)      C. Johnson – TEN

2)      R. Rice – BAL

3)      M. Jones Drew – JAC

4)      S. Jackson – STL

5)      T. Jones – NYJ


1)      A. Johnson – HOU

2)      L. Fitzgerald – ARZ

3)      S. Rice – MIN

4)      A. Boldin – ARZ

5)      M. Colston – NO


1)      V. Davis – SF

2)      B. Celek – PHI

3)      J. Witten – DALLAS COWBOYS

4)      A. Gates – SD

5)      D. Clark – IND


PIT vs CLE: J. Lewis is done for the year. Hines Ward is questionable, Mike Wallace makes a good sleeper here.


ARZ vs SF: Great passing game here, start all players involved.

ATL vs NO: Matt Ryan – Out, M. Turner – Out. Coach says that NO will go for perfect season so all players may play thru week 17, but be careful.

BAL vs DET: Great week to have Balt. players, a must start for all involved.

BUF vs KC: Great week for Buff players, a must start for all “KEY” players.

Car vs NE: D. Williams should play. Both teams should run the ball a lot.

CIN vs MIN: C. Henry done for the year. C. Benson may no play AGAIN. This will be a passing game. So start the players accordingly.

CHI vs GB: K. Jones is out. D. Hester should play, but it will be all GB this week.

Dallas vs SD: Ah hell…This is a do or die week for the Cowboys. In fact, every game from here on out is. Romo and the passing game should be fine this week, but the running game continues to struggle. SD is probably going to score and score a lot in the air. Lets just hope its not as much as the Boys do.

DEN vs IND: A. Gonzales is out. Both teams should do fine with INDY coming out on top. Start all.

HOU vs SEA: S. Slaton is done for the year. Schaub is a big question mark right now so be careful. Everybody else should play.

JAC vs MIA: No Injuries and this should be a run-the-ball kind of game by both teams.

NYG vs PHI: My only hope is both teams lose! D. Jackson should be back. This will be a low score battle mostly on the ground due to weather conditions.

NYJ vs TB: No Injuries to speak of and it will be a good run game for the Jets. Both will score some pts this week

OAK vs WAS: Neither team is any good. C. Cooley out for the season. Portis & Betts done for the season..so it’s Cartwright & Ganther? Who? Sheeez somebody has to score, but it won’t be much.

STL vs TEN: It’s Steven Jackson vs Tenn and Tenn will win this one and have a good time doing it.


Next week I will be posting a lot more on who is playing and who will be watching!

Good luck and my the Fantasy Gods bless your team.

– Gremlins

Brooking Tells It Like It Is

Keith Brooking has shown all season long why Wade Phillips wanted him on the team. He has become the leader of the defense. Brooking is a true professional and tells it like it is. He let loose on his weekly TV show which is hosted by Steve Dennis. The subject came up about the Cowboys failures in December going back the last few seasons. I guess Brooking just couldn’t take it anymore and let loose.

Direct link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR1Do11oJ2k

Wade Phillips wants Tony Romo to “Hold” onto 2006

It was reported by ProFootballTalk.com today that Wade Phillips is thinking about giving Tony Romo his old job back. What job is that?? Being the holder for Nick Folk’s field goal attempts. How can anyone not think back to the playoff game in Seattle when Romo dropped the snap on a field goal that could have won the game. During Wednesday’s practice Romo was holding for Nick Folk.

“We feel like we need to do something, whether it’s the whole operation itself or some of the parts,” head coach Wade Phillips said.  “We’ve got to get more confidence from our kicker. We need to do better. There’s a possibility we’ll make a change this week as far as the holder is concerned.”

What does Wade mean “the whole operation”? The way I read it is that Wade is giving Folk one more chance. If he is still inconsistent then it will be the kicker who is changed. It was also reported that punter Matt McBriar has mishandled a few snaps, but I’m not sure if that is the case or if there is something wrong with Folk. Is it confidence or could it still be effects from his off season surgery.

In other news reported by DallasNews.com is that Flozell Adams has been fined $50,000 by the NFL for his dirty hit from behind on the Giants Justin Tuck. Adams also received a letter from the NFL saying that another incident could result in a suspension.

Martellus Bennett and Deon Anderson did not take part in practice Wednesday. Bennett suffered a concussion during the Giants game and Anderson has a bruised knee. Also, Terrence Newman had an MRI done on his knee, but took part in full practice.