Cowboys Flying High, Eagles Crawl Back To Their Nest

This has been the greatest moment of the new generation Cowboy fans. After constant losing seasons, coaching changes, quarterback changes, and the ten year sentence of watching the Philadelphia Eagles go to playoffs, a place that Dallas had, historically, called its common-law housewife. The Dallas Cowboys have won a playoff game and have defeated the Eagles for a spot in the divisional round against Minnesota next week.

The Dallas Cowboys, for the first time, have defeated a division rival three times in a year. It had never happened before, but the Dallas Cowboys ignored the history and wrote their own January 9, 2010 in Cowboys Stadium.

As a Dallas fan who can’t even legally drink alcohol yet, I have to say this is the greatest moment in my life as a Cowboys fan.

The Dallas Cowboys dominated the Eagles from start to finish. Cowboys scored first with a one yard touchdown throw from Romo to rookie tight end, John Phillips, after Sheldon Brown committed a defensive pass interference of Miles Austin in the endzone.

It looked like Dallas was in trouble when Philadelphia threw a touchdown pass by subbing Donovan McNabb with Michael Vick who threw a touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin that spanned 76 yards, but the Cowboys scored 20 unanswered points to complete the half.

The Cowboys refused to take the foot off, and Felix Jones stabbed the Eagles in the heart with a 73 yard touchdown run that was pure speed. Not even a 4 yard touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb to DeSean “The Mouth” Jackson could deter the Cowboys from what they felt was there God-given right and answered with a drive that took seven minutes off the fourth quarter clock to twist the knife in Philadelphia’s chest.

After a DeMarcus Ware came around the tackle and knocked the football out of Eagles quarterback, Donovan McNabb’s, hand; the Eagle died from blood loss.

The Cowboys have now won a playoff game and have taken the monkey off their back for now, and they are going to Minnesota.

Tony Romo was 23/35 for 244 yards and two touchdowns with the Cowboys running attack led by Felix Jones, who had 16 carries for 148 yards and a touchdown. Miles Austin was the leading receiver with 7 catches for 89 yards and a touchdown.

The Cowboys defense forced 3 turnovers (two fumbles and one interception) and Michael Vick fumbled the exchange between himself and Leonard Weaver and Bobby Carpenter recovered it.

The Cowboys defense shut down the Eagles, allowing only two touchdowns, and gave the offense of the Cowboys plenty of time to score.

The Cowboys can now take pride in this big victory and enjoy the sweet taste of revenge…

Only two more wins separate us from the Super Bowl!

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  1. Derek S
    Derek S says:

    Good stuff bud, this ranks highly on my list of greatest Cowboys moments in my life, although Emmitt’s all-time run might be #1


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