The Cowboys are in the Playoffs? You can not be Serious!

For the last few weeks I’ve heard that not only are the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs this year, but that they are also NFC East Champs. I find this very hard to believe considering all of the faith I put into all the preseason magazines I read and all the preseason shows I watched. These experts made it very clear that the 2009 Dallas Cowboys were a third place team at best. So you can understand my confusion when I heard that they made the playoffs. How can I not believe all these experts on television, some of which even played pro football. This has to be a mistake that the Cowboys are in the playoffs. I’ve already made plans for every weekend after the season was over. Maybe it’s really the NY Giants they are talking about? It has to be a mistake!! The Cowboys have way too many issues. I went back and found what was said about the Cowboys. Flashback to July, August, September….

1. Wade Phillips can’t be tough and motivate players as a head coach and now he’s also the defensive coordinator?

2. Jerry Jones released Terrell Owens.

3. There are still no team leaders.

4. No number one receiver on the team.

5. Tony Romo falls apart every December and January.

6. Mike Jenkins is the weak link in an already average secondary.

See what I mean? How can the Cowboys be in the playoffs with all these problems? This team was looking at a 5-11 record at best. It’s the Giants and Eagles that will battle for the Eastern Division and then Super Bowl XLIV. That’s what I was told. That’s what I believed.

I’m sure those of you who have read my posts before know that I’m kidding, not to mention a little sarcastic. Ok, a lot sarcastic!! Sure I’ve voiced my opinion about this team over the course of the season. At times not liking Jason Garrett’s play calling, not liking the times the defense did not respond at important times, not liking that Roy Williams was/is still a starter, trying to support Nick Folk as long as I could. But I refused to give up and either did this team. The result? An 11-5 record and the NFC East Championship. I’m very proud of this team and how they have come together.

All those concerns listed above about the Cowboys before the season and even during the season were all real. We all have read the articles and watched the so-called experts bash this team every week. Let’s list the concerns again, but this time we will answer them.

1. Wade Phillips can’t be tough and motivate players as a head coach and now he’s also the defensive coordinator? Not only has he motivated these players he has also coached the defense to the 9th ranked unit in the NFL.

2. Jerry Jones released Terrell Owens.  Who doesn’t agree that the Cowboys have been better off without TO? Sure he had good numbers, but he was selfish and made players around him miserable. Most importantly, Tony Romo.

3. There are still no team leaders. Leaders? Let me list them…Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff and probably the biggest leader this season? Keith Brooking.

4. No number one receiver on the team. I don’t believe in a number one receiver. I believe in spreading the ball around and hit whomever is open. But if you want a number one receiver then look no further than Miles Austin. In 2009 Austin became the starter in week 5 and had a career season. 81 receptions, 1,320 yards and 11 TDs.

5. Tony Romo falls apart every December and January. The Cowboys did lose their first two games of December in 2009, but it had nothing to do with Romo. It was Romo who played what could be considered his best football in the last five games of the season. In those five games Romo threw for 1,550 yards, 9 TDs and only 2 INTs. Not to mention that the Cowboys offense finished ranked number two in the NFL.

6. Mike Jenkins is the weak link in an already average secondary. Weak Link? Jenkins was the MVP of the secondary, in my opinion anyway. He finished the 2009 regular season with 49 tackles, 19 defended passes and led the team with five interceptions.

I just wanted to have a little fun with this post. These Cowboys are on a mission. These are the NFL playoffs. Twelve teams have a chance to claim the top prize. It’s win and go on or lose and go home. Keep doing what you are doing Cowboys. This is your time.

And like I said in my last Flashback post…”I didn’t hear no bell”

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  1. larry
    larry says:

    life is good 🙂

    without the media and non believers, you wouldn’t have any fun.

    I do hope Roy is able to perform like he did at UT, I miss seeing him catch and run!

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    good article maybe the lack of pressure from the press helped this team to not think about the Dec. jinx. I liked it that everyone was interested in the team, all the while we where seeing Miles Austin, Hurd and Jenkins coming on strong. Maybe they should watch Cowboys shows such as inside the huddle, ect. lol


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