Attention! Attention! Roy Williams Is Not a Bust!


I repeat: Roy Williams is not a bust!

Anyone who watched the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday would see that Roy Williams is far from a bust, but rather an outstanding quality receiver.

He has not had a great year. He has 19 receptions for 324 yards and two touchdowns. He is the guy you don’t want on your fantasy team, but he is the guy I want on our Cowboys roster.

Passing is all about timing. If you don’t have it, you work on it and it takes time to get it right.

The Romo to Williams passing combination has not been as explosive as the Romo to Owens combination that just lit up the NFL for three years with 34 touchdowns.

However, it has just been a working progress that showed results to me last night.

Miles Austin was covered all night, and when that happened, Roy Williams had to step up and make plays to help win this critical ball game, and he did!

He had five catches for 75 yards and almost had a touchdown if he had not been interfered with by Asante Samuel, a penalty that was not called.

You hear how Roy Williams is all hype, no result, but that is far from the truth.

I know some of you who are reading this have had to have played wide receiver at some point in your life.

Those who have should know how hard it is to run the route just right and get in the position to where the quarterback can throw the ball at a angle, and your route intersects that angle at the exact point where you put your hands up to catch the ball and secure it before you get smashed into the turf by a tackler.

I played receiver at a lunchtime game during school, and only one quarterback that I really played with had a mutual sense of timing. From the day I walked onto the field and he (Sean) saw me open, he threw the ball exactly right and I made some amazing catches with him during those games.

We had such a trust that if I could find a soft spot in the coverage (which I did a lot) that he could zip that ball to me and I would catch it.

The other QBs did not either trust me because my hands were iffy at times, or they had a better rhythm with another guy.

I remember one of the other guys (Mario) said to me up front that he was not going throw it to me because I never had the reaction force to go up and fight for the ball in a tough spot.

He was a reckless passer, and I needed a quarterback who would place it where only my hands could get it.

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Fantasy Report: Week #10 Picks

Week #10 – Hot Starts For This Weekend


1)      D. Brees – NO

2)      B. Roethlisberger – PIT

3)      P. Manning – Ind.

4)      P. Rivers – SD

5)      K. Warner – ARZ


1)      R. Rice – BAL

2)      A. Peterson – MIN

3)      F. Gore – SF

4)      D. Williams – CAR

5)      M. Jones-Drew – JAC


1)      M. Colston – NO

2)      R. Moss – NE

3)      V. Jackson – SD

4)      L. Fitzgerald –ARZ

5)      R. Wayne – IND


1)      D. Clark – IND

2)      A. Gates – SD

3)      T. Gonzales – ATL

4)      J. Shockey – NO

5)      V. Davis – SF

OK Guys we start the Thursday Night games now so make sure you get your lineups in by Wednesday Night or Thursday morning just in case…


CHI vs SF: Chi is a pass 1st and then pass some more offense now. Not only that, but their defense has fallen to average as well. So I would start all players involved in this game, there will be plenty of Fantasy points to go around.

Sunday & Monday Games

ARZ vs SEA: Wow feel free to start all ARZ players you have it will be a great matchup for the Cardinals. Seattle will get beat but should score a couple TD’s this time around so start them if you don’t have anything better.

ATL vs CAR: This is a head scratcher now… .Atlanta was a passing team but now Turner has been going off. Hmmmm.. If I had anybody from ATL involved in this game I would probably start them. Carolina is another story. I think the running game will do OK but the passing game is done, they aren’t worth starting until they prove they are worth it again.

BAL vs CLE: R. Rice will go off a must start this weekend. CLE has put Brady Quinn back in at QB so avoid all Cleveland players until further notice.

BUF vs TEN: Man you would think that anybody with Buffalo players would be licking their chops, but wait a minute. Times have changed. Feel free to start all Titians especially C. Johnson who should have a nice game this week and don’t waste your time with the Bills.

CIN vs PIT: This is going to be a war, Pit is better than the last time they met but I still see some stats to be had here. I see it as only an average game for both teams so be careful who you start.

DALLAS vs GB: At the beginning of the year this looked like a tough game for the COWBOYS, but not so much anymore. Don’t get me wrong playing GB in GB is always tough, but this shouldn’t be “as bad”. Dallas is on a roll right now and is looking better than they have in a long time, where as the Packers have fallen apart lately. I would say after the Favre show in GB they just haven’t been the same. Dallas has the hottest receiver in the NFL right now in Austin and Smash, Dash & Tash are almost well and starting to roll again. I say start all Dallas players you got and only Rodgers from GB.

DEN vs WAS: Well even though is looks like a blow out here I would be careful and only start player I had to especially from Washington. With C. Portis out, look for Betts to have a deceit day.

DET vs MIN: For some reason Det has been able to shut down the Minnesota offense in the last 3 games. I really don’t see that happening again feel free to start all Viking layer you got and also K. Smith from Detroit.


IND vs NE: Game of the week should be a great game to watch and to have fantasy players in. I’m looking for a high scoring game from both sides. A must start on all players.

JAC vs NYJ: Look for a running game from both teams this weekend. I say avoid the Passing game if you can and feel free to start both teams’ running backs (Jones – Drew, T. Jones)

KC vs OAK: I just can’t get excited about anybody on these teams myself, so I’m leaving it up to you…

MIA vs TB: This is an above average game for the Dolphins and another rough game for the Bucs and I just don’t see them winning back to back games. So start you Miami players and only start them if you have to on the TB players.

NO vs STL: This game should have you licking your lips if you have any NO players. It’s a must start for all Saint players and go ahead and start Steven Jackson from STL if you got him he may even get his 2nd TD of the year this week.

NYG: BYE They better start praying to the football gods because if they don’t wake up fast their season will be over.

PHI vs SD: It’s a bad week to be an Eagle. After getting whipped by Dallas and their RB hurting now, they have to face a hot Charger team. With all the problems the Eagles have right now I see it as an above average game for the Chargers so Start’Em if you Got’Em. Hold off on your Eagles this week unless you’re hurting for options.

Alright Boys and girls remember to do your homework and study because there will be a Quiz on Thursday Night, and a final on Sunday Monday. Good luck all!

Da Gremlin’s

New to the Silver and Blue: Kevin Olgetree

We as fans have watched the progression of this rookie receiver from training camp, through the pre-season and the impact he has had on the offense so far this season. I wanted to know a little more about this young man that is catching our eye, so I have done a little digging and this is what I have uncovered for Starstruck readers.

OgletreeKevin Ogletree was born August 5, 1987 in Queens, New York and has grown into a perfect size for a wide receiver at 6 ft 2 inches weighing in at a 189 pounds. He attended Holy Cross High School in Queens where he was one catch away from making state history with 19 touchdown catches. Kevin’s senior year he caught 63 passes for an amazing 1,170 yards, that did make league history. His junior year he caught 40 passes for over 1,000 yards and made 10 touchdowns, not bad for a junior in high school. Not only did he make touchdowns, he also made 5 interceptions and led his team to a conference championship. Olgetree was quite the athlete, also playing basketball and baseball.

He attended College at Virginia where he studied as a sociology major. He played as a true freshman for seven games. He had his breakout year as a sophomore when he led the team with receptions. His junior year he ran back kick-offs for 274 yards. Kevin’s total stats at Virginia totaled 117 receptions for 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Olgetree decided to enter the 2009 Draft after his junior season, but went unnoticed. The Cowboy scouts didn’t let him slip through the cracks and he was signed immediately following the draft. As a rookie undrafted, free agent he made the cut, and made the 53 man roster.

This young  man seems to have a dream and he is not letting the fact that he wasn’t drafted slow him down in making that dream come true. Going from the practice squad to the 5th receiver is a feat in itsself. This guy has stepped up when his number is called and shows that he has worked hard to learn routes and to be on the same page as Tony Romo.

There is no lack of blogs, or interviews to research.  He’s definitely becoming a fan favorite. He has a nice personality, being able to kid around with Marty B on his show. He wants to learn from veterans like Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton. Jerry Jones said on a phone interview that he is excited about Olgetree. He’s quick, fast and they have pushed him as a rookie to make a impact on this year’s team and Kevin has responded and made plays that helped the team.

While watching an interview on the Marty B. Show I noticed a tattoo on Kevin’s right shoulder that said “Respect” , that is something that he is earning play by play.

I don’t know about you, but Kevin you have my respect and I am sure we will be seeing more and more #85 jerseys in the stands as your stats continue to grow here in Dallas.

No I in Team

Keith BrookingTeam effort and leadership, it’s been a while since we seen the Cowboys give off this aura winning. Many people who are not fans of Romo can tell he’s different this year. Keith Brooking has brought fire to this defense. Miles Austin has opened up the offense. Did I mention Romo is different this year? The Cowboys are playing like as a unit this year.

The trouble the Cowboys faced earlier this year, for the most part, has disappeared. Crayton getting demoted, he was ticked off. What does he do? Punt returned for a touchdown, two weeks in a row. Roy Williams going down to a rib injury, we have no number one receiver. Miles Austin comes out of nowhere and becomes the new Dallas deep threat. Roy Williams made us all fear that the ghost of T.O. was still in the locker room. He made a big to do about not getting the ball. Then he comes out the next game fired up and shook up the Eagles secondary, and opened up the offense.

There must be something in the Gatorade that the Cowboys are getting, because this team is gelling very well. They’re acting like a team. Hmm, for some reason that felt funny when I wrote it. But what is causing all of this? I would have to say the leadership.

Romo, Brooking, Ware and Witten; these four guys have this team fired up. Even in the two loses; Brooking and Romo still wanted 100% out of everyone playing.

Romo mention a couple of weeks ago that the team hasn’t found its identity yet. And he was right, the team didn’t have one. After loses to the Giants and Broncos many in the media, NFL fans and even all of us were thinking the same thing. This is the same underachieving team we’re used to. No leadership and a bunch of guys who just want to be in the NFL’s biggest spotlight. After the bye week the Cowboys changed that.

There is no I in this team. We have three halfbacks, five wideouts, two tight ends; all of them weapons. The defense that fell asleep the first four games woke up. Stopping 3rd downs, rushing the quarterback, and destroying the run. Did I mention they’re getting turnovers too?

Tony Romo

Right now, the team leader is maturing in front of our eyes. He has us all thinking playoffs and beyond at this point. The funny thing is, he’s not thinking about it. He’s thinking about how can we keep this thing rolling? Did we learn our lesson on these plays we got beat on? Are we a better team now then we were last week? He’s thinking like a leader.

Of course, the media will not let us forget that Romo is bad late in the season. We get it, three bad endings Tony can’t take back. But the way he’s team is playing right now, how much are you willing to bet it might change this year?


Weekly Game Balls: Week 9

Riding high on a four game winning streak feels pretty good, doesn’t it! What a great game last Sunday night, it was a perfect example of a team coming together for a victory against an intense rivalry. The teamwork executed by the Cowboys made it even harder to choose game balls this week. Of course, that’s a great problem to have. In the words of Coach Phillips, “Everybody made plays when the game was on the line.”

This week’s offensive game ball goes to Marion Barber.

Marion Barber only rushed 12 times for 50 yards, but the true reason he is receiving this week’s game ball is for what he did in the last offensive drive of the game.

According to a story told by Keith Brooking, Barber came up to the defensive players on the sidelines and said:

‘I got this, the last offensive series. Don’t you worry guys.’

He was telling his teammates that he was going to seal the deal. He knew they had worked hard and he was guaranteeing them their work was done and the win was secure.

Barber did as promised and ran three consecutive plays accumulating 23 yards.

Now that may not do anything for his fantasy ratings but in my book that makes him clutch.

Thanks for your hard work Barber!


This week’s defensive/special teams game ball goes to Jay Ratliff.

Can you say BEAST?

Jay Ratliff finished the day with 5 tackles and 2 sacks for losses of 17 yards.

I also enjoyed the story about him getting into it with Wade Phillips.

Wade Phillips told reporters a story from halftime…

“At halftime, we came in and he says, ‘My fault on the running game,’” Phillips recalled about Ratliff. “And I said, ‘No it isn’t your fault.’ He jumps back at me and said ‘ITS MY FAULT’ I said, ‘Ok it’s your fault.’ But he said he would get it corrected. And sure enough they had 16 yards rushing in the second half, so it wasn’t all his fault, he played some things different second half than he did in first half.”

Keep howling J-Rat!


Way to go to Barber and Ratliff!

Honorable Mention: Roy Williams with 5 catches and 75 yards, Gerald Sensabaugh with 6 tackles and an interception, and Mike Jenkins for just being awesome and making me shout ‘JENKS’ several times each game after he makes an amazing play.

What Does The Philadelphia Win Mean For The Dallas Cowboys?

NFL/If you are a real passionate fan that loves the Dallas Cowboys as much as I do, you will understand the emotions I had going through that game.

I see the low scoring numbers, and I’m wondering when is the bomb going to go off? It never happened. It felt like Super Bowl XLII where you are constantly wondering when the Patriots offense was going to finally click and destroy the Giants like they had done to every team before that game.

Dallas has never been able to keep a lead that close safe. Not to a great team anyway. They are either ahead by two or more scores or they are driving trying to win the game in the fourth quarter.

I’m bracing myself for what could be the most embarrassing loss of the season. Sunday Night Football in Philadelphia? The experts say that Dallas could afford to lose that game, I personally, could not say that.

For one, I don’t think any rivalry game or any night game is acceptable to lose.

And this isn’t just any rivalry, this is the Philadelphia Eagles. No team hates Dallas more than Philadelphia. They proved it when the Cowboys were up at Philadelphia and Michael Irvin went up to catch a pass and came down on his neck.

While he was on the ground motionless, the Philadelphia audience decided to rejoice at his injury like they had just heard that a brutal war had ended or they were being given $5,000 back on their tax returns.

Michael Irvin ended his career that night, and many were afraid that he would die, and the Philadelphia party kept going on.

From that point on, the Eagles have always been public enemy number one in my book. They surpassed the Redskins with ease that night, and throughout my time as a writer, I have met many Philadelphia fans, and the vast majority live up to their callous and sociopathic reputation.

The one of few exceptions to the rule is my friend Dan Parzych.

So, if I sound like I’m really enjoying this victory a little more than most, now you know why.

This victory over the Eagles on Sunday Night Football, in Philadelphia, after they just lost the World Series makes me feel like a young kid going backstage to see the Miss America candidates in their bikinis.

The Cowboys main rival and suppressor over the past decade has been the Philadelphia Eagles. Over the Andy Reid era, including last Sunday, the Cowboys are 14-7 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles have gone to five NFC Championships, one Super Bowl, and crushed Dallas last year 44-6 for the final playoff spot.

The number of spammers I saw with the phrase, “44-6″ followed by a crude slur are immeasurable.

This win has lead the Cowboys to a 6-2 record and first place in the NFC East. A place that the Cowboys have fought hard to reach, and a place that I hope is their nesting ground for the rest of the season.

This win was also very revealing for the Cowboy players and for the fans.

This team handled the Eagles in a clutch situation!

I cannot stress how often analysts wonder can Tony Romo handle the pressure in a clutch game? Can he lead his team in the fourth quarter against a playoff team and come out on top? Is he going to be a choker for his entire career?

I can’t speak to the future, but the signs say that times are changing with this 20-16 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tony Romo threw a perfect pass to Miles Austin after tricking cornerback Sheldon Brown into jumping on a pump fake, and Austin took that ball and made six points out of it to give a 20-13 lead over the Eagles.

The Eagles never came back after that. They forfeited two timeouts due to failed challenges, and the Cowboys ran out the clock with Marion Barber.

That wasn’t supposed to happen. Dallas was suppose to cough up a fumble or throw a horrid interception and lose.

They didn’t. They won a nail-biter against a team that has been a titan in the NFL for ten years.

That game is a game to build on.

James Williamson is also featured on:

Check him out there as well.

Happy Veteran’s Day

On behalf of everyone at Lone Star Struck we would like to take some time to remember and honor all of our brave servicemen and women that have served and continue to serve our country.

Each Veteran’s day we have an opportunity to recognize the amazing people who make up the greatest military in the world.

We would also like to extend our condolences to the families of all the victims of the recent tragedy at Ft. Hood. The sadness of that day serves as a reminder of just how fragile life truly is both at home as well as overseas where we continue to defend democracy.


God Bless all of you for your unwavering loyalty, patriotism, integrity and courage.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Flashback: Dallas vs Green Bay – 1995

Looking back on my memories between the Cowboys and the Packers a few games come to mind. One being a second round playoff game from the strike shortened 1982 season where the Cowboys beat the Packers 37-26 at Texas Stadium. But then I started to think more and decided to write about one of the greatest NFC Championship games I have ever seen. The game was the 1995 Championship game at Texas Stadium with the winner earning a trip to Super Bowl XXX in Arizona.

When I think about Green Bay I always think about the cold weather. As the game was about to begin, up on the screen showed the temperature in Green Bay which was 25 degrees with a wind chill of minus 1 degree. In Dallas at the same time was 72 degrees and of course no wind chill. So I was very happy that the Cowboys were home for this game.

The game did not start off well for Dallas. On their first drive Reggie White beat right tackle Eric Williams and sacked Troy Aikman which forced a Dallas punt. The punt from Dallas punter John Jett was blocked by the Packers deep in Dallas territory. Brett Favre actually threw a touchdown pass to take a 7-0 lead, but a delay of the game penalty on Green Bay took the touchdown off the board and they had to settle for a field goal and only a 3-0 lead on the Cowboys.

On the Cowboys second drive of the game Deion Sanders got involved in the offense by running a double reverse for a short gain. Then he caught a short pass from Aikman at the Packers 40 yard line and turned on the speed before being pushed out of bounds at the Packers 10 yard line. A few plays later Aikman connected with Michael Irvin from 6 yards out for the touchdown and a 7-3 lead.

Brett Favre and the Packers offense could not get anything going on their first two drives as they did not gain one yard on the Dallas defense. On their third drive things only got worse. Favre dropped back and attempted a screen pass that Leon Lett jumped up for and came down with the interception at the Packers 12 yard line. Dallas took advantage of the turnover and once again Aikman found Irvin for their second touchdown connection of the quarter from 4 yards out. Dallas took a commanding 14-3 lead, or so they thought.

On the first play of the Packers next drive after the kickoff, the Packers found their spark. Favre found his speedy receiver Robert Brooks as he blew past Dallas cornerback Larry Brown and scored on a 73 yard touchdown pass pulling the Packers closer at 14-10 as the first quarter ended.

The Packers finally forced a Dallas punt on their next possession and once again the Packers found a spark. This time it was their other speedy receiver Antonio Freeman who fielded the punt and raced towards midfield. Dallas punter John Jett was the only one left between Freeman and the Dallas end zone. Jett pulled down Freeman and at the same time grabbed his facemask and received a 15 yard penalty. This gave the packers great field position at the Dallas 35 yard line.

Green Bay took advantage of the punt return and the penalty as Favre tossed his second touchdown pass of the first half. This time he found tight end Keith Jackson on a 24 yard touchdown pass. This gave the Packers their first lead of the game at 17-14.

The Dallas offense was able to gather themselves and put together a nice drive that stalled at the Green Bay 17 yard line. From there they settled for a Chris Boniol 34 yard field goal to tie the game at 17-17.

The Dallas defense forced a Packers punt, but as the punt rolled towards the end zone for what Dallas thought would be a touchback. The ball took a strange bounce on the Texas Stadium turf and rolled out at their own 1 yard line. The Packers end zone was 99 yards away. Dallas started the drive with who else? Emmitt Smith. Smith found a huge hole created by his great offensive line and he went for a 25 yard gain. With a mix of passing and running by offensive coordinator Norv Turner the Cowboys drove 98 yards to the Packers 1 yard line. The final yard of the 99 yard 11 play drive was by Emmitt Smith who started the drive. Smith scored and Dallas was back on top 24-17 as the first half ended.

The first half leaned to Dallas in almost every way.

Time of possession, Dallas 23:00 – Green Bay 7:00

Offensive plays, Dallas 49 – Green Bay 21

First Downs, Dallas 16 – Green Bay 4

Rushing yards, Emmitt Smith 86 – Green Bay 16

Green Bay would control the third quarter for the most part. Their first drive would result in another field goal that pulled them closer to the Cowboys, 24-20. On their second drive of the quarter Favre threw his third touchdown pass of the game. Sitting on the 1 yard line of the Cowboys, the Packers caught Dallas in their goal line defense and substituted Robert Brooks late. Fave then tossed a 1 yard touchdown pass to Brooks and took the lead again, 27-24. The Packers would outscore the Cowboys 10-0 in the third quarter.

The Cowboys started a drive as the third quarter ended and continued on with that drive at the start of the fourth quarter. Once again it was a mix of running by Emmitt Smith and passing from Aikman to tight end Jay Novacek. From the Packers 5 yard line Smith followed big Nate Newton and Daryl Johnston and scored his second touchdown of the game. Dallas took the lead back, this time for good 31-27.

Brett Favre made is second mistake of the game as the Dallas defense flushed him from the pocket and forced him to the sideline. Instead of just throwing the ball away, Favre tried to force it to receiver Mark Ingram. Larry Brown stepped in front of Ingram at the Dallas 21 yard line and came up with the Cowboys second interception of the game with 10:00 remaining in the game.

On the first play of the drive for Dallas after the interception, Aikman found Irvin down the left sideline. Irvin actually managed to tip the pass to himself while being covered by a Packers cornerback. Not only did Irvin come down with the pass at the Packers 25, but he was able to keep his balance before going out of bounds at the 16. The Packers were called for pass interference which Dallas declined. On the second play Emmitt Smith found the end zone for the third time in the game. Scoring from 16 yard out Emmitt gave Dallas a 38-27 lead in the NFC Championship game.

It would be Emmitt Smith who put Dallas on his back in the fourth quarter as he gained 50 yards and scored twice. For the game Smith carried 35 times for 150 yards and three touchdowns. Dallas would actually drive once again into Packers territory late in the fourth quarter, but kicker Chris Boniol missed a field goal with 2:35 left.

The Dallas defense turned it up a notch on the Packers last drive as they recorded three of their four sacks of Favre in the fourth quarter. The defense would also hold the Packers running game to only 48 yards in the game.

After a failed fourth down by the Packers, the Cowboys would take over and run out the final 1:12 of of the game. Dallas earned a third trip to the Super Bowl in four years as they beat the Green Bay Packers 38-27 in the 1995 NFC Championship game. Super Bowl XXX would be the Cowboys fifth Championship in eight tries as they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning them the team of the 90’s.

“We’re going to the Super Bowl,” said Irvin, who had seven receptions for 100 yards. “We let someone else borrow our house last year. We’re going home. That’s where we belong”.

“I think with our offensive line and the way we stayed committed to running the football, that kind of continual pounding would wear teams down,” Aikman said.

“To their credit, we jumped up 14-3 on them and they never backed down,” Aikman said. “They were never completely out of the ballgame.”

“This football team has been in this situation before,” Aikman said. “We get the ball late in the fourth quarter and you have to take time off the clock to put them away, and we were able to do that”.



You can see the box score from the game here…

Romo to Williams Finally Connected

Roy WilliamsRoy Williams stirred up a little controversy this past week saying the balls Romo was throwing to him were all over the place.

Well Sunday night against Philadelphia they finally connected. It was not a ton of catches nor was it for a ton of yards, but it was nice to see Williams catch five for 75 yards. It was great to see Williams thrust his hand forward after making a first down.

I am not sure what the issues were, but the extra work put in at practice must have helped. Maybe it was the fact the Miles Austin was drawing double coverage and that left Williams one on one or maybe it was Williams running crisper routes and getting open. Whatever it was, it was great to see.

Hopefully we will continue to see the Romo to Williams connection and hopefully it will account for more touchdowns.

The Cowboys are learning to play well together in all phases of the game. That becomes more evident along the way as we ride this four game winning streak.

Next up are the Cheeseheads from Green Bay lets show them how our team can play. GO COWBOYS!!!

Cowboys’ Streak Is Sweet To Some, Bitter To Others

Two days after the great win in Philly, Cowboys fans are still on a victorious high, rightfully so. Looking around the web, most everyone’s opinions seem to have changed with a few exceptions, as to be expected. had some nice things to say…

Dallas — They have found a peaceful functioning locker room, which is exactly what they were looking for when they dumped T.O. in the offseason. The Cowboys must continue to control the game with their defensive line, and before the end of the season, everyone will know nose tackle Jay Ratliff is one of the game’s best.

ESPN’s Matt Mosley’s “Rapid Reaction” right after the game…

Don’t look now, but the Cowboys are in the driver’s seat in the race for the NFC East crown. They returned to the scene of last season’s embarrassing 44-6 loss and came up with a clutch performance.

Sports Illustrated is a bit hesitant to jump on the Cowboys bandwagon, but they still think its possible the Cowboys make it to the playoffs and cause an upset…

There’s a lot of football to play, and it’s too early to say anything about Dallas except that it’s in first place, alone, in the NFC East, and nobody but Bum Phillips thought that’d happen this late in the season. The Cowboys don’t have a killer schedule. They might be good enough to spoil the Favre-Brees NFC Championship Game.

There are plenty of other articles out there giving the Cowboys credit for taking charge of the NFC East. And along with the good, of course their is always bad. Some sour critics are claiming the Cowboys win over the Eagles just proves how awful the NFC East has become. Come again?

Check out this excerpt from CBS Sports analyst Mike Freeman

Someone had to win this monstrosity, so it might as well have been the Dallas Cowboys.

Oh, was this game magical, and by magical, I mean ugly as Whitney Houston emerging from a crack den.

Considering the beautiful painting by these two teams (Van Gogh or Van Gag?) the fans here were patiently behaved. For once, Eagles fans would’ve been well within their rights to smash something.

It gets a lot worse, but I won’t give him the pleasure of posting it on this site. Come on dude, gimme a break.

The Philadelphia Inquirer staff writers are angry as well, this from Philly columnist Bob Ford…

Yesterday was not a good day for the division. The Giants coughed up a dreadful loss at home against the Chargers, their fourth straight defeat; the Redskins continued their systematic withdrawal from the NFL; and then the Eagles and Cowboys played a sloppy, uninspiring game that wouldn’t have been worthy of also-rans, let alone contenders. In fact, it was a stinker.

So to wrap up, if the Eagles can’t beat the Cowboys then the entire division is in shambles?

Sorry Mr. Ford, there are thousands of Cowboys fans all over the nation that will beg to differ. It’s too bad you are so bitter that you can’t give credit where credit is due.

All we can do is laugh at the nonsense these last few ridiculous articles are attempting to portray. We can do that now, you know. Loyal fans of a team first in their division more than half way through the season have earned that right.

Video: Cowboys/Eagles Game Coaches’ Reactions

Excuse me, can someone tell Wade Phillips we won the game?

Seriously, we can’t complain about Wade Phillips right now, but his press conferences really make you miss some of the other more emotional coaches interviews.

With a record of 28-12, I’m thinking maybe he’s just camera shy because he’s certainly doing things right lately.

Great win Coach!

Seems like Andy Reid wants to blame the loss on losing the challenge he never should have made.

Direct link to video:

Revenge is Sweet, So Is First Place

Every Cowboys game, no matter the expectations or what is on the line, gets me pumped up. But tonight, oh tonight was unbelievable!



















What a game! I have to say I am so proud of this team. They played with heart and gave everything they had and it paid off. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we also knew it was in our reach all we had to do was fight for it.

Now, all the doubters who kept asking the question if the Dallas Cowboys can win a big game have been silenced.

This was definitely a team effort and everyone got involved. Everyone on the field and on the sidelines did a tremendous job.

All night as Al Michaels and Cris Collingsworth continuously forced us to relive last December 28th, repeating the numbers 44-6 over and over, I never lost faith in this team. We all know what happened last year, we relived it in our minds over and over for months.

I will keep this short and sweet because we have all week to ride this winning streak – but I’d just like to repeat what I said yesterday – PAYBACK IS A BITCH PHILLY!

Coach Phillips