Q & A With Babe Laufenberg

This morning I had the pleasure of participating in Dallas Morning News Live Chat with hosts Babe Laufenberg and Barry Horn.

I was fortunate enough to get three of my dozen or so questions answered. Here goes…

Joe D: Will the Cowboys go into tomorrows game with basically the same game plan as last week? Or considering the Eagles have made adjustments, will they toss them a few curves?

Babe Laufenberg: You have to be prepared for the Eagles’ adjustments. But the worst thing you can do is anticipate how they will adjust. So you go in with effectively what worked in the last game but ready to adjust on the fly. If I’m Jason Garrett, I would anticipate Philly run blitzing on early downs. I don’t think Philly can sit in their base 4-3 and stop the Cowboys running game. Cowboys ran for 179 yards last week and they will do it again if Philly plays the same D.

Joe D: Any updates on Marion Barber and DeMarcus Ware injuries?

Babe Laufenberg: DeMarcus told me he is playing. Barber hasn’t said anything to anyone since 2004.

Joe D: Will we be seeing Kevin Ogletree get a larger share of playing time at the expense of Roy Williams for the rest of the playoffs?  

Babe Laufenberg: I’d be surprised and disappointed if Ogletree’s playing time didn’t increase.

I was glad to see that Babe is as enthusiastic about more playing time for Ogletree as I am.

Sadly, the one question I really wanted answered never made it.

Who has the better defense, the Cowboys or the Jets?

I’m sick and tired of hearing how the Jets have the best defense in the NFL. The Cowboys handed the Saints their first loss, held the Chargers to a season low 20 points, and pitched consecutive shutouts against the Redskins and the Eagles, who were being heralded as the hottest team in the NFL going into last weekends matchup. 

The Jets won consecutive games against opponents that didn’t even play their starters for more than half the game.  In my opinion, it’s a joke for them to even compare their defense to the Cowboys, let alone proclaiming they are the NFL’s best.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Time will tell about the Jets, I believe we (the Cowboys) have the greatest chance and I will continue to believe that until I’m proven otherwise.

    I’m hopeful that Ogletree will see more time, he has definitely earned that. Rookie, Veteran doesnt matter at this point, you have to go with who is most likely to produce. It would be interesting to see him open up as another weapon and scare the hell out of defenses all the way to the SB!

    Marion Barber hasn’t said anything since 2004 – classic lol.


  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    This is great Joe. Congrats on getting in some of your questions. Love the Ogletree question. Can not wait to see Romo hitting him in stride for a touchdown tomorrow night. Remember they just missed last weekend.

    I agree about sticking to what you have been doing. You can’t change things just because you think the other team will do something different. Your playing well so go out there and put another beating on them.

    Jets? Yes, they have a good defense, but you talk about jumping on and off the bandwagon. Not so much the fans, but more so the media. Let’s not forget who their head coach is and who his father is. Their own coach counted them out two a few weeks back.

  3. C-Moore
    C-Moore says:

    Jets defense was #1 in the league last time I looked. I still think the Bengals beat them though.

    I think K.O. should be getting more reps during game time, He’s an awesome receiver and Tony obviously trusts him. We’ve been saying he needs to play since training camp, bout time they listen….

    I literally lol’d at the Barber comment, ha.

    We gotta chance to make noise…. GO COWBOYS


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