Dallas Loses 34-3, But Did Not Choke

Well, you can’t win them all. As a person and fan, I’ve have to learn to accept that. Sometimes you don’t win the big games.

This game the Cowboys lost while it is tragic they did, you can’t win them all. There are some days where it would have been close, where Dallas would’ve won, where Minnesota would’ve won, where one is a blowout like today or a close one.

It comes down to who played the better game that day and that was Minnesota. This loss was painful, but Dallas wasn’t horrible, Minnesota was just good.

If I may, I’d like to drift off for a second. Before I realized that sportswriting was my calling, I wanted to be a lawyer like in Law & Order. Well, one of the most famous legal quotes is by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart when it came to the definition of obscenity.

“I cannot define it, but I know it when I see it.”

Well, its the same thing with Dallas. The final score of 34-3 is one that many people who didn’t watch the game would say, “Aw, they got killed! They suck! They are such pathetic chokers!”

Well, they don’t know anything. They are immature haters usually. The reality is that Dallas played a hard game, but Minnesota was just better. There wasn’t a choking moment, the Vikings just controlled the game. There was a lot of bad luck for the Cowboys.

I cannot define the difference between choking and being outplayed, but I know it when I see it, and Dallas did not choke. I can’t upload film to my computer and send ESP to you to point out where this went wrong or how this was just Minnesota playing great ball, but I can hope that you trust my instincts and believe that Dallas is still a great team.

Believe it or not, there is a lot of luck in this game, and Dallas just had some bad luck today.

What Dallas needs to do is to reevaluate themselves. Look at what needs to change on offense or on defense. They need to constantly train throughout the offseason. Preparation is half the game. Some of the best teams have had only good athletes, but they were disciplined and ready for the postseason.

Dallas was ready. I have no doubt they were ready, but they were probably inexperienced. This team now has more experience, and they will make an effort next year to go even further into playoffs. To may get that chance at a Super Bowl. To possibly get that sixth Super Bowl ring.

This was just not Dallas’ time. I truly believe that Minnesota was a team that no one could have beaten today. This team had everything going its way, and you can’t always prevent that.

Despite this loss, I am still a Cowboys fan. I love this team. I love these guys, and I’m proud of them. They seem like a team that is seriously a contender for a Super Bowl for years to come maybe.

I remember in the 1970s, one of the finest teams that was playing was the Oakland Raider coached by Hall of Fame coach and legendary announcer John Madden, was a team that was eliminated often in the postseason.

From 1969 to 1978, John Madden won 103 regular season games with the Raiders and won nine playoff games.

Before 1976 however, Madden was known as the coach who couldn’t win the big one, and his team was known as one who couldn’t finish it all in playoffs.

To paraphrase him from the 1976 America’s Game, “People say that Madden can’t win the big one. Well, before the game, tell me when there’s a little one?”

They had won big games, they had won playoff games, they hadn’t won a championship, but Madden was never discouraged because if you constantly work at it and keep trying, then you will win a Super Bowl. John Madden was very calm and very confident in his guys for the upcoming season.

He finally assembled a team that went 13-1 and won the Super Bowl 32-14. It did happen for him because he realized that sometimes great teams take a while to get it all done.

Dallas has won big games, they’ve won a playoff game, they won in December and January, so they haven’t won a Super Bowl yet, but they are on the right track for that and I believe that it will happen one day for these guys.

Even if they don’t do it next year, I’ll still be watching these guys, and I’ll still believe in them.

So, if any Cowboy reads this, know I got your back too guys.

James Williamson is also an accomplished writer for http://www.nfltouchdown.com/ and http://bleacherreport.com/

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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    So you come to LSS to hate? Go home!

    James great article. I rather enjoyed reading it, but what I really enjoyed most is that Celia B there just *had* to come on here to hate. What, she signs up for OUR daily updates? Nice.

  2. Celia B.
    Celia B. says:

    No, I don’t need your stupid updates. Just because you spend the better part of your day trying to make a dollar out of 99 cents doesn’t mean that the rest of us do. But thanks for proving my point, again, about you dallas cowboy fans who think you’re the be all end all of everything. You’re the only ones who like your team of sorry pantywaists, criminals and losers, no one else does. I hope the Redskins beat you 48-3 and 52-6 next year. Best wishes to correct the mistake you made that one year and go 0-16 next year.

    • Rob V.
      Rob V. says:

      Maybe you spend all your time on a Dallas site because you are a closet Dallas fan. It’s ok, admitting it is the first step. Either that or your Mommy only gives a certain amount of time on the computer and you want to go to as many sites as possible before nap time

  3. Kathy Donnelly
    Kathy Donnelly says:

    Wow whether we got our butts kicked or lost by 3 points, we lost! The fact of the matter is we are here on this site because we are Dallas fans and we are all dealing with our loss our way! I enjoyed reading your article this morning, thanks!! I enjoy reading our fans opinions whether it be negitive or positive we all come here to praise or vent about how our Cowboys played the game! Then comes along Celia B ……… You were a bully growing up or you got bullied, either way you have no friends or else you would be on your own teams site praising or complaining about your team! Love us or Hate us, either way you are thinking of us! Have a great day!

  4. Celia B.
    Celia B. says:

    If I spent ALL my time here, I would have more posts. Really. Why do you think my favorite dallas cowboy joke is the one about the retards? Closet dallas cowboy fan? hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa. I’m a fan of ANY team that’s PLAYING dallas.

    You dallas cowpie fans are so full of yourselves.

  5. Michelle G
    Michelle G says:

    Wow, that Celia idiot must have no life since all she seems to do is come on here and talk sh*t while hiding behind a computer screen!

  6. Celia B.
    Celia B. says:

    Yup, you cowpie lovers can spend all day here and post all this stuff and you supposedly have lives and all that, but let a hater do her thing and suddenly…………Well, thanks again for proving my point, you dallas cowboys fans are so full of yourselves.

    You think you’re something special ‘cuz you love a bunch of over rated nose pickers. The only team more over rated is Denver.

    ‘Ain’t me what needs a life, chumps.

  7. Kathy Donnelly
    Kathy Donnelly says:

    Celia B w/ an itch!! I do believe you are Mimi from the Drew Carey show! Let me guess, you are a Bears fan, am I close?? You have issues! Go home & lock your doors!

  8. GiddieUp
    GiddieUp says:

    its kinda funny that all these haters come on here talkin trash but in retrospect that their team is a worse team. notice they dont say anything about their team and talk trash about the cowboys. they keep saying we need a life and get a job but funny thing is that they are on here A DALLAS website talking trash…..in my eyes that is pretty pathetic and childish. now with a 17 year old telling you this you really step your game up on the trash talkin cause its gettin you no where.

  9. kempswifey27
    kempswifey27 says:

    Celia must not have any friends and people were mean to her while she was growing up, so now she hides behind the computer and tries to insult us Cowboy fans and our team! But like all the other haters she just fuels our fire! She may not need a life of chumps because she already is one!!!!!! She is probably a Deadskin fan! The best thing for all of us fans to do is ignore her stupid comments, because obviously she gets off out of all us getting pissed at her comments, since there is no one out there that would want to get her off. LOOSER!


    James, that was a great summation of what happened to us at the hands of Farve led Vikings. It truly was NOT our day last Sunday.

    Here is my question; Do YOU believe the Dallas Cowboys [BEST] chance to win a Superbowl rest with Wade Phillips? Sure we have quite a bit to build on next season, still I question NOT getting a higher caliber head coach. What do you believe?

    • James Williamson
      James Williamson says:

      MEGA, I’m not sure. I think with the system we have that it is best that Wade stays here. But, another coach like Cowher or Dungy or Mike Martz could be good coaches here.

      The thing is that just because you change coaches doesn’t mean you get results. Coaches have different playbooks, different philosophies, and the guys are used to Wade now. Jerry admitted in interviews that he felt that he fired previous coaches too quickly. I think there is a severe chance for a 6th Lombardi Trophy in our future with Wade. Wade can do it with us.

  11. Celia B.
    Celia B. says:

    No, it’s you dallas cowboy fans who are losers, you got OWNED by Favre and the VIKINGS, not just beat, but OWNED, spelled O-W-N-E-D. 34-3 carries a message: dallas cowboys DID NOT BELONG IN THE PLAYOFFS. The Pantywaist Deadskins could have done better against Minnesota. Da’ Bearssss woulda’ done better.

    Nope, NOT America’s team, NEVER was, NEVER will be.

    Oh, and the stadium called and wants the coach of the St. Rita’s High School for Girls Flag Football Team to bring the bus around and pick up her team: they’re beating the cowboys 27-10 with 3:32 left in the fourth.

    • James Williamson
      James Williamson says:

      Ms. B, I never thought any decent woman would use the language that you have. If you don’t like my work, don’t comment or read it.

      Go outside, go to a bar, and just find a guy if you’re bored. Don’t spam my work.

  12. Celia B.
    Celia B. says:

    No, I ain’t no Mimi, I’m a bit of a dark brown lady born in El Salvador, raised in the USA, 38, 5’11” with a rack Lana Turner would envy and I’m a lawyer who does immigration work. I’m married to a white guy, a 24 YO steam fitter with a college degree, who won’t even think about looking at another woman. To avoid the ‘too much information’ department, I won’t give a direct answer to those who posted about what I am or am not ‘getting’–and the author has something to say about ‘language’ and some of you had something to say about ‘class’.

    He used to be a sometime Bears fan, sometime Redskins Fan (someone mentioned that), but he’s become a 49ers fan lately since he likes Mike Singletary and doesn’t like Snyder. He’s more a fan of Italian soccer, since his parents are from Corsica (CORSICA, not Corsicana, and yes, I know it belongs to France, but he’s Italian) but he was born here. He was a child in Montreal which is why he gave me the Scotty Bowman reply to the most recent article. Yes, he’s too young to remember when Bowman was the coach there, but they still talk about Bowman in Montreal the way you talk about Landry in Dallas (and FYI, even I, a lifelong dallas cowboy hater, think they treated Landry shamefully).

    So there, all of you were wrong about me. I suppose all of you, like everyone else on the internet, have high six figure incomes (in this crummy economy), drive a Mercedes-Benz or a 700 series BMW and have a wife/husband/BF/GF who is:

    (check all that apply)

    a) a supermodel
    b) an actor/actress
    c) a rock/rap/musica latina/country star
    d) a major sports team star
    c) part of Senior Management or BOD of a Fortune 500 company.
    d) a high profile lawyer/doctor/surgeon/accountant/economic forecaster
    e) a major developer.

    Well, I’m outta’ here, trollya’ later. Really, this has been like spearing fish in a barrel, you dallas cowboy fans are easy fish. It’s like trolling a gay website, WAIT A MINUTE !! D’oh!!!! *HITS FOREHEAD*, this is a dallas cowboy fan website, this IS a gay website. Oh well, buh-BYE trollya’ later!!!

    • James Williamson
      James Williamson says:

      I don’t care if you are Helen of Troy. Beauty is only skin deep, and with great beauty, I expect the manners of a lady, and you aren’t a lady by any sense of the word.

  13. Cowboys Rock
    Cowboys Rock says:

    Celia…..wake up! Your dreaming again! You know your husband is Larry the Cable guy! Please a Lawyer! Go back to your war torn country, what would you know about Americas Team… you have a husband who is can’t make up his mind about what team he likes, and he likes soccer! But now I get why you are so bitter and rude you are a MierdaSeca..Gross!

  14. Raina
    Raina says:

    Celia, Kelly designed this site for Cowboy Fans not Haters, so get the hell off. What makes Cowboys fans special is we are like one big family. We have each others back win or lose. We stick together against all Haters!

    James great article! Dead on!


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