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I thought that this blog would be a little different than the last one I have written. I feel I have let my fellow writers down since I started writing for Lone Stay Struck. I never did “officially” introduce myself.

Well, I feel that there is no better time than now to tell you a little about me and my desire, passion and love for the Dallas Cowboys. Here is just a small example of what I go through each and every week as I prepare for the next game.

MONDAY: As I slowly make my way out of bed and into the shower I reflect on the game and a smile comes to my face I think to myself, WOW, The Cowboys just beat the Eagles for the third time this season, second time in a row. After a long day a work and a lot of trash talking back and forth, I finally collect my debts owed to me from the “haters” that bet against the Cowboys. I get home from work and immediately turn on sports center to catch up on the sports news of the day, and of course watch more highlights of the game. Monday is also poker night, and more trash talking and reflecting on a great game.

TUESDSAY: Out of bed and into the shower and on my way to work. Now the talk shifts to the following week’s game. I hear, Cowboys can not beat the Vikings, Favre is too good, and the Eagles don’t have Adrian Peterson. No the Eagles do not have Peterson, but the Boys still have Ware and Spencer, a comeback that causes silence.

WEDNESDAY: Had to work overnight and get home just in time to get the kids up for school and my son asks me, “Dad, do the Cowboys play today?” I feel proud as I now know I am raising my son the right way. Starting to get hyped up and excited, only a few more days until the big game. I make sure my jersey, beanie and jacket are clean and ready to be worn. Once again, poker night, and more trash talking and reflecting on a great game.

THURSDAY: Again had to work overnight, wife get kids off to school and I get to rest. Cowboy’s slippers, pajamas, cup and Sports Center to start my day. I make my arrangements on where I am going to be watching the game. Unfortunately, this time I know I have to work on Sunday so I am going to record the game and come home from work and watch it.

FRIDAY: I jump out of bed grab the phone and start calling my dad, brother and friends to talk about the game. I double check to make sure I have what I need on Sunday and make more phone calls. Hyped up and ready to go, cant’ wait for Sunday, GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!

This is just a small version of what I go through week in and week out throughout the football season. As you can imagine it can be hectic and fun all in one. Hopefully I did not bore you too much while telling you a little about me and how I make it week to week while our Cowboys make their run to the Super Bowl.

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  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Can I do Sunday for you? Okay here goes…

    Sunday: I wake up, but can’t eat breakfast because I got knots in my stomach ahead of the big game. I try to distract myself by watching my Cowboys Super Bowl DVD set. I got the chills, so I grab my Tony Romo jersey and throw it on.

    Damn, still one hour before the game… and now my stomach is really grumbling.

    I open the fridge, grab a sandwich and a cold beer. I fill up my Texas Stadium beer mug and fill it up with an ice cold Corona. Ahhh… I feel much better.

    Oh crap, the game’s startin’.

    Three hours later…


  2. dennis
    dennis says:

    Hey all u loosers ….eagles went back to their nest and the cowgirls went back to their holes…..nice game today….the vikings kicked ur ass

      • JohnO
        JohnO says:

        I agree no name calling, the better team all year won and if you check espn.com for the who are you rooting for to win the superbowl the purple is americas team now. The cowboys have a rich history to be proud of. but brookings needs to quit his whining, their was no running up the score. GO VIKINGS, and we also will be back next year.

        • Rob V.
          Rob V. says:

          I’m guessing the Vikings have no site where their fans can talk to each other? Cowboys will always be America’s Team. You can’t just take a name away. Yes, the better team won yesterday. Congrats! But the last time I checked the Vikings were 0-4 in the Super Bowl and the last time they were there was 1976. Be back where? You haven’t been anywhere yet.

          • JohnO
            JohnO says:

            Like I said you have a history to be proud of, and the best place to hear what cowboy fans are saying is to go to their sites not ours.(hello). lets be realistic the vikes are better situated to get to this place next year than duh boyz are. and Romo is overrated, at this point in his career, I am not saying he is junk, just overrated.

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