Congrats Cowboys

Yes, I said congratulations to the Cowboys…..not for a disappointing loss to the Vikings, but for the accomplishments they made throughout this season. At best, they were predicted to be an 8-8 team and yet they finished 11-5 and won the NFC East Division title! As we all know, they also beat division rivals Philadelphia Eagles not once, not twice, but THREE times with one of those games being a total shutout.

I’m not angry either about their loss to the Vikings like alot of fans are. Extremely disappointed would be the better word to describe how I feel about that game but hey, they can’t win them all. The Vikings were the better team at the time and they proved that on the field. Alot of people are blaming Romo (again) for this loss which is complete bs to me. If anyone is to blame, it would be the offensive line in my opinion. They weren’t protecting Romo well and he couldn’t make the plays he needed to. But what’s done is done, complaining about it now won’t change what happened. They just need to learn from their mistakes so they can make the necessary changes for next season.

Personally, I think that in the offseason, the Cowboys need to regroup and look back on the mistakes that were made and how to prevent them from happening again. The Cowboys definitely need to find a good kicker and whether or not Suisham stays remains to be seen. I was not impressed with him in the few games he played for the Boys this season. However, I am rather concerned about what Jerry Jones is going to do especially with the no salary cap season being a possibility. I’m not a big fan of Jerry Jones and I feel like some of his decisions concerning the team haven’t been that good.

To wrap things up, I’d just like to thank the Dallas Cowboys for giving their fans an exciting season of football to watch. These guys may not be perfect but they work their butts off to do the best they can each and every week and I still am and always will be dang proud to call myself a Cowboys fan!

  1. Rob V.

    couldn’t agree more Michelle. We can’t always make excuses why the Boys lost a game. The Vikings were better today, just like the Packers were better when they beat us during the season. Just like the Boys were better than the Eagles the three times we beat them. I’m usually impossible to live with for a few days after the Boys lose, but not today. The Boys ran into a better team and they lost. Ok, they got their butts kicked. The first order of business this off-season? Sign Miles Austin.

  2. Celia B.

    Yeah, congatulations on getting OWNED by the Vikings. ON YOUR KNEES and ON YOUR KNEES NOW! before your OWNERS the VIKINGS FANS.

    I can hear the dallas cowboys fans crying all the way up here and it’s Muuuuuusic to my ears, I just LOVE to see a dallas cowboys fan cry. The dallas cowboys ARE NOT America’s Team, they NEVER WERE America’s Team and they NEVER WILL BE America’s Team. America’s Joke, yes; America’s Garbagemouths, yes; America’s Criminals, yes; but NEVER America’s Team.

    Romo is a HOMO
    Suisham is a SWISH
    DeMarcus WAREs lace panties.

    Yup, I’m a dallas cowboy hater and proclaim it proudly.

    I hope they go 0-16 next year and EVERY year.

    • Rob V.

      Funny how you didn’t say who you were a fan of. Eagles fan? Giants fan?

    • Michelle G

      All I can do is laugh at immature idiots like this. Just shows how low-class and stupid they are.

    • olivia

      i enjoy all the hate, yall shulda seen my facebook wall full of trash talk. i loved it cuz ppl alway feel so good wen they beat the BOYS like they jus conquerd the world hahah its funny wen lame ppl feel that way. and its true we will always b considerd americas team cuz we are the ones that ppl hate on the most & the the BOYS fans are till the end!!!! after u haters are done talkin trash make sure and get a towel to wipe all the sh*t out ur mouths. lovin the COWBOY HATERZ! YALL ARE THE BEST! LUVIN THE ATTENTION U GIVE.

    • Tony P.

      Yeah, it’s real funny how many times you mentioned your incredible team…oh wait!…you don’t have a team! Or…are you one of those, bandwagon fans? Ok, well I expected everything you said about America’s Team. But you might want to watch what you say, Ms. Bandwagon Fan, because next year you’ll be on our wagon in the Texas Stadium next Year for the Superbowl!! ha!

    • pam

      u sound like trailer trash.go back to kissing your cousin and shup up.u got no class by now u talk


      You make it America Team because you can’t help yourself to get on here and say how much you hate us and you probably watch every game of ours too. Whether they love us or hate us they’re always talking about us…



    • Tina G

      OMG!! Romo is a homo?? Is that the best you can do?? Im LMAO at you & your foolishness. We laugh at people like you & then just brush you off! Stop hatin America’s Team! We always have been & we always will be. Dallas Fans are the best fans in the world & we are very happy that trash talkin haters like you give us so much attention…thanks for the love…
      COWBOYS FAN TILL I DIE!! Oh & get your facts straight dumb ass…the Steelers didnt OWN us every time…didnt you see Super Bowl XXX? The final score was 27-17 DALLAS!! What are you even doing on this page?? HA!! That just goes to show how you cant get enough of us or you wouldnt even be here! I hate the faggot Dolphins & you would NEVER see me on their page!! Get a life LOSER!!!

    • Jen

      To the idiot who thinks Dallas isn’t America’s Team, Dallas will ALWAYS and FOREVER be America’s team! The rest are just JEALOUS they can’t ever be!

  3. KempsWifey27

    Hey Celia Bastard!

    Being a hater is not something to be proud of! It just shows how childish and stupid you are! Get the hell off this Page, LOOSER!!! and Like it or hate it the Dallas Cowboys will always be known as Americas Team.
    So suck it up and get over it. I will give props to the Vikings
    they played a hell of a game! Cowboy fans are not scared to give credit
    were credit is due,(unlike all you haters out there. That’s why haters could never be a Cowboy fan, we have way to much class. )
    I will say it the better team won!
    So carry your sorry ass on!

  4. KingStunned

    Yes, Dallas lost yesterday and yes Dallas had their problems all year, but which team didn’t? Every team in the NFL had issues this season whether it was legal or personal. I hate losing as much as the next Cowboy fan, but it’s over & done with. Minnesota outplayed us yesterday & deserves to move on. Dallas will be back next year bigger & better than ever. All of the haters better relish this moment, because it won’t last forever.

  5. ayre

    We must be Americas team. The amount of texts I got immediately after the game from people celebrating our loss was incredible, particularly from Redskins fans. My response? “Sorry I don’t talk football with fans of the J.V. team” Lol! Like I said yesterday we had a good year. We exceeded expectations and new stars emerged.

    • Rob V.

      Know what I love that whether Dallas has a good team or bad team when someone beats us it’s like a stepping stone for that team. That’s being America’s Team. To think that you have done something special after you beat the Boys.

  6. Celia B.

    See the losers licking their wounds talking a different tone now they’ve been OWNED. You dallas cowboy fans are the biggest trash talkers around, talking all this garbage about “America’s Team” and how the Super Bowl trophy is yours every year by Divine Right and how it should be the landry trophy and how all your GAYboys have to do is walk in the stadium and the other team just lies down.

    This is why you get all the static you do, every time your team loses. This is why there are all these dallas cowboy jokes out there. There are more dallas cowboy jokes out there than for any other team because the dallas cowboy fans are so full of themselves and so full of their team of fakes and shams they can’t see reality. dallas cowboy fans thinkthe reason people rub their noses in their team’s defeats is because the dallas cowboys are so great. WRONG! It’s because dallas cowboy fans are the biggest trash talkers and it’s so funny to rub a trash talkers nose in his own trash. Look at reality: isn’t it funny when you see some bigmouth standing there with his pants suddenly around his ankles and his polka-dot boxer shorts are showing? Or, in the case of you dallas cowboy fans and your sorry team, your lace panties are showing.

    Speaking of dallas cowboy jokes, here’s one of my favorites:

    The new 4th grade teacher in Ft. Worth, Mrs. Warren, walked into her class and announced she was a cowboy fan. All the children cheered except for Little Margie. Mrs Warren walked up to Little Margie’s desk, peered down at her and asked “Why didn’t you cheer, Little Margie, aren’t you a cowboy fan?” Little Margie replied, ‘No Mrs. Walker, I’m a Washington Redskins Fan.’

    The whole class and the teacher went into shock at the mention of the hated Redksins. Finally, Mrs. Warren composed herself and asked Little Margie ‘Why are you a REDskins Fan, Little Margie?’

    Little Margie: My parents are from Alexandria, VA and they’ve always been Redskins Fans and I love my parents, so I’m a Redskins Fan, too.

    Mrs Warren: If your parents were retards from the Retard School up the street, would you still love them, Little Margie?

    Little Margie: Yes, Ma’am.

    Mrs. W: And if your parents were retarded, would you be retarded, too?

    LM: No Ma’am, I’d be a dallas cowboy fan.

    Oh, and the small letters on landry and dallas cowboys are deliberate. And before you start talking trash about how many Super Bowls your team of fakes has won, remember SF has won just as many and has NOT LOST ONE. And I’m a lifelong Dolphins Fan, the ONLY team that has EVER had a perfect season. Too bad your team missed the opportunity for a perfect season that 1-15 year.

    • Rob V.

      Dolphin fan?? Why the hell are you on a Dallas site complaining??? Sure the Dolphins had a perfect season….in 1972. Get over it. What have the Dolphins done since then??? They got crushed by the Skins, they got crushed by the 49ers and I believe they were crushed in the playoffs one season 62-7 by the Jags. Maybe as a Dolphin fan you are still mad that the Boys beat the hell out of them 24-3 in Super Bowl VI. Take your sorry offense with no QB and drug addict Ricky Williams along with horrible defense go to some Dolphin site and talk about your third place team.

    • Derek

      Hey idiot half the Dolphins coaching staff and roster are former coaches and players from Dallas….eat shit.

      • Riggs

        And how or why would she know that? Its easy to tell shes a fair weather fan….these kind are a dime a dozen. Her ex bf must have been a die hard Cowboys fan and beat her continuously…cause something is wrong in that dumb brain to bash a club thats better then that club in every way shape and form…its ok..I do pity her in a way.

    • Riggs

      You fair weather fan you.

    • pam

      getting beat once by minn dikes dont mean cowboys were owned u freak trailer trash.yea cowboys are and alway will be Americas team.retarts like u cant handle that i see lol go drink another beer

    • joneseyX8

      listen here bitch, who cares if the 49ERS have won all 5 of their super bowls, the cowboys have had more super bowl appearences than almost everyone, and the cowboys have won 5 unlike your gay ass dolphins that havent, the dolphins suck major dick, so keep you hating ass off here and go suck a dick, you have no room to mouth because the dolphins suck cock, just like you.

    • joneseyX8

      oh and Dallas will ALWAYS BE AMERICAS TEAM. and no they havent got beat by the steelers everytime so shut your damn mouth, your just jealous that your sucky dolphins havent won as many super bowls, and whos cares if they had an undefeated season, that was way back then and this is now, get real, face it the dolphins SUCK!


      Celia are you that bored?? Maybe you need a man! Or are you that ugly?! The fact is you are JEALOUS cause your team SUCKS! Get off of this COWBOY page & blow up ur blow up doll under ur bed so you can have some company!! hahahahahahaha! DALLAS COWBOYS AMERICA’S TEAM!!! nuff said!!!
      The best way to get rid of a hater is to IGNORE!! They are just looking for attention they lack!! SO LOVE THE COWBOYS OR HATE THE COWBOYS EITHER WAY YOU ARE THINKING OF THEM!!! COWBOYS ARE #1!!!

    • tony from santa paula

      Now look here girly (Celia B.) All this trash talk you have going on about “THE DALLAS COWBOYS” must be because of an ex-boyfriend or some one that broke your little miserable hart that was a cowboys fan, well considering your team is not even in our division(NFC East). although the dolphins did have a killer undefeated season in 1973 and won again in 1974 they’ve only made it back to the super bowl two more times in ’83 and ’85 which they LOST!!! Now for you to be talking shit like that I’d understand if you were a Steelers fan or maybe even a giants fan the last two teams that won a super bowl, then you would have bragging rights. Now look all I’m saying is that second place is first place looser, if your team won the super bowl last year then by all means rip me a new one with all that trash talk otherwise SHUT THE F*** UP!!!
      P.S. Oh by the way THE DALLAS COWBOYS beat your dolphins in 1972 a year before your perfect season 24-3 almost a blow out!!! LOL….
      GO COWBOYS!!!

    • Jen

      Cecila, every think you say is what makes Dallas AMERICA’S TEAM. You either LOVE them or you HATE them and THAT’S WHY they are. You are classless trash.

      And to the bandwagon fans-losers! Stay true to your team, no matter who they are!

  7. Celia B.

    Why should I get over my Dolphins perfect season when you dallas cowboy fans are always screaming about all the Super Bowls you’ve won and forget about the ones you’ve lost? Pitsburgh has OWNED you EVERY TIME. You dallas fans are always screaming about how great your past teams were, but no one else gets to do it, huh? This is another reason why you get so many haters, you’re a bunch of hypocrites who think you’re such hot stuff. Like I already said, nothing’s more funny than rubbing a loudmouth’s nose in his own trash. You got OWNED, last weekend and you perpetual trash talking has earned you every hater you can get and a few you can’t. Too bad for you no one else thinks either you or your sorry team of criminals is so wonderful. You got OWNED in the opener in your new park and you’ll get OWNED again and again. I hope the Redskins beat your sorry team of pantywaists and criminals 48-3 and 52-6 next year.

    • Riggs

      LIVE IN THE NOW! Are you having 70s flashbacks or something? You do know the year just changed to 2010..update your software to the 200os….

      Have you seen Office Space? It doesnt turn out well if you dont update years!!


      The only thing you can cling to is your perfect season. To get on here and bitch to us is a glimpse of how sorry your life must really be.

  8. Rob V.

    Wow! Do you read your posts before hitting Submit? Who cares if you are a hater or if anyone else is a hater. The Boys will always have haters because of their success. And check your history before posting because Dallas beat Pittsburgh the last time they were in the Super Bowl. And I always bring up the two they lost to the Steelers because they were two of the greatest games of all time.
    You would think that the Dolphins and the Cowboys were in the same division the way you are posting. You sure bring up the Redskins a lot. Check your history on the Dolphins-Cowboys while you are at it. Cowboys have a winning record against the Dolphins, which is a team I have nothing against, but it’s people like you that make me root against them. Oh by the way, the last time the Cowboys played the Dolphins in ’07 they beat them in their own house 37-20. Dallas 5 rings, Dolphins only 2. Cowboys baby!!!!!

  9. Celia B.

    Dolphins ONLY perfect season, cowboys NEVER. Dolphins, baby.

    • Derek

      Dallas – 5 Super Bowls

      Miami – 2, last one in ’73. Sit down.

      • Riggs

        She got owned again….what is going through her head? Its like the Special Olympics with her..even if she won shed still be a retard.

    • Riggs

      And how many years ago was that perfect season? You had to look that up on Wiki didnt you? I guarantee you didnt know that off hand, you cannot have breathed air at that time. I wish it wasnt true now…the breath you use could be going to someone who could use it, not a ignorant fair weather fan of the Dolphins.

    • Lora

      “You dallas cowboy fans are the biggest trash talkers around talking…
      …how the Super Bowl trophy is yours every year by Divine Right
      …how all your boys have to do is walk in the stadium and the other team just lies down.”


      I have been a Cowboy fan for over 30 years, and I have never seen one of our fans say either of these things. Not once.

      You are a very angry, jealous person whose problems sound much deeper than your hatred of our Cowboys. I suggest you seek some kind of help and guidance in your life Celia. Or… oh, jeez, I hate to use such a cliché, but maybe you could just get a life. You obviously do not have one if you have nothing better to do than go around trashing other teams. Why not go to your team’s website, and give them some support instead? Just a suggestion!

      *** Michelle – That was a beautifully written article, and it is very sad that it has become tainted by the likes of this Celia person.

    • Lilah008

      Bro really?? really???
      youre f*cking lame bro. you dedicate all your time to talking sh*t about the cowboys. Dolphins havent done anything but go 16-0. and now theres more games so suck it cuz dolphins are never gonna have that good of a season again. you got a real set of balls calling out the cowboys when marino couldnt even win a superbowl and supposedly hes one of the best quarterbacks of all time. please. If you new anything about football you’d know the stats, you’d actually watch the games and have some lagit information to say. all you can say are immature jokes and how much you hate cowboy fans.
      bottom line…get a life b*tch. youre not worth argueing with

    • Barbara M

      Cowboy Fans she is ignorant ans dumb her parents left the computer on lol

  10. G.Robins

    Wow. That “perfect” season was how long ago?
    How long ago was it since they have got into the playoffs?
    Or won a superbowl?
    Who is even on the dolphins?
    Who is the qb?
    That’s definatly a fail team.
    Plus you guys got our seconds (Parcells)

  11. Raina

    Michelle I loved your article. I started one just like b ut u beat me to it. great job like your writing.

  12. Riggs

    Only fairweather fans come on another teams site and bash them…you show real class…real class.

  13. Marcie W.

    A DOLPHINS fan running their mouths? LMAO! It figures her reply was so long when the Dolphins have been sitting at home for weeks now. Wow. 1-15 a couple years ago & still garbage. When Cowboys went 1-15, they won the Suoerbowl the next year!! Try making it to the playoffs, let alone going to the Superbowl before you run your mouth about a REAL football team.

    COWBOYS for life. America’s team. I BLEED BLUE!!

    ‘Nough said!

  14. Tony P.

    ha! the dolphins only played liked 10 games? You probably wasn’t even born when they won a Superbowl! ha! And what’s up with you always mentioning “panties”? Are you a cross dresser? Go find a dolphin fan site, if you can? ha! Sad!

    • Riggs

      Dude she dont know any Dolphin sites…shes a typical fair weather fan that looks at someone else to see if they cheer before she does..see her kind all to many.

  15. Leo

    It’s fans like Celia that I will never understand. I’ve always thought it’s funny how obsessed some people are with the cowboys that they actually have to go on the web, fish out different cowboy sites, and talk their crap. They’ll always say that it’s the hate for the cowboys that makes them do this. Well yeah, but still, don’t you have anything better to do? I mean, as much as I’m a die-hard cowboy fan, and as much as I hate the steelers, eagles, redskins, giants, etc., I don’t waste my time posting on all their websites and reading all their blogs and such. (And even further, making a point of not capitalizing names and making certain letters lower case, etc. Give me a break!) I just think that’s stupid. If I hate those teams so much, why do I want to see or read any of their stuff?

    I laugh at how worked up people get with the cowboys. Let her celebrate her undefeated season, there’s not much else dolphins fans can hang their hat on. She must be a relative of Mercury Morris. I guess it gets to her that half of the dolphins roster is made up of cowboy rejects. (I’ll pay my respect to Tony Sparano who was a great coach in big D, and has done well in Miami, but that’s about it.)

    Let her continue to talk. She just can’t keep the cowboys out of her head, just like us die-hards, which wouldn’t make her much different than us, would it? She’ll probably go to the pro bowl and watch our 6 pro bowlers too, even if she’ll say it’s just to hate on them.

    If you evoke so much “passion” in someone you must be doing something right…right?

    • Marcie W.

      Thats so true! “Love us or hate us, we’re always on your mind!” COWBOYS!

  16. Amy

    What a total loser. Go home hater!

  17. lbcarrillo

    No team in the NFL elicits more passion than the Dallas Cowboys. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. Want proof? Look at the wall o’ text above, especially Celia B’s rants.
    The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy. It’s not just the legion of loyal fans or worldwide recognition that make The Cowboys America’s team, it’s the vehement hatred as well.
    Just watch as the Haterz respond to this very comment to further prove my point.

  18. pam

    yep Celia is in a world of her own lol sad to have that much hate in one persons head.i hope she has no kids cause wow i bet she turns them into weak sad people who only talk mean.

  19. Kathy

    You know how you try to put a face on someone you’ve never met? Well Celia B you are Mimi on the Drew Carey show! You are so miserable in life and I’m sure noone can take you being around them! I’m sure your family reunions are miserable, well you probably don’t get a

  20. Kathy

    See they shut you up before you can open up your flapper!

  21. Chris

    Hey Celia – Thank your Dolphins for our 1st of 5 Superbowl wins. I guess your Dolphins were “owned” by the Cowboys

  22. C-Moore

    hahahaha this cracks me up…. fans and people like this are what makes the world a bad place….. I have NEVER run into someone tht attacks a team and what they stand for and what they’ve accomplished… I mean, yeah, as Dallas Cowboy fans, we expect it… but not to this extent…

    This person, is like another said, apathetic. Actually I like the word, jealousy better….

    She’s jealous that her teams only way of getting offense is by using the wildcat, as opposed to having a QB that can actually throw the ball to gain yards like we do….

    Or maybe it’s because Aikman and co. won three super bowls in a four year stretch, while Marino didn’t win shit.

    Any way you look at it, it’s jealousy.

  23. KingStunned

    Celia = OWNED. Next hater please. The only thing better would to be a bunch of Browns fans coming in here talking crap with her. The greatest thing about Miami is…. well…. nothing. Same with California. Those 2 states are seeing who can get the most fake tits, botox injections & thongs in public since their respective teams obviously can’t play football at the professional level. A Dallas loss will always be better than a Miami win.

  24. Michelle G

    Good lord, I wish there was a way we could ban certain people from making comments on our site. I never thought my story would raise so much hell….

  25. Marty

    Celia B,
    Your talking like your team has been so great, Go back to your perfect Dolphns and look at who won the Superbowl the Year before 72. as for 1-15 need I mention two years ago?? The Dolphins??? Get your facts straight. Lets mention one more thing, all your precious Dolphins you have now, are all Cowboy trash we got rid of! Enjoy our sloppy seconds you call a team. The Cowboys always own your weak team so stop hatin and get off our site! You smell of Cowby envy!!

    PS Dolphins are really just gay sharks


  26. Celia B.

    Do you DULLass GAYboy fans EVER stop crying?

    You revel in your past and think it’s great, but you criticize any one else who takes pride in their team’s past.

    Nope, NOT America’s Team, NEVER was, NEVER will be.

    Yup, that’s why they call ‘em the dullASS CRYboys, ‘cuz their fans are such crybabies.

    What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander, cowpie fans.


      So I see Celia still hasn’t got any!!! lol! Keep on talking BITCH! Your life must suck! hahaha! How pathetic can anyone be?!? Get yourself a man to keep you busy..there must be some DUMB ASS out there that would take you! LMAO! I know!! Another dumb ass dolphin fan!! hahaha! Now lets see what this dumb ass bitch says now?? hahahahaha!!!

  27. Celia B.

    eyemuh reel smarte dulles kowboi phan. eye liv innuh traylur perk. eyem maryed 2 mei sisturr. awl eye kin dew iz sey dulles kowboiz dulles kowboiz murrikaz teem uc howe smarte eye izz?

    • tony from santa paula

      see I knew that their was a part of you that liked the cowboys, even if it was the retarded side of you…..good girl….LOL….

      • COWBOY FAN 4 LIFE!

        Tony..she’s probably a big fat cow who has nothing else to pathetic!! hahaha!!

        • tony from santa paula

          It’s like kathy said she is probably like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. LMFAO!!!!!

  28. Celia B.

    Another dallas cowboy fan who totally missed it. No life, no brain, nada, niente, rien, endless it goes on and on.

    You seem really worried about who’s not getting what and who looks like what.

    And you dallas cowboy fans accuse people of not having a life.

    Pittsburgh’s won more Super Bowls than you have nanananannanaaaaaa!

    • B M

      SO you dumbass but we beat there ass in the superbowl damn crack head go hit your pipes somemore


    I haven’t missed a thing! I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids & I am married to wonderful man~>& we are all COWBOY fans. Now what do you have? Obviously NOTHING! Listen..get a life! This site was not made for you to bash the Cowboys. I am sure there is a dolphin fan site somewhere. Or maybe there is not!!! NO WONDER YOU ARE ON HERE!! LMAO! Well I have had enough of this nonsense..I HAVE A LIFE! I am sure this is not your last comment!! Let’s see what the BITCH says now….nananananana!

  30. Tina G

    I’d like to ask Celia how old she is??? 12 maybe? Why dont you grow the hell up! Nanananana?? Seriously, my 3 yr old niece says that!! I think the best way to get rid of this Celia Idiot is to ignore her. Her comments mean nothing to us Dallas fans & I think we have already made our point. Her rants are nothing but nonsense. Let’s prove to her now that we have more class than she ever will. We know our team is the best & so does all of America…let’s use our breath on more positive things & stop paying so much attention to a total LOSER!
    Dallas Fan till I DIE!!

  31. lbcarrillo

    See what I mean? Folks like Celia can’t ignore the Cowboys. They just can’t do it! Our team elicits so much passion in her, she’s powerless to ignore it.

    Celia, hon, you are actual living proof that Dallas is America’s Team and you’re too ignorant to realize it.

  32. Celia B.

    See reply to ‘did not choke’ article. ‘Did not choke’ huhuhuhuh. Anyhow, I’m outta’ here, and no, I won’t let the door hit me where they split me, trollya’ (or as you say down there, “trolly’all”) trollya’ later!

  33. Kathy

    Wow MiMi finally gave up!! She was a nasty ass thing! LOVE OUR COWBOYS!!