Three Players Most Likely To Become Ex-Cowboys

Looking ahead to next season, I wondered which of our players had a high probability of not being back with the team next season. It’s not a hate list by any means, just an objective look at who could be on their way out and why I feel that way about them.

1. Marion Barber RB – Many of you might be surprised to see Barber on this list, but the fact of the matter is that with Felix Jones and Tashard Choice on board, it would make sense to explore our options with Barber who still has some great trade value. The fact is that Barber’s 4.3 yards per carry, pales in comparison to Choice 5.5 YPC and Jones 5.9. We could easily get back a 1st and 3rd round pick for Barber and use them to beef up an aging O-Line.

2. Martellus Bennett TE – I don’t believe Bennett can live with the fact that he’s a back up to Jason Witten. He’s frequently crying about playing time on his website and bemoaning the fact that he isn’t a starter. He has the talent to be a starter, but unless disaster strikes and Witten was to miss significant time, will continue to be used in the same reserve role and frown about it. Bennett is just a spare part that can easily be replaced by up and coming John Phillips who is a team first guy and a real gamer. The Cowboys might be able to get a third or fourth round pick for Bennett or maybe even net themselves a number three or four type wide receiver with some upside.

3. Roy Williams WR – My inclusion of Williams on this list is probably more a case of wishful as opposed to a real chance Williams could or would get traded. Obviously, his trade value has taken a huge hit and he is overpaid as well. But at this point, and after waiting almost two seasons for him show profit, wouldn’t you say it’s time to cut our losses and move on? Kevin Ogletree has show the speed, the hands, and the ability to perfectly run his routes, and must be strongly considered for a move up the depth chart. If anyone is crazy enough to take Williams’ off our hands in exchange for a second round pick, I’d do it and never look back.

  1. Rob V.

    Joe, I would have to agree. Although I love Barber, but I love him more in his 2007 role, not a starter. Choice has earned more playing time. JJ needs to hang Bennett out there to see if there are not takers. I like Phillips and I think he can be a really good backup. As far as Williams, see ya. Don’t I wish. I was watching the 2007 Pro Bowl Skills competition and Williams was catching everything. What a difference a few seasons makes. You think I was Olgetree’s biggest fan this past season? Just wait until 2010!!!

  2. cowboys4life

    i agree with marion barber gettin released or traded felix and tashard can handle the load martellus i can see happening but with roy idk jerry jones and wade phillips said they want him backand that thats their #1 off-season priority to fix him personally he’s my 2nd favorite player behind felix jones and would be crushed to see him go even though i see kevin as an upcoming star

  3. Rob V.

    no way I’m releasing Barber. Why too much talent.

  4. nate

    I don’t see any teams taking on Marion’s contract let alone giving up a draft pick. Same goes for Roy. Marty B is still cheap. He stays, but might have to sit in the corner for a while until he grows up.

  5. nate

    Marion Barber III: 5/20/2008: Signed a seven-year, $45 million contract. The deal contains $16 million guaranteed, including a $12 million signing bonus. 2009: $620,000, 2010: $3.86 million, 2011: $4.25 million, 2012: $5.75 million, 2013: $6.25 million, 2014: $7 million, 2015: Free Agent

    Roy E. Williams: 10/19/2008: Signed a six-year, $54 million contract. The deal contains $26.6085 million guaranteed, including a $10 million option bonus in the second year. 2010: $3,452,629 (+ $9.5 million guaranteed option bonus), 2011: $5,109,971, 2012: $6.802 million, 2013: $8.498 million (Voidable Years), 2014: $9 million, 2015: Free Agent

    Marty B: 7/24/2008: Signed a four-year, $2.570 million contract. The deal included an $865,000 signing bonus. 2009: $385,000 (- $22,647 for offseason conduct detrimental to team), 2010: $470,000, 2011: $555,000, 2012: Free Agent

  6. Derek

    So you just want to up and release Barber and eat how many million that he has left on his contract? Not a wise decision at all. He could have easily had over 1000 yards had we stuck to the run game in several games. What makes you think Jones can stay healthy for an entire season either?

    Agree 100% with Bennett, he’s a hoodlum and we should have traded him to Cinci for that second rounder while we had the chance. I see him getting dealed on draft day.

    As for Williams, I’d give him one more year. You’re comfortable with throwing Ogletree into an expanded role after one year as the 5th receiving option? I’m not. Williams did have 7 touchdowns this year. Let’s see what one more year of continuity between him and Romo does for his game before we just up and release and take a gargantuan hit on the cap.

    • Michelle G

      I agree with you Derek on all 3 of the guys….makes sense to me

    • Rob V.

      Enough with the chemistry thing. I hate that word. You are either in synch with your receivers and trust them or you don’t. I never heard the word chemistry when Favre went to Minnesota. He just started throwing to all his receivers and had a monster year. Same with Brady when he got Moss and Welker. He just started hitting them every game. How about McNabb with Jackson and Maclin. Brees could care less who he throws to because he throws to who ever is open. I’m not saying Olgetree is the answer. All I’m saying is this kid is a rookie and going all the way back to training camp Romo and Olgetree seemed to have a connection. It’s either there or it’s not.

  7. Guys I never suggested releasing any of the players. I proposed trading them and included what I felt might be appropriate compensation in terms of draft picks or players in return.

    • Joe D. You're Crazy!

      What are you smoking to inflate these guys value so much?

  8. sernzrevenge

    I agree that barber has worn out his welcome But you obviously didn’t put much thought into what exactly he is worth.The guy will probably get a 2nd/3rd round pick at best considering he is injury prone/27 years old/ Has too big of a contract and is awefully slow.That’s just ONE pick not TWO (Mark my words). Martellus Bennet is a sissy and deserves the boot simply because he doesn’t produce. He had more Holding penalties and dropped Balls then he did catches last season.However I don’t see him going anywhere because witten can’t play forever and bennet hasn’t even turned 23. Roy williams? Your off your rocker.The guy Holds himself accountable and doesn’t Blame his Quarterback for missed throws. The chemistry just isn’t there yet. You can’t throw him under the bus after 1 1/2 seasons. Look at romo. It took him a while to get a playoff win and WILLIAMS was a part of it.

    Otheres that should be on the way out as I see it




    All Three of them either Blew easy plays and were out of position or in sams case didn’t play at all.

    • Rob V.

      I don’t believe RW holds himself accountable. Watching all his interviews he says things with this smirk on his face and I can’t help but read between the lines of what he is saying. Look at the facial expressions and the way he looks at reporters or in some cases when he doesn’t look at the reporters. It’s all very fake to me and saractic. If JJ came out today and said they were releasing RW it would make me very happy just like when TO left.

  9. Derek

    I guess I’m just not understanding on what premise everyone just wants to release/trade key players on our roster. What have they done wrong?

    @sernzrevenge Witten can’t play forever? Is that implying that he’s old? That dude is like 27 years old and isn’t even in the prime of his career yet. If there’s any player on our roster that we can move via trade and get a great return on it, its Martellus Bennett. Trade him while you can.

    @Rob Has Roy Williams produced like we had hoped? Absolutely not. But I dont think releasing him and eating his $54 million dollar contract is a good idea. And you’re going to replace him with who exactly? If I’m a defense, I’m not scared of Kevin Ogletree. Sure the kid ran a few good wide receiver screens towards the end of the season, but that doesnt mean he can step in as the 2nd receiver.

    I know Joe D. was just writing a few opinions, but the notion that Marion Barber could be released or traded is extremely ridiculous. The man can play football. He’s had a few off years, so what. He’s sharing the load with two other backs. Every one of our running backs was nicked up at some point during the season, but that’s no reason to go trading them. As long as he’s under contract, he will be a Dallas Cowboy.

    As for the rest of the players mentioned in terms of getting moved (Carpenter, Scandrick, Hurd), come on guys…come up for some air already. They are all just fine. Relax.

  10. I don’t see any logic in any of this.

    1. You think Marion Barber would get a 1st and a 3rd? What! lol is all I have to say.

    2. Roy Williams isn’t going anywhere. Roy Williams has virtually no trade value given he comes with that price tag. Plus I don’t think we have given up on him. I haven’t.

    3. Martellus Bennett has probably the best potential once given the opportunity, whether on this team or not.

    • Joe D. You're Crazy!

      I agree w/your points.

  11. Rob V.

    I think some of you guys are taking this way too seriously. COme on people! Let’s not turn this into the forums on Do you think if the same Bengals that called JJ before the trade deadline called JJ again about Bennett that JJ wouldn’t work out a deal? Of course he would. Everyone knows JJ does many things. Some are good, some are bad. Same with Barber. I have a feeling that JJ is not a big Barber fan which goes back to last season when he questioned Barbers toughness. If JJ dangles Barber out there and someone calls him on it don’t you think JJ would see how serious they were? Don’t get me wrong. I love Barber, but this is business and we all know JJ covers all his options on every part of the business.
    As far as Williams. Do you think any defense is scared of him??? I think they are more scared of Crayton, who by the way was our #2 receiver. Willliams was maybe #3, unless you can’t TEs, then he was #4. And it also has nothing to do with defenses being scared of someone. It has to do with production. Yes, he scored seven TD’s, but so did Crayton. I know Williams will be coming back, but it’s a nice dream to see him out of a Cowboys uniform

  12. nate

    im sure jerry would be willing to listen to offers, but its absolutely unrealistic to think any team (oakland included) would offer a ham sandwich for marion barber and that ridiculous contract. bennett is still cheap for 2 more years, so that would be dumb to move him for anything a team would be willing to offer. (2nd round pick or less) as for roy, he’s not going anywhere. he either improves or he rides the pine. jerry made it very clear. i know most everyone here hates him, but like being a true cowboys fan, i root for my favorite players through the good and the bad. hopefully the bad for roy ends soon.

  13. Rob V.

    Understood, but I’ll never say anything is impossible when it comes to contracts and JJ. I love Barber, but I would love him more coming off the bench. Maybe Felix needs a shot as the starter. I know how much you love RW and I would love it to work out also. You started liking RW for a reason at one point. Thats how I feel about Olgetree. From the first time I saw him I thought there was something special there.

  14. Joe D. You're Crazy!

    Joe D. I’ve been trying to find a way via this site to email you directly on this post – but this is the only way I found the ability to communicate with you.

    While I agree with your coverage on the topic and the points – your “draft wishes” are highly over exaggerated. What are you smoking?

    1. No team would even give a 4th rounder for Barber at this point with his inflated salary – much less a 1st and a 3rd. Only choice you have is to cut him and take the cap hit, so why not keep him and play him in a short yardage diminished role?
    2. Witten’s getting slower ever season and while Phillips turned into a reliable pass catching TE, Marty B might deserve one more season to see what he’s got in his tank. You need 3 TE’s anyway.
    3. We will not get anything for Roy Uno Uno. Detroit was the smart team to get rid of him while his value was high. After two lackluster seasons in a row – his value has plummeted and there’s NO way we’d get anything for him w/his high salary. Cut him and lick your wallet wounds.

    I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t mention Spears? Think the Cows will sign him again? With your logic – you probably think they should sign him to a big FA deal and then turnaround and trade him for two 1st rounders and 3rd…

    The NFL is all about the draft and free agency now. Trades rarely happen because everything a team has to give up to get anything.

    I am not saying do it, but if you really want to talk trade bait….add Ratliff to the conversation.

    • Rob V.

      Amazing how people are still commenting on Joe’s post. And why do comments like “What are you Smoking?” need to be written. Agreed that Barber should be more of a goal line player and Choice should get more carries. Witten has never been the fastest player, but he still makes the offense go. Bennett needs to go while he is young and he does have an upside.

      No need to be sarcastic about Spears and if anyone is crazy it’s you for even mentioning Ratliff in a trade.

  15. Joe D. You're Crazy!

    Rob V. – the reason “it’s” mentioned is that Joe D must be smoking something to make those idiotic predictions.

    The point in the addition of Ratliff to the conversation was NOT to make a trade – but simply stating that he is likely the only “realistic” trade-bait we have based on perceived value and low salary that other teams would find inviting.

    Again I am not saying “do it” – but the reason players like Barber, R.Williams, Romo and Ware are left out of educated trade talks is BECAUSE of their high salaries. That’s all.

    • For a person who perceives himself to be so astute, you would think that you’d stop pontificating if only for a brief moment, and actually read what I wrote regarding Roy Williams:

      “My inclusion of Williams on this list is probably more a case of wishful as opposed to a real chance Williams could or would get traded.”

      The last thing I need is an incognito reader trying to educate me on facts I already know and understand.

      Additionally, If you feel Marion Barber has no trade value that’s your opinion, not mine. The Cowboys paid much more in picks for a far less talented and established player in RW. And many a winning team with salary cap room have made a blockbuster trade for a key piece to their puzzle in order to fulfill their playoff aspirations. So, lets not act like it’s never happened before or as if it’s some mind-boggling assertion.

      If you want to disagree with me that’s fine and I encourage a lively debate, but lets not reduce this to a middle school style rift during recess at the schoolyard.

      We’re all on the same side.

      • Joe D. You're Crazy!

        Without any further schoolyard rift from either party…

        The bottom line is that your “wish list” of “trade-for-picks” is ridiculously high and unrealistic. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  16. Derek

    A player only has trade value if his team is interested in trading him. I’m sure Peyton Manning or Drew Brees both have great trade value, but their teams are not looking to trade them so it doesnt matter. The Cowboys aren’t going to trade Marion Barber or Jay Ratliff so neither of them have any trade value at this point.

  17. Rob V.

    Derek, you contradicted yourself there. You said a player only has trade value if their tam is interested in trading them, but then you said Manning and Brees have great trade value even though their teams are not looking to trade them. How can you or anyone say that a team WON’T trade a player whether it’s the Cowboys or any other team? No one knows. Sure there are some fans out there who truly believe they know how to be a GM and run a team, but the truth is they don’t. If someone calls JJ and makes him an offer that has never crossed his mind before and the offer makes him raise his eyebrows in thought, he is going to sit and do just that…give it some thought. Many of us are huge fans of players whether it’s Barber, Ratliff, Austin or whoever. We love them as players, but the truth is behind those ownership doors this is a business and anything is possible.

  18. Derek

    @Rob, that’s not what I wrote, read it again more closely and don’t take it out of context next time you quote it. I was making a point that sure any superstar would have great trade value but most of the time teams aren’t just freely trading their superstars just to trade them. Would you sell an expensive sports car that you loved and used often just because you could get a great return on it?

  19. Derek

    Would you sell your house just because it got appraised for a higher value than you paid for it?

  20. Rob V.

    damn straight I would sell. Remember this is a business. There is no such thing as loyalty anymore. If I can sell and make a profit and then get something better you better believe I would sell. I don’t believe I took it out of context. I read as it is. Sure there may be two or three untouchable players in all sports, but for the most part anything is possible.

  21. Derek

    Well that may be your prerogative or more likely you are just saying that to further prove your point. Either way I guarantee that’s not how 95% of everybody else feels, nor do I think that’s how the Cowboys front office feels. Remember we are in an uncapped year with uncertainty looming about next year’s season, so it makes little or no sense for teams to trade for players with huge contracts.