I Have A Giant Problem

In 1990, I saw my very first Super Bowl. At the time I never had a love for football, I was one of the many kids stuck on Michael Jordan. This Super Bowl featured Buffalo vs. New York. A great Super Bowl, good back and forth with drama mixed in. At the end it was decided on a single kick. The Giants won and it pushed Bill Parcells into football glory. I was happy…until I heard my dad curse for the very first time. “Bleep” the Giants.

My Dad moved to Washington, DC during the Redskins glory years. No team beat up the Redskins worst then the Giants. Somehow that hate was transferred to me. I think I already said it before, but I HATE THE GIANTS! I really mean it. For some reason, every person in my life who ticked me off was a Giants fans. You would think by living in the DC area you wouldn’t find any, but we get more and more every year.

I think my hate for them started during the Cowboys decline in the late 90’s. The New York Giants became this team who got all the glory. To make it worst it wasn’t like they were this great team. They were average, and I think I’m pushing it by calling them average. On top of that, I had a co-worker who was one of the most aggravating fans in the world. Giants stickers everywhere; Tiki Barber did this; Jason Sehorn did that; and your team sucks! I did get into a fist fight with this jerk and everyone agreed with me. It’s a sad day when a Redskins fan helps you out. But that was only one person you say, well guest what. I had another co-worker who was Jesse Armstead’s cousin. Even worst she hated the Cowboys and was a super Giants fan. The 2000-2001 New York Giants made me truly hate them. But then it got worse.

They go and get, Eli Manning, Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs. Eli, outside of the Giant uniform, seems like a pretty nice guy, but that only goes so far. I think what ticks me off so much about him is the fact I know and everyone else knows he isn’t better than Tony Romo. I said it; ring or no ring, Romo is better. Plax…well I don’t have to worry about him. And finally, this overweight big mouth named Brandon Jacobs. I had to read this bum’s stats close just to make sure. He says he runs all over us. Now granted last year he had a monster game on us; but other than that he’s only gained about 40 to 50 yards on us per game. Really? Clinton Portis with a twisted ankle and no offensive line kills us more than you. I hate to see a guy talk so much crap and never being it. And to make it worse it’s like the media backs him up. Another thing, the media clearly gives this team too much leeway, at least that’s how I see it.

In reality, I can go on and on about how I hate this team, best thing is I’m not alone. Tons of Cowboys fans have stories of this team pissing us off collectively. So far NY has been getting the upper hand, but does it warrant all the trash talk? It does, because the Giants nation sees us the same.

Let’s Go Cowboys!!!

News and Notes heading into Giant Showdown

Not that it needs to be said, but the Cowboys are preparing for their biggest game of the season up to now. The Cowboys need to be at their best come Sunday. They are as healthy as they have been and they seem to be as focused as they need to be.


DallasNews.com is reporting that the only two players not practicing on Wednesday were Ken Hamlin and Marc Colombo. I think we are in good shape with Alan Ball playing for Hamlin and Doug Free playing for Colombo. Also practicing on Wednesday were linebacker Victor Butler, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Gerald Sensabaugh. All have been nursing some minor injuries in recent weeks.

Marion Barber was finally taken off the injury report for the first time since week 2 after playing the Giants.

December Slump

We all know about the recent December history and I for one am tired of hearing about it and talking about. So is the team as reported by DallasNews.com…

“We don’t look at other seasons,” Romo said. “This is this season – it is brand new football team. Nothing that happened in 1999 or 2004 or 2008 has any bearing on what is going to happen this December. We feel as though we are just going to keep getting better each day we are out here. We have to have a good Wednesday practice. And if you do that, the next day will be better. And you can keep getting better as the season progresses.”

“This team this year is a new team,” defensive end Stephen Bowen said. “As far as he knows, we’re undefeated in December. He asked if we had lost in December. Everybody said, ‘No.’ This is a new team. We’re all leaving everything that happened in the past. Nobody’s even thinking about last year. We’re all just trying to look forward and trying to get these wins.”

Bracing for Felix

Felix Jones finally played without his knee brace on Thanksgiving against the Raiders and had his best game of the season. Jones ran for 68 yards in the game including a 46 yard touchdown run. Quote from Dallasnews.com

“I’m very excited to have my health again and be able to play,” Jones said. “It was very frustrating.”

Hating the Giants

Reported by DallasNews.com Bradie James decided to tell it like it is Wednesday. It was not a shot at the Giants. He was just simply saying what everyone already knows.

“We don’t like them, and they don’t like us,” James said. “There’s no way of getting around that. People have been saying this is their season, what they’re playing for. This is our season, too. If we beat these guys, we don’t have to worry about them coming back to haunt us.”

“This is a big game,” safety Gerald Sensabaugh said. “They came in here and beat us earlier in the season, and we have to get some revenge on them.”

A shot at the Cowboys??

This is a quote from ProFootballTalk.com from Eli Manning. It could be considered kind of a shot at the Cowboys. You decide.

“We’ve got to know that this is the same team that started 5-0,” Manning said today. “You look at it offensively, the same guys that started the first game are in the huddle. We’ve got the ability and the talent to go out there and play great football and win games, and we’ve got to expect that from ourselves. There’s no reason not to. Just because you go through a little stretch where you’re not playing your best, it’s still the same guys, it’s still the same team that got off to a great start, the same team that beat this team in Dallas in front of 105,000 people.”

This is one of the biggest games the Cowboys will be playing in quite a while. With a win it puts them one step closer to the NFC East title and run at Super Bowl XLIV.

How Dallas Can Keep Winning: Give Miles Austin The Ball!


Despite the fact that the title of the article could receive a, “NO DUH!” response, that does take away to its truth.

Miles Austin is the explosive wide receiver that Terrell Owens was, except he doesn’t drop any easy passes, and actually doesn’t talk to the media. He was a free agent pickup from Monmouth College that sat behind on the bench and learned from the best on how to be the best.

He learned well. In just seven starts, he has 824 yards receiving with eight touchdowns. Those are the statistics of a truly elite receiver in the NFL.

Granted, it is only his first year starting, but the Cowboys and their fan-base are really hopeful for Miles Austin’s future here.

Back to the original point, in the past eight games, the Cowboys have seven games, six of which Miles Austin made a tremendous contribution on offense.

The first game was all him in the end. He had 10 catches for 250 yards and a pair of TDs in a 26-20 overtime win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Dallas’ offense had been in the ICU up until then. Coming off a heartbreak loss to the Denver Broncos in Mile High, where a couple of plays were the game’s deciding outcome.

Enter Miles Austin and Dallas fans, including myself, finally saw something that made us want to be excited instead of tense.

Following the win over Kansas City, the Cowboys devoured the Atlanta Falcons 37-21 with Austin having 171 yards receiving in six catches and a pair of TDs again.

The Seattle game was another checkmark for Dallas with a 38-17 result and Austin had a medium performance, but still had five catches for 61 yards and a touchdown.

You could argue that Dallas would have beaten the Seahawks and the Falcons without Miles Austin, but you can’t debate the fact that with him, Dallas dominated instead of just winning.

There is another thing you cannot debate either. Miles Austin was without a doubt, the difference in the Cowboys-Eagles game in Philadelphia.

Dallas was playing neck and neck with the Eagles. In the fourth quarter, Dallas was down 13-10. Folk managed to kick a field goal and tie it up, but Dallas need a touchdown.

I’m watching this game, and I think that if I had not had such an arduous football practice earlier, I could have managed to create a pool of sweat. The tension was there. I’m wondering when is Dallas going to lay the goose egg they usually make in these kinds of situations.

Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth are talking about how Miles Austin has not had any receptions the entire night. Then, a minute later, it happened.

Romo pump fakes, then hits Miles Austin on a deep one, and Austin scampers in for the score. One catch, ONE CATCH for 49 yards and a touchdown to put the boot on the Eagles’ throats.

The Eagles never came back, and Dallas won the game 20-16 in one of the best clutch performances I’ve ever seen.

That’s what happened when Miles Austin got the ball.

Here’s what happened when Austin didn’t get the ball…. Please check the rest here:  http://www.nfltouchdown.com/how-dallas-can-keep-winning-give-miles-austin-the-ball/

Flashback: Dallas vs Giants – 1995

As we get closer to the second meeting in 2009 with the Giants, it actually took some time to decide on a game to Flashback to. Not sure why it took so long, but for some reason I had a hard time deciding. Maybe it’s just a feeling of nervous excitement (If that makes any sense) about this Sunday’s game and what it means for the Cowboys. Maybe it’s because I have a good feeling about the game which makes me nervous about being too vocal.

So I ended up making my decision on which game to write about. It wasn’t a classic showdown. It was a game that allowed the Cowboys to send a message to the NFL. A message that even though they lost the NFC Championship the last time they were on the field they were still one of the best teams, if not the best in the NFL in 1995.

The stage…Monday Night Football

The site…Giants Stadium

When…Opening night of the 1995 season

The Cowboys entered the 1995 season looking to bounce back from a tough defeat to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game. They were matched up against their division rival NY Giants. The Giants had finished second to the Cowboys in the NFC East in both 1993 and 1994 and they thought they were prepared to take over the division in 1995. But they seemed to forget one person who played for the Cowboys. His name? Emmitt Smith.

Emmitt Smith could not have started his 1995 season any better. On his first carry of the season he broke through a hole created by his offensive line and scored on a 60 yard run. As he got to the goal line he waved to the Giants cornerback who was chasing him. Some Giants player’s thought it was a sign of disrespect from Smith. But Smith later explained after the game that it was just a reaction due to all his hamstring problems from the 1994 season. The Cowboys were up 7-0 in the first quarter and that was only the beginning.

The Cowboys offense went back to work in the second quarter as Troy Aikman connected with Michael Irvin on a seven yard touchdown pass to make the score 14-0. Then Emmitt Smith would score his second touchdown of the game from one yard out to send the Cowboys into halftime with a commanding 21-0 lead on the Giants.

The Cowboys were dominating both sides of the ball, but the one piece of bad news from the first half was the season ending injury to cornerback Kevin Smith. The injury occurred in the end zone on a non-contact play and the result was a ruptured Achilles for Smith. It was just one day before that Smith had signed a $11 million contract. Although the injury was devastating to the Cowboys defense. It also opened an opportunity for owner Jerry Jones. Can anyone say Deion?

Emmitt Smith continued to slice up the Giants defense as he added his third touchdown of the game in the third quarter on the Cowboys first drive. Emmitt’s touchdown put the Cowboys on top 28-0 and that’s how the score would stay as the fourth quarter started.

In what would be a record breaking season for Emmitt Smith with his 25 rushing touchdowns and another rushing title. Smith got off to a great start in 1995 against the Giants as he scored his fourth touchdown of the game. His third from one yard out and increased the Cowboys lead to 35-0.

There was nothing better than beating the Giants on Monday Night Football, in Giants Stadium and not allowing them to score a single point. The Dallas defense only allowed the Giants offense 211 yards while sacking Giants quarterback Dave Brown twice and intercepting him once. The 35-0 nothing beating was probably one of most dominating performances against the Giants I’ve seen since becoming a Dallas fan.

“We were expecting a tougher ballgame, no question,” Aikman said. “I think they’re a better football team than that.”

“It was total domination in all areas,” Switzer said. “When the Dallas Cowboys run the football like that, we’re very difficult to beat.”

Emmitt Smith of course led the Cowboys offense with 163 yards rushing and four touchdowns. Aikman connected on 15 of 20 passes for 228 yards and one touchdown. Irvin caught 7 passes for 109 yards. When both Smith and Irvin gained over 100 yards in the same game the Cowboys were 11-0.

Also, with the season ending injury to Kevin Smith. It pushed owner Jerry Jones to go out and sign Deion Sanders to what would be a seven year contact.

“We’re devastated about Kevin Smith’s injury, said coach Switzer. I think it’s probably a season-ending injury. I told Jerry (Jones) after the ballgame to go get Deion. It’s not showtime anymore. It’s serious business.”

You can view the box score here…


A Giant Test

Dallas, coming off a beating to the Oakland Raiders, now has to travel to New York and face the Giants for the last time in Giants Stadium. Yes, I know they are struggling but they absolutely do not like us as a team, organization, or even fans. They hate us and we hate them and that can be a lot of motivation for a team.

September 13, 2009 the Giants came to Cowboys Stadium and with the help of 4 interceptions, they squeaked out a last second field goal and a 33-31 win in the stadium’s opener.

Dallas is riding high and Miles Austin is putting us in prime position to make a serious playoff run. Romo is getting protection and he is delivering. Our three-headed running attack was phenomenal on Thanksgiving, and the defense continued to play very, very well.

The Giants pose a far greater test than the Raiders though. For one they are just a better team. Even though Eli is still dealing with the foot injury, we will have to watch out. Last time we saw Smith and Manningham they torched our secondary but to the credit of our team since that game, our defense has been playing lights out and we are 3rd in the conference.

We have a tough three game stretch starting in New York followed by a home game against San Diego and then the monumental task of traveling to New Orleans and trying to slow down Brees and the Saints. We will know by Christmas how good our football team is and what we can expect from them in January. I do not think I stand alone when predicting we will win the division and win in the playoffs.


Deja Vu Or Much Ado About Nothing?

Remember this picture of Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson and Jason Witten enjoying a siesta in Mexico just before their huge playoff loss to the New York Giants?


Romo caught a lot of flack for that trip as many thought he should have been on the practice field preparing for that big playoff game. Work first, party later. Many fans blamed that trip for the heartbreaking loss that was to follow, although I didn’t think it was that big a deal at the time.

That said, TMZ has now released several candid photos of Tony Romo and Miles Austin hanging out at Body English, one of the hottest spots in Las Vegas, this weekend.

1130_tony_austin_01a      1130_miles_austin_spyonvegas

Now while this story continues to pick up steam, especially in New York where it is getting much air time, I really don’t see the big deal.

Yes I understand, it’s almost like an instant replay of what happened last time, and yes I know it happens to be the New York Giants again, but so what?

Athletes are just as much entitled to do what they want with their free time as we are. Too much is made whenever an athlete is out doing the things we all wish we could do. Both Romo and Austin have done a great job this season and they are both the biggest reason we find ourselves so close to another playoff run this season. So what’s wrong with both of them getting some down time in America’s playground?

Jerry Jones has been hounded with questions since the story first broke, but he finally took the time to issue a short statement regarding the incident.

“I don’t want to be naïve, and I recognize Las Vegas has a certain connotation,” Jones said “But they need all the pep-up they can get out there in Las Vegas, and that’s where many of us go. It’s a respite.”

If Jerry is fine with it, than so am I. As far as I’m concerned this is a non-issue.

Both players have now returned to Dallas, and Romo was on time to receive his treatment for his bruised lower back.

Miles Makes It All Good

Miles AustinOn Thanksgiving day the Cowboys showed us that they can be a team to be reckoned with and that WR Miles Austin can very well be the playmaker the team has been searching for over the last season and a half.

Against the Raiders last Thursday, Austin caught seven passes for 145 yards and hauled in another touchdown after being denied one minutes earlier in the game.

Austin had a field day against the Raiders’ tight man to man coverage, and ironically he could have had a few more catches had he simply held on to them.

All in all he, Austin showed us that he is back on track after experiencing some down time in the two games prior. Most importantly, he delivered a big game against a Raider secondary that ranks in the upper half of the league, and features two of the league’s best man to man coverage cornerbacks. Take a bow Miles!

Additionally, even Roy Williams hauled in a touchdown of his own, while Jason Witten made a couple of long grabs en route to yet another 100+ yard day for the Pro Bowl tightend.

It was a great game to watch as the Cowboys seemingly had everything working for them, and not just in the air but on the ground as well.

Felix Jones finally showed the explosiveness that had been lacking since his knee injury, and dazzled the crowd with an electrifying run for touchdown, and Tashard Choice made a nifty run of his own out of the Razorback formation.

Next week we go to New York for a rematch against the Giants. It’s a game that we need to win so that we can finally take control of the division, and put the NFC East race to bed.


Edited by Joe D.

Weekly Game Balls: Week 12

Some say we shouldn’t celebrate the Cowboys winning ways just yet. Some people think its too soon to start playing playoff parties. Personally, I don’t really care. I am proud of the Cowboys and despite their past December history, I believe we are headed to the playoffs. Their destiny lies in their own hands, and here are a couple of guys who helped earn the victory this past week.

This week’s offensive game ball goes to Miles Austin.

Austin is currently leading the team in touchdowns and receiving yards. His 824 receiving yards puts him 13th in the league. He is well on his way to a 1000+ yard season.

On Thanksgiving, Miles totaled 145 yards on 7 receptions and one touchdown.

Lets hope he can keep it up through the rough month of December!

Go “Smiles”!


This week’s defensive/special teams game ball goes to Anthony Spencer.

Spencer has come very close to getting a game ball several times already this season, but his outstanding performance on Thanksgiving day left him standing tall above the rest.

Spencer had 6 tackles, 2 assists and 2 sacks. The Raiders game plan had them double-teaming DeMarcus Ware leaving Spencer room to roam and attack.

Keep on sackin’ Spencer!


Way to go to Austin and Spencer!

Honorable Mention: Jason Witten (5 receptions, 107 yards), Felix Jones (7 carries, 68 yards, 1 TD), Keith Brooking (6 tackles, 3 assists)

Emmitt Is One Step Closer to the Hall of Fame

The 25 semifinalists for the 2010 Pro Football Hall of Fame were announced, and to no one’s surprise the great Emmitt Smith was on the list.

The 25 semifinalists are:

Tim Brown

Lester Hayes

Cliff Branch

Rickey Jackson

Cris Carter

Cortez Kennedy

Don Coryell

Art Modell

Roger Craig

John Randle

Terrell Davis

Andre Reed

Dermontti Dawson

Jerry Rice

Richard Dent

Shannon Sharpe

Chris Doleman

Emmitt Smith

Kevin Greene

Paul Tagliabue

Russ Grimm

Steve Tasker

Ray Guy

Aeneas Williams

Charles Haley

The list will be narrowed down to 15 on January 7th, 2010. The Class of 2010 Inductees will be announced February 6th, 2010, the day before the Super Bowl.

Emmitt Smith will be the 11th Dallas Cowboy to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame. Smith is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher with 18,355 yards in his 15 seasons. He was voted to the Pro Bowl eight times, won NFL rushing titles in 1991-93 and ’95 and helped the Cowboys win three Super Bowls in four years in the 1990s. On Oct. 27, 2002, he broke Walter Payton’s rushing record with an 11-yard run in the fourth quarter against Seattle.

StarStruck Graphics

Also on the list was Charles Haley who played for the Cowboys from 92-96, however he would be inducted as a 49er. Haley has made it to the semifinals list six times.

For more on the Hall of Fame and to voice your opinion visit http://fanschoice.com/

True Words Of Wisdom

It was good to hear Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones give the team some good advice after the game on Thursday. Jones addressed the team in the locker room after their 24-7 Thanksgiving Day victory, and cautioned them not to lose focus or get too far ahead of themselves.

“This is a time when there shouldn’t be anybody smug, shouldn’t be anybody feeling full of themselves by where we are. We should really sit down here and see because we may not, on an individual basis, ever get to be in a spot like this again. So, let’s spend the next six weeks really blocking everything out as much as we can and zero in on the playoffs.”

I have no doubt that Jones was probably thinking about last season, when the Cowboys went 1-3 in December, before addressing his troops. Last year he watched silently as the Cowboys were eliminated from playoff contention. I’m glad he reminded them how easily a two game lead can evaporate.

Head coach Wade Phillips seemed to echo his employer’s sentiments when he later added;

“We have something to prove the next game, that’s where we’re going,” coach Wade Phillips said. “I am happy we have won three in a row on Thanksgiving but we have more to accomplish.”

Always two there are… a master and an apprentice.


The Boys Are Back!

Felix JonesThe Thanksgiving Day game just reinforced my belief that the Dallas Cowboys are a TEAM, not a bunch of individual stars making amazing plays. They worked together and did it well!

The Cowboys I saw playing yesterday looked like a totally different team than the one I watched last weekend vs the Redskins. They showed why they’re called America’s Team. They played with heart and a desire to win which, to be honest, is something I haven’t seen much of this season. Tony Romo was distributing the ball well. Jones, Barber, Austin, Williams, and Witten all made some key plays. Choice had a huge run in the first quarter with the Razorback formation for 66 yards. The offense wasn’t making the silly mistakes like they did last week that cost them some needless penalties and despite the injuries, they were able to protect Romo well. Another key to this huge win was the fact that Romo didn’t throw any interceptions and there weren’t any turnovers….or more importantly, no points off turnovers. The Dallas offense just could not be stopped once they got started. I was amazed at all the 10+ yard plays! Even Witten, with his injured foot, had a 100+ yard game which he hasn’t done since last season.

The Cowboys have more than a week to rest up and get ready to take on the division rival New York Giants. As long as Romo’s back can hold up, Witten’s foot gets better, and their offensive line can keep it together, they shouldn’t have any problem picking apart the Giants like they did to the Raiders. The Giants have been rather weak on offense lately and the Dallas defense has been playing to win. Ratliff was so explosive and really impressed me. Of course, DeMarcus Ware is always a force to be reckoned with. Hell, for that matter, the entire defensive line is! I really could not find a single thing to complain about how they played yesterday.

The next 5 weeks are key in the hopes of the Cowboys making it to the playoffs. Sure, they’re the division leaders right now but they still need to get past the Giants, then San Diego, New Orleans, Washington, and Philadelphia. If Dallas can keep playing the type of football that they did on Thanksgiving, there should be no reason they can’t make it to the Superbowl. Yes, I said the Superbowl! They haven’t won a postseason game in years, and it’s about time they do! The Cowboys that played yesterday CAN make it to the playoffs and beyond.

Feasting On Thanksgiving Day; Cowboys 24 – Raiders 7

Miles AustinFirst of all I want to wish everyone out there a very happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a great day with family and watching some Dallas Cowboys football. Just like Kelly said, thanks to all of our troops out there serving our country, we all thank you very much.

As for the game, the Cowboys got back to the way they should be playing. They had a decent game and pulled out a vicory. Was it an astounding victory, no but they did look so much better this week than they have in the past 2 weeks. One question that has to be addressed. Is Nick Folk a concern? In the past, Especially last year when we played Buffalo, Nick was a sure thing we could count on every time. This year is not the same story, and watching the Texans go down like they did due to Kris Brown missing those field goals twice in 3 weeks, we HAVE to keep an eye on him.

As for the rest of the game Romo was back to his self going 18/29 for 309 yards 2 touchdowns and NO turnovers. Miles Austin once again showed he is the number 1 reciever with 7 receptions for 145 yards and a touchdown. Jason Whitten had his best game of the year with 5 receptions for 105 yards. Roy Williams had another touchdown in his 2 catches totalling 15 yards. Our running backs had a really great day with Barber and Jones having a combined 4 catches for a total of 42 yards.

Our rushing attack was once again proven to be one of the best in the league. Felix Jones carried the ball only 7 times but had 68 yards, including a 46 yard run for a touchdown. Tashard Choice took a wild cat snap and ran it for 66 yards. And our Beast of a running back Marion Barber had 14 carries for 61 yards.

Our defense did not look their best, especially against the run. They allowed a total of 124 yards on 24 carries for the Raiders. Gradkowski went 18/35 but only had 200 yards passing and 1 touchdown but scrambled for 30 yards on the ground. Demarcus Ware was making his presence known all game long, and even though he only had 1 tackle with 1 sack, the Raiders offensive line had to double team him allowing Anthony Spencer to have a good game with 6 tackes 2 assists and 2 sacks.

In total Dallas had a total of 494 yards in the game with 195 of those yards coming on the ground with a total of 25 rushing plays. Penalties once again were a concern but down a bit from recent games with 6 penalties for 48 yards. Better but not good enough. We had a total of 18 first downs to Oaklands only 14 first downs. Time of possession was also in our favor 31:14 to 28:46.

All in all it was a good game on a great day. Once again I would like to say to all the fans out there happy thanksgiving and hope you all had have and continue to have a great holiday season.