Flashback: Dallas vs Washington – 1983

Opening night of the 1983 season found the Dallas Cowboys back at a place that held bad memories. The last time they were in RFK Stadium to play Washington was the 1982 NFC Championship game where not only did they lose their quarterback Danny White, but they lost the game as well, 31-17. It was the Cowboys third straight loss in the NFC Championship and now they were back at RFK Stadium to open the season on Monday Night Football.

From the start of the game the Cowboys just seemed to be hanging onto the loss in the Championship game. While the Redskins marched on as they pushed and shoved the Dallas offense and defense all over the field. It was a first half performance by the Cowboys that just made you shake your head and want to turn the television off and go to bed.

The Cowboys offense would gain only 85 yards in the first half. Tony Dorsett would gain 77 of those yards on a long run in which he was dragged down by rookie cornerback Darrell Green. It would also be the only time Dallas crossed mid-field in the first half. Quarterback Danny White would only complete one pass out of nine in the first half. The Dallas defense was no better as they gave up 261 yards to the Redskins offense.

Before the Dallas defense could get their cleats dirty they found themselves down 10-0 to the Redskins. The lone points for the Cowboys came after Dorsett’s 77 yard run that turned into a Rafael Septien field goal and a 10-3 Redskins lead.

The Reskins offense would score 13 more points in the second quarter and go into halftime with a comanding 23-3 lead on the Cowboys.

The Cowboys came out in the third quarter running the ball on four straight plays. On the fifth play of the drive Danny White made a nice play fake and went long for receiver Tony Hill. The pass was a perfect strike to Hill who caught it at the Redskins 30 yard line and outran the Redskins defense scoring from 75 yards with less than three minutes gone in the third quarter. Washington now lead 23-10.

The Dallas defense would finally hold the Redskins offense on their next drive following Hill’s touchdown and forced a punt. From there White and Hill would go back to work. From their own 49 yard line White once again unloaded a pass to Hill who made a great one handed catch over a Redskins defender at the Washington 20 yard line and scored from there. Dallas had closed the lead to just six points. Now only down 23-17.

Early in the fourth quarter things were still going the Cowboys way. The Redskins seemed to have gained a first down deep in Dallas territory on a Theismann to Don Warren reception. But Warren was called for pass interference and the Redskins were forced to attempt a field goal. Kicker Mark Mosley lined up for a 31 yard field goal, but the ball sailed wide right and the Cowboys got the ball back with a little over 9:00 to play in the game.

Danny White went back to work and drove the Cowboys offense 80 yards on 12 plays. One of the 12 plays was a fourth and 1 from the Washington 26 yard line where White pushed his way for a first down. A few plays later from the one yard line White rolled to his right looking for tight end Billy Joe Dupree in the back of the end zone. Seeing Dupree was covered White tucked the ball away and scored on his own. Dallas had finally taken the lead for the first time, 24-23.

On the next drive for the Redskins, cornerback Ron Fellows intercepted Theismann at the Washington 37 yard line and returned it to the four yard line setting up a first and goal for the Cowboys. White threw his third touchdown pass of the second half, this time to tight end Doug Cosbie with only 1:49 left in the game. Dallas increased their lead to 31-23.

The Redskins would score with just ten seconds left in the game against the Dallas prevent defense, but it was too little too late for them. The Cowboys had played an amazing second half of football outscoring the Redskins 28-7. Danny White more than made up for his 1 for 9 passing in the first half to complete 8 of 11 passes in the second half and four touchdowns. Three passing and one running. Dorsett finished the game with 151 yards rushing on just 14 carries. Tony Hill had 133 yards on three receptions and both third quarter touchdowns

The win may not have made up for the NFC Championship loss to the Redskins in 1982, but it was still a great comeback by the Cowboys in this heated divison rivalry. Down 23-3 at the half and looking horrible only to mount a comeback and pull out the game 31-30 showed that this Cowboys team did not have any quit in them.

It was coach Tom Landry who told them at halftime to not give up.

“I told them at halftime that it was just a matter of pride,” Landry said. “We were down and hadn’t done a thing and the defense had been on the field two quarters. That’s when you’ve got to draw from deep down. Our team showed it did have something.”

“If Washington had won, it might have gotten a little cocky and thought it could beat the world.”

You can the box score of the game here.


Rehab For Roy and I

I remember October 14th, 2008 like it was yesterday. I was so excited to get Roy E. Williams. He would join fellow Longhorn Leonard Davis on a Cowboys team, built to make a run now. The trade surely meant the end of the T.O. era in Dallas, which I was praying for since we first signed him, despite his production on the field. I wanted to be proud of our #1 wide receiver. This was something I could not do during the T.O. era.

After seeing what Roy did at UT and in spurts in Detroit, I knew, I JUST KNEW, he would find a way to pull it all together in Dallas. I always felt sorry for him and Kitna being on such a sorry team with such a porous offensive line. Surely their numbers would have been better on a more NFL ready team. Or so I thought.

Roy WilliamsOver a year later, I find myself defending Roy to haters and fellow Cowboys fans with the same comments and I’m starting to feel like I’m the one with the problem. He continues to have the same problems on his newly acquired national stage, over and over again, like a residual haunting. (Ghost Hunters anyone?…lol)

The drops, the poor run routes, the confused look when lining up, his lack of fire, etc. is now a proven fact. I, like him, have been sighting various excuses for the barrage of complaints thrown at him. (Although he is much better at accepting the blame than I.)

So what is the solution to this problem? I’ve heard so many say that we need to drop him. Those are the same people that don’t understand the salary cap and the current economic conditions. This is not monopoly money, kids. If we know he has been a productive receiver in the past, and his contract is prohibitive of us releasing him, we must find a way to maximize his potential.

If there were such a thing, I would be his sponsor, and take him to NFL Rehab. Like an AA meeting where NFL players and their few fans left could go and figure out a way to get the monkey off their backs and get them back on track. A place where we could go with other players with alike problems and talk about it…Get it out…

Hello my name is Roy Williams…and I am an underachiever…(Crowd says) Hello Roy!

I feel so bad about this situation guys and gals. I’ve been the one preaching to you guys to get off his back and let him realize his potential here. So far, I’ve been sadly mistaken. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how Roy could get his mojo back. We need him to do well, folks. Let’s get behind him and offer some friendly advice, wadda ya say?

Roy Williams Tony Romo

Back To Reality

Dallas Cowboys Green BayWell Cowboys fans, it looks like we were hit with a dose of reality Sunday in Green Bay. The Cowboys offense did not show up to play and once again we are left wondering why?

It seems that when the Cowboys play teams they are supposed to beat, the other teams ends up looking like world beaters.

We had no running game to speak of (gaining only 61 yards) and Tony Romo went 24 for 39 passing, for only 251. We were left wondering what happened to Miles Austin (4 catches for 20 yards). We seen Roy Williams have his best day statistically as a Cowboy yet we seen him fumble on a 42 yard completion and he dropped another pass that he should have caught down the sideline.

We had an injury on the offensive line as Columbo went down to a broken fibula and high ankle sprain, Mike Jenkins went out with a deep bicep bruise and Ken Hamlin was lost to a high ankle sprain as well.

The day was not a good one, but now we have to regroup and beat the Washington Redskins this weekend.

This would have been a great day to get a win as the Eagles lost to San Diego and the Giants were on a bye week, however we are left with the fact that we are still in first place for now.

Lets just hope that the Redskins do not look like super bowl champs this coming weekend and leave us again wondering why?

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Latest Injury Report

I was reading the latest coming out of Dallas Cowboys General Hospital. Here is what is being reported by DallasNews.com

Robert Brewster

Rookie offensive tackle Robert Brewster is now officially out for the 2009 season. He was placed on the reserve/physically unable to perform list. Brewster had been on the active/PUP list for the first part of the season after suffering a torn pectoral muscle.

Marion Barber

Barber only had one carry after the first quarter against the Packers because his fractured thumb was giving him problems in pass protection. I can understand trying to pick up the blitz. But it was also reported that the thumb did not bother Barber when running with it. I think Jason Garrett gave up too early on the running game, which allowed the Packers to come after Tony Romo.

Ken Hamlin

Hamlin is expected to miss 2-4 weeks with a high right ankle sprain. It is undecided right now if his replacement will be Patrick Watkins or Alan Ball, but it looks as though Ball will get the first shot at safety.

Mike Jenkins

Jenkins has a bruised left biceps, which had a lot of swelling today from what Wade Phillips said. The good news is that Jenkins is not expected to miss any games.

Flozell Adams and Kyle Kosier

Both are suffering from ankle sprains, but are not expected to miss any games.

Marc Colombo

Colombo had surgery to repair the torn ligaments in his right ankle, which will take about six weeks to heal. The fibula fracture will heal on it’s own. I’ve heard that Colombo wants to play again this season if the Cowboys make a serious playoff run. But I’ve also heard that Jerry Jones said Colombo is done for the season. Whatever the case is, Colombo’s replacement will be Doug Free. Leonard Davis said he will work with Free this week on communication on the line.

Dallas Injury Report: Buehler Might Need MRI

Add another injury to the list. Kickoff specialist David Buehler has a a bruised pinky toe.

The report comes from Nick Eatman at dallascowboys.com:

If the injuries weren’t enough from Sunday’s game, now it appears that kicker David Buehler has a bruised pinky toe on his right foot. He suffered the injury while covering a punt.

Head coach Wade Phillips said the team is aware of the injury, which occurred when the rookie was stepped on during the play.

Buehler was noticeably limping in the locker room on Monday and said it’s a painful injury. There’s a good chance he could have an MRI to check for a fracture.

While Buehler is right-footed, he said the injury would’ve been worse on his left plant foot.

If for some reason he doesn’t play, the Cowboys would at least have Nick Folk to handle the kickoffs.

Hat tip to Nate the Cowboy Ninja for the news.

The NFL Needs To Change Its Rule About Challenges

Look, I’m not going to sit here and type away about how the Packers cheated, or how the refs were clearly against the Cowboys, and go boo hoo all over the screen.

I’m giving the Packers credit. That defense they prepared was amazing. I’m more angry at the lack of execution by Dallas, who should have trampled over the Packers.

However, I will say that they were lucky that this wasn’t a playoff game because the league screwed this one up.

I knew Dallas had lost when the fumble was ruled recovered by Clay Matthews. It was a horrible call, but I can forgive the referees, they are human, but what I cannot forgive is the insertion of an unfair and idiotic rule that effectively ended the Cowboys hopes of coming back.

Any reasonable and unbiased fan with a basic knowledge of football would realize that Felix Jones was obviously down by contact after he recovered the ball. He was rolled over and the ball bounced in the air and Clay Matthews barely recovered it.

However, the rules of the NFL state that teams cannot challenge the recovery of a fumble, which immediately infuriated James Williamson the writer as well as James Williamson the fan.

It is not so much that Dallas lost the game, it is so much that this rule could come and hurt another team. Dallas may have had a fighting chance with a 10-0 lead instead of a 17-0 lead, but I’m over it.

What I will not do, as a fan or as a writer, is keep quiet about a horrendous rule that obviously did not fit the Cowboys situation.

What if this had happened in the playoffs? Or in the Super Bowl? Does the NFL really need another version of the Tuck Rule controversy? Shouldn’t the NFL prevent those kinds of situations so they don’t have to break a team of players and their fans hearts?

As a fan, I could live with being beaten. What I could not live with is having a game that we should have won or had a real chance to win being taken from us because of some pencil-necked man in a zebra uniform with his stupid, destructive rule book.

Would the Cowboys have won? Maybe. Would the Cowboys have lost? Sure, they could have. But, we will never know because of a ridiculous rule that prevented a team from making a comeback. Granted, Dallas made mistakes, but does that mean the officials and their rules should join in on it?

I would rather have seen the Packers kick Dallas out of the stadium by their own power, not by the referees.

Jerry Jones stated that he understands why the rule is in place, but he still disagreed with the rule’s use in this game.

“I know why they have it because so many times there are piles and scrums so it gets really hard to see,” Jones said. “But that wasn’t a play out in the middle of the field where you’d have a scrum.”

To view the rest of this article, please go to: http://www.nfltouchdown.com/the-nfl-needs-to-change-its-rule-about-challenges/

Dallas Injury Report: Columbo Not Looking Good


Not only did the Cowboys lose to the Packers this past Sunday, but they lost some players as well.

Starting right tackle, Marc Columbo, is most likely out for the season with a broken fibula on his left leg after severe contact with a Packer defender.

Columbo, up to that point, had not missed a start for the Cowboys and really was playing great. Last year, Dr. Z, the well-respected Sports Illustrated writer put Marc Columbo on his All-Pro team.

Columbo was recently signed to a long extension and he is obviously very upset with the setback.

After Columbo was lost, Dallas proceeded to allow a season high five sacks. Columbo was more than the right tackle, but also the emotional leader with a voice of a sailor. I listened to Marc Columbo on tape and he had a mouth nastier than rotten anchovy paste.

Columbo came to the Cowboys from the Bears after knee injuries shortened his time there. However, he came in 2006 and he earned his starting job in training camp and he did not stop starting till now.

Tackle Doug Free came in to replace Columbo, and hopefully he will start gelling with the remaining four lineman so that they can get back to the dominant form they had at the beginning of the year.

Now, when you break a bone in the leg that means your out for the season typically, but Wade Phillips has said that Columbo may have a shot at coming back, so he may not be placed on injured reserve.

Injured reserve is a list of players that the team makes up. These players are severely injured, most likely out for the season. The action of putting players on injured reserve means that the player cannot play this season. Even if he should get healthy enough later on during the year to play, he cannot play.

Injured reserve is separate from the 53 man roster. It was made that way in case a team had a ’series of unfortunate events’ and the team needs to continually have enough men to play for the team.

By putting Columbo on injured reserve, the team will have an extra roster spot so they can pick up another player, but on the condition that Columbo cannot play at all for the rest of the regular season or postseason as well.

I, however, don’t see Columbo avoiding injured reserve though. We are going into week 11 now and it could take four to five weeks minimum for Columbo to recover. Then, he’s got to be careful coming back from the injury or he could injure it again.

This was the worst thing that could have happened. Dallas has great backups at every position except offensive line and Jerry Jones was concerned about that from the start.

Dallas had originally drafted Robert Brewster from Ball State in the third round of the 2009 draft, but he tore a pectoral muscle before training camp, and he’s out too.

Last year, the loss of Kyle Kosier damaged the Cowboys season to an extent that made me believe that it affected the outcome of several games.

Now we lose another lineman?

This Cowboys team may still be in first place, but now they have to win games without a Pro Bowl caliber right tackle. It is a challenge to say the least.

Mike Jenkins and Ken Hamlin were also banged up in the process, but according to Jenkins and the Cowboys, they should not be missing any significant time.

This was a big loss for the Cowboys. A great player and a game that could have extended the division lead to 7-2.

Come on Cowboys, we know you guys can pull this together!

Check out James Williamson at: http://www.nfltouchdown.com/category/dallas-cowboys/

Packers Break Cowboys’ Winning Streak, Dallas Loses 17-7

The Cowboys winning streak came to a halt today as the Packers beat the Boys 17-7. It was a strong defensive game on both sides but penalties, injuries and missed opportunities ruined the day.

green bay dallas

The most painful thing to come from this loss will be the hole that Marc Colombo leaves on the offensive line. Colombo went down in the first quarter and later it was learned that he suffered from a broken fibula. Doug Free came in to replace Colombo and immediately failed to protect Romo.

There was an injury scare with Bradie James who returned to play, and Ken Hamlin left the game with an ankle injury.

Another stinger was an arm injury to corner Mike Jenkins. He returned to play but left again for good after a few minutes.

Tony Romo also took a beating from the Green Bay defense taking five sacks, while Aaron Rodgers was sacked 4 times by Dallas. Romo ended the day 24 of 29 completions, 251 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

Roy Williams caught 5 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown. Sounds good right? No, not really. He also fumbled what would have been a 41-yard completion along with a dropped pass that could have been a game changer.

Luckily the Cowboys were able to score a touchdown in the final seconds to avoid getting shutout for the first time since December 14, 2003.

The running game was basically nonexistent. The three-headed monster combined for a measly 45 yards.

Defensively things were looking pretty good, just not good enough when your offense can’t produce and injuries sideline your starters. DeMarcus Ware had two sacks and Bobby Carpenter and Stephen Bowen recorded one sack each. Jay Ratliff was quiet, however Anthony Spencer stepped up and made several great plays.

Dallas has to pray that their injuries aren’t as bad as they seem. Of course Colombo is likely out for the season, but Jenkins and Hamlin should be able to return.

The Cowboys move on with a 6-3 record, still leading the NFC East and come back home to play the Washington Redskins for the first time this season.

We’re Halfway To The Promised Land

I took a good look at the remaining games in our schedule last night and decided that our two remaining big challenges will come against the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints. We still have four games remaining against our divisional foes; two against the Redskins and one each against the Eagles and Giants. Sandwiched in between all of that is what should be a laugher against the Oakland Raiders.

With just eight games remaining, I figure that we need to win at least five of those games to clinch the wild card, six to clinch the division and seven to clinch the bye. The only games that have me a little worried are the two matchups against the Saints and Chargers.

A win in Green Bay would be another huge hurdle toward getting to the promised land. The benefit of being all alone in first place means that we control our own destiny. But, as the Giants have already shown, a teams hold on first place can be very fragile.

Tony Romo and the Cowboys are about to embark on a big opportunity to dispel the growing myth that the Cowboys always fold when it’s crunch time. Our detractors say we haven’t been able to close the deal in the last three seasons, and to a point they are right. However, the schedule makers have rewarded us with a somewhat easy task the rest of the way. As long as we remain focused and committed, we should be able to see this through.

Most of the burden will rest clearly on the shoulders of Tony Romo. But unlike the last three years, Romo is clearly the leader of this team and not some loudmouth selfish wide receiver.

A win in Lambeau Field today may help build the cushion we need to keep the Eagles and Giants at bay. Although both teams are struggling now, all of that can change quickly. After all it wasn’t long ago that we were the team floundering in the NFC East.

I became aware of an interesting stat that said both Tony Romo and Aaron Rogers are tied for the NFL lead in completions of 40 or more yards. It should be quite an show today as both teams air it out. Look for big games from Austin and Williams, and lets hope that our boys in the secondary find themselves in all the right places.

Enjoy the game and Go Cowboys!

Chemistry Is A Great Thing

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get to my blog this week until now. But I feel with the win we had last week, I have to write something. I am on cloud 9 right now. Our Dallas Cowboys are finally looking like they care. Like they know they have the pieces in place to win a championship. Yes, you and I have all known this for a few years now, but I really believe it is starting to sink in to them. With that said, what a great game it was last Sunday.

Once again Tony Romo had a great performance going 21/34 for 307 yards 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Even with all the talk about Roy Williams and how his chemistry with Romo was not there yet, in my opinion he had his best game yet catching 5 passes for 75 total yards. Patrick Crayton stepped up and had 2 receptions for 74 yards. Jason Whitten had the biggest catch of the game in the fourth quarter with 2 minutes to go giving Dallas a first down and solidifying the win, but finishing the day with 7 catches for 43 yards. Miles Austin once again made a strong statement as to who the real number one receiver is by catching only one pass but taking it 49 yards for what turned out to be a game winning touchdown. Ogletree, Barber and Choice all combined for a total of 6 catches for 66 total yards. Once again proving that the chemistry is not only there with Roy; but with the whole team.

We did not have our best running game with only 23 rushes for a total of 76 yards and one touchdown (by Tashard Choice)  averaging only 3.3 yards per carry and 2 tackles lost for 5 yards. Our 3rd down efficiency was not our best but not our worst going 7/15 at 46%. We finished the day with 61 total plays (including the 4 sacks for 25 yards) averaging 5.9 yards per play for a total of 358 net yards. In my opinion, an all in all a good performance.


Once again our defense stepped up and had an outstanding performance. I wrote an article a few weeks back about our defense and the plan that our head coach Wade Phillips had for them and how he would give his expert opinion on things that needed to be done to improve the defense. Well, it turns out that Wade Phillips might actually know a thing or 2 about defense in the NFL. Although Demarcus Ware did not get a sack in this game, his presence alone made the Eagles think twice about what they wanted to do. He had 3 tackles and assisted on another. Jay Ratliff lead the team with 2 sacks and 5 tackles while Victor Butler had a sack and tackle himself.

Everyone talked about last season how our corners and safety’s always got beat deep and if anyone wanted to beat the Cowboys just go deep. Well our secondary has proven to everyone, THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!! Terence Newman was once again a shut down CB that had a total of 4 tackles. On the other side of the field Mike Jenkins stepped up and had 2 tackles and one interception.  But the defensive performer of the day was our SS Gerald Sensabaugh with a total of 6 tackles and an interception.

Our defense held the Eagles to 4/12 3rd down attempts keeping it at only 33%. Stopping them on a critical 4th and inches play and taking over on downs. Our defends held them to 3.7 yards per rushing attempt and only 5.2 average yards per offensive play keeping them under 300 total yards of offense on the day.  Time of possession was pretty close throughout the game with the Cowboys having the edge at 31:44 to the Eagles 28:16. At the end of the day, the better team won. What do you say we go into Green Bay this week and continue our winning streak and come back home on a high note!

Where Are My Manners? My Name Is James Williamson

As the title says, I’m James. I’m 20 years old and I love football. I am in college studying journalism so that I can hopefully have a career in this and I live in Texas. Football to me is the perfect escape from the 24-hour-a-day drama we call a world.

So, when I see a ref blow a call, or a Super Bowl being clearly favored to a certain black and gold team, I’m not happy about it because the real world is already going to be corrupt to everyone, it shouldn’t be in our sports world.

I’m exceptionally passionate about Dallas. I almost was too passionate to the point of being biased, but I cleared that up and became a real writer. However, I don’t tolerate spammers on my articles, and I do have a way with words so don’t insult me, my boys, or any lady that comments on my articles. I take criticism, not personal attacks.

I asked to come here because I like this site. It has already been very nice to me on previous posts and I feel like I actually have a large fanbase now.

I work on various other websites in order to get more views. I write for NFLTouchdown, Bleacher Report, SB Nation’s Blogging The Boys, The Sports Guy Blog, and a few others.

My main Dallas work will be featured on NFLTouchdown and sent to other Dallas websites. My other work like a few college football articles, basketball articles, and the NFL in general are located at Bleacher Report.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy writing for this site. Kelly Horn is an awesome owner and we should appreciate how well this site runs.