Overtime: It’s Time for a Change

Is it me or do people put way to much thought into the overtime rules in the NFL? We have heard the arguments for years. Should things stay the way they are? Should teams get at least one possession in overtime? Should a team win by at least a touchdown? Should overtime be taken away all together?

The latest proposal from the competition committee is below as reported by ESPN.com…

Under the new format, both teams would get the ball at least once unless the first team to get the ball scores a touchdown, Greg Aiello said. If the first team to get the ball makes a field goal and the other team ties the game, action would continue until a team scores again.

I’m just not sure things have to be so complicated. This whole overtime thing has been over-thought for years now making it harder than it has to be.  I agree that both teams should have a chance to win the game. I never liked the rule that the first team to score wins the game.  I know the percentages show that the team getting the ball first does not win the game. The last two examples were from this past seasons playoffs. Arizona beat Green Bay when Aaron Rogers fumbled on the first possession of overtime. Then New Orleans beat Minnesota when they won the coin toss and drove down for the winning field goal. Minnesota never had a chance to get the ball. I also do not believe that the overtime rules should be different in the playoffs then in the regular season. The rules should be the same for both. Let’s forget about all these wild ideas to change the overtime rule and make it simple.

Here is my idea. For overtime all you need to do is play half a quarter. Put 7:50 on the clock and let the teams play. Both teams will get two time-outs and all reviews would come from the booth.  This seems like a simple solution to a problem that has been around for years. Let the two teams battle it out for half a quarter right down to 00:00.  It seems like a fair solution for all teams.

I know the networks don’t like the idea of games going so long, but it makes sense to make overtime fair for all teams. Sure there will be arguments on this idea just like any other overtime ideas. The overtime rules have been the way they are for way too long now. It’s time for a change.

Small School Sleepers Could Be On Cowboys Draft Radar

As the NFL Draft quickly approaches and festivities at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis get underway, big names like Ndamukong Suh, Tim Tebow, and Sam Bradford will take the spotlight and dominate the headlines. But as we have seen in past drafts, it is sometimes the not-so-famous prospects from smaller schools that go on to make the biggest splash in the NFL (see Marques Colston, Tim Hightower, Joe Flacco, Brandon Marshall). Like in every draft, there are sure to be a few small school gems in this draft as well. Here are a few names to keep an eye and ear out for as the draft nears.

Vladimir Ducasse – Offensive Lineman, UMass

Vladimir Ducasse was not a name that appeared high on many teams’ lists until his performance at the Senior Bowl. Ducasse certainly has the size that you like in an NFL lineman, measuring 6 foot 4 and 332 pounds at the combine. He also has the intangibles that you look for as well, with great agility and footwork. He played offensive tackle at UMass, but would likely slide inside to guard in the pros. He may be a bit raw right now since his first exposure to football was in 2002, but he possesses tremendous upside. This year’s draft is the deepest in easily a decade for offensive linemen and Ducasse could go as early as the late first round for a team looking to fill voids along the offensive line. If he slides into the late second round however, look for the Cowboys to seriously consider him to add much needed depth to their interior line.

Brandon Lang – Defensive End, Troy

Another small school product that has flown under the radar, Brandon Lang had a fairly productive career rushing the quarterback at Troy, registering 19 sacks in his last two seasons. At 6 foot 4, 256 pounds, Lang is a “tweener” who will likely make the transition to outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme. The NFL Combine will go a long way in determining where Lang goes in the draft. His 40-yard dash time as well as his 3-cone drill time will help determine if he is athletic enough to switch to outside linebacker. If he is still on the board when Dallas picks in rounds 3 to 4, they will strongly consider him. Given the recent success of pass rushers coming out of Troy (Demarcus Ware, Osi Umenyiora), he could be well worth the risk. As a man named Bill Parcells used to say, “You can never have too many linebackers.”

Jared Veldheer – Offensive Tackle, Hillsdale

Jared Veldheer is another name that has climbed up the draft boards in recent months with his performance in the Texas vs the Nation Invite in 2009.  Hailing from tiny, ultra-conservative Hillsdale College, up in my neck of the woods, there is no doubt that Veldheer possesses the fantastic size that teams look for in a left tackle, at 6 foot 8, 312 pounds. He also possesses rare athleticism for his size and has exceptional footwork. Like Brandon Lang, the combine will help determine where he will go in the draft. Pending the results, he could go as early as the second round. Given the aging of Flozell Adams and Marc Colombo, Dallas will certainly be interested in his services.

Cowboys To Play in Hall of Fame Game

The Cowboys will play in the NFL Hall of Fame game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday August 8th this summer. The game will air on NBC at 7 p.m. Central time.

It will be great to have the Cowboys play in Canton following Emmitt Smith’s enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.

This will mark the Cowboys fourth time in franchise history to play in the NFL’s Hall of Fame game, the last was in 1999.

The special exhibition game also means the Cowboys will have five preseason games instead of the usual four.

It’s nice to know the team that Emmitt loved so much will be there supporting him during this memorable time in his life.

Props to the NFL for recognizing Emmitt and the Cowboys (for a change).

Fast Starts and False Starts

One of the things the Cowboys need to do is get some momentum going again. There’s all kinds of momentum and it doesn’t just happen on the field of play. I’d like to see the Cowboys get out there and start making some noise by signing some of their key players and getting that rumor mill churning as they look toward the draft and potential free agents and trades. When the new season begins, I’m looking for the ‘Boys to bust out of camp oozing with confidence and getting off to a fast start.

From fast starts to false starts…

The Dallas Morning News had an interesting take on one of the Cowboy’s big problems last season; the offensive line.

They believe That Marc Colombo is getting a free pass while Flozell Adams catches all the heat regarding the excessive amount of false starts.

Adams has 24 false-start penalties in 48 games during the last three regular seasons. Marc Colombo, who mans the right side, has had the same problem at nearly the same rate. He has 20 false-start penalties in 41 games during the last three regular seasons.

Add one mistake by Doug Free last season, and the Cowboys have 45 false-start penalties by their tackles in the last three regular seasons. Only one team has had more false starts by its tackles in that span: dreadful Oakland, with 47.

Penalties have haunted this team for a few seasons now. Each time training camp opens, we’ll hear how they plan to focus on reducing the penalties, but the fact is nothing really changes. Hopefully this year will be different.

One of the problems is that our O-Line is getting older, and to compensate for the reduced burst in their first step they move too early. Flozell will be 35, Colombo is 31, Gurode is 32, Davis is 32, Kosier 31. That may very well be one of the oldest lines in the NFL.

I wonder if this becomes one of our primary objectives in the NFL Draft?

Franchise or Not, Miles Will Stay In Dallas

According to a recent post at Star-Telegram.com the Cowboys will not franchise Miles Austin nor will they sign him to a long term deal. What?

“We don’t need to use the franchise tag,” said Stephen Jones. “How many times have you seen another team give up a one and a three?”

“It’s very difficult for us to make an offer when we don’t know what the system is going to be. I’m not saying that it won’t happen, but it may be difficult,” Stephen Jones said. “We want to win next year, but we want to win in the future.”

Jerry Jones was quoted on ESPN radio saying the Cowboys will do whatever it takes to retain Austin.

“We’re just not going to have Miles Austin any place but with the Dallas Cowboys,” Jerry Jones said on ESPN/103.3 FM radio.

I’m sure that the recent comments from Stephen Jones will send some into a tizzy and spur on an onslaught of posts raising the panic alert, but all Jones did was explain the course of action regarding Miles Austin and the current climate surrounding the yet to be determined collective bargaining agreement.

Obviously the owners want to reduce the rate of salary growth while the players union want the opposite. It may take some time before they come to an agreement that suits both of them.

With the financial picture so cloudy and hard to predict, it makes it difficult for all NFL teams to negotiate long term deals with their current players.

Would you go out and buy a new house after finding out that your company was laying off 300 workers next month?

How can the Cowboys negotiate a big deal with Austin when there’s even a slight chance that there still might be a cap, and if the owners get their way, a smaller cap…

Another huge contract on top of those already given to Roy Williams, Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware and Marion Barber could suffocate the Cowboys and prevent them from making any other additional moves.

Hopefully, a new collective bargaining agreement will be in place by March 5, 2010, thus making it easier for the Cowboys and every other NFL franchise to navigate through their offseason plans and better prepare for the new season.

Miles Austin isn’t going anywhere. He is now one of our most prized possessions and there is no way the Cowboys would risk losing him.

Dear Fellow Dallas Fans; Why Do You Want Romo Gone?

The Dallas Cowboys have been the center of criticism and unwarranted jabs for a long time.

That said, I can honestly state that this team is one of the best in the league, especially since it won its first playoff game in over a decade. It was a long time coming for us Dallas fans, and I treasure that moment up with the ones you would have on today’s holiday of Valentines Day.

However, I was sitting with my close friend and the conversation included college majors, the artwork in our homes, old memories, and finally it drifted to sports.

And I heard something from her I couldn’t believe. She actually wished that Tony Romo was off the Cowboys.

Immediately I was stunned because Tony’s coming off his best season ever.  347/550 pass completions to attempts with a 63.1 completion percentage, 4,483 yards passing, 26 passing touchdowns to only NINE interceptions, and a 97.6 quarterback rating.

Plus, we won a playoff game!!!

What else do you want? Yeah, I know. You want to win the Super Bowl; who doesn’t?

It just ruffles my feathers when I hear the fans I represent take advantage of what Dallas has in its possession. We have a top ten quarterback and they want to catapult him out of Dallas?

I think of the days when we had Quincy Carter or Drew Bledsoe starting for us. Or how about that three game stretch in 2008 with Brad Johnson as a starter?

Those were some dark times. With Tony Romo however, we are never counted as an automatic loss ever. No team suits up against us thinking they can just check this one off the to-do list.

It’s offensive and somewhat asinine to be against Tony Romo after what he has done for us. We finally have a shot at the whole thing; Lombardi Trophy, parade, and all with Romo.

That’s something we never had with Drew Bledsoe, who looked more like a worn-out punching bag at times.

That first year in 2007 when Tony Romo took over as the starter, you knew that Dallas actually had a shot. That we weren’t battling for a lower draft spot or a season about .500, we actually had a shot.

What does Tony do? He throws 36 touchdowns and we win 13 games. Get first round bye, but are knocked out by the eventual champions, the New York Giants.

Yeah, we didn’t win it all, but we made progress! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I think the fans or viewers that harshly critique the Cowboys as losers, and Tony Romo as a incompetent player, should either jump in a lake or read Football For Dummies.

Is their any legitimate argument that Tony Romo needs to be replaced other than the fact that he doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring yet?

Is that all that the negative people have?

Ok, lets see, just a few weeks ago, Drew Brees didn’t have a title. Should the Saints have looked for someone else instead?

Peyton Manning was in his ninth season before he won the Super Bowl. Should the Colts have scrapped him back in 04?

I think it is pure impatience by fans who want to win the Super Bowl, and since Dallas has this great history of winning the Super Bowl, they believe that the team should win it right now.

Football is not royalty, there is no entitlement to the fans for anything. All we can do is hope and pray for our players. They are trying very hard to win the Super Bowl, but we need to be patient because this isn’t Troy Aikman, who actually took five years to win the Super Bowl, and the 90s Cowboys. These are the 2010 Cowboys fresh off a playoff win and ready to kick some butt.

There are all these fans that think the solution is to change quarterbacks and every time I hear that, I just scoff and roll my eyes.

Who can we get that’s better than Romo? Better yet, who is better than Romo?

Ok, lets say: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and Kurt Warner are better.

If anybody says Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger are better because they have rings do not have any idea of how average-good passers they are while Tony Romo routinely throws for 300 yards.

Kurt Warner is retired. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees are staying where they are without question for now.

Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers are unlikely going anywhere barring some scandal or them demanding a trade.

Face it people. Tony’s the best we got. He may not have a ring, but we as fans need to give him time.

This team was sorting out its kinks when he started here, and now the first year where we actually look like a Cowboys team of the past, we win a playoff game.

You got to win a playoff game before you win the Super Bowl.

Yeah, we did lose to the Vikings the next week, but I don’t think the 85 Bears could’ve knocked Favre off his rhythm that day. They just had our number and it happens.

‘Next time, we’ll have their number’ is the kind of attitude I need to see more of. How can anyone say that Tony Romo is a bad quarterback when he threw for nearly three times as many touchdowns as he did interceptions?

Please view the rest here: http://www.nfltouchdown.com/dear-fellow-dallas-fans-why-do-you-want-romo-gone/

James Williamson is also an accomplished writer for SB Nation, NFLtouchdown, and Bleacher Report.

Defensive End Dilemma

Marcus Spears, Steven Bowen and Jason Hatcher are all becoming free agents this year. To lose them all would be a heck of a blow to a very stout D-line. Marcus Dixon , a two year practice squad vet who recently signed a reserve/futures contract, is the only valid backup. To understand what could happen with the free agents this year, you must first look at the compensation and salaries to be earned.

Four years of experience

Original pick compensation: $1.176 million

Second round tender: $1.759 million

First round tender: $2.521 million

First and third tender: $3.168 million

Five years of NFL experience

Original pick compensation: $1.226 million

Second round tender: $1.809 million

First round tender: $2.621 million

First and third round tender: $3.268 million

I believe it would be naive to think the Cowboys would simply ignore Spears and let him test the waters. The five year experience original pick compensation tender makes the most sense, since it would ensure the Cowboys a first round pick should someone sign him away and keep his salary relatively low. I know it’s a no-cap year, but Jerry most likely will be spending a little extra cash on eliminating a certain safety or o-lineman’s (or two) contract(s). I’m not naming names. You figure it out.

As for Hatcher and Bowen, I think that Bowen will receive a contract. Original pick compensation goes out the window for Bowen since he was a rookie free agent acquisition. Since Hatcher was a third round pick in ’06, it would make sense to stick the four year original draft pick compensation tender on him and let him walk for a third round pick from a team that needs 3-4 Defensive End help. Believe me, there are quite a few. A second round tender might be pushing it and Dallas might end up stuck with a higher paying contract than Spears. (Not Smart)

Letting Hatcher walk for a third round pick would give Dallas more ammo in the draft and also would allow Dixon to take his next step in the pros. I doubt he would last another year on the practice squad. It’s do or die time for him.

Olshansky remains under a very friendly contract and should remain in place at least for the next couple of years. I think we would all agree he did very well this year replacing Canty.

New Show About the NFL

Have any of you heard about the new reality show called NFL Full Contact?  The show is to air on Monday evenings at 10 pm on TruTV. I plan on watching this as often as I can so I can get my “football fix” during the off season. According to their website, the show will give us an in-depth look into the NFL.

NFL FULL CONTACT reveals the sides of football the game day cameras never show, providing the ultimate look at what goes on behind the scenes of the National Football League. Every episode lets you eavesdrop into the tense and chaotic world of making a professional football game run smoothly and features crucial events of the 2009-10 pro football season: NFL KICKOFF, COWBOYS STADIUM OPENING, THE LONDON GAME, THE PRO BOWL, THE SUPER BOWL and THE DRAFT.

I know I’ll DEFINITELY be watching the episode showing the Cowboys Stadium opening! I wasn’t able to attend the actual event and would really like to see it. The show is scheduled to run for 6 weeks but I’m hoping they get good enough ratings that they continue clear through next season so I don’t have to go through football withdrawals!

Let the Offseason Begin

Even though most Cowboys fans began offseason weeks ago, its official now that the big game is behind us. Congratulations to the Saints for winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Drew Brees, Sean Payton and the rest of the Saints worked hard all year and definitely deserved to win it all. At least we can have joy in saying we were the first team to ruin the Saints undefeated season.

In other news, I think its sad that no one is shocked that Michael Irvin was fired from his ESPN show and at the same time was accused of rape. What else can you say?

Congratulations to Emmitt Smith for his Hall of Fame induction announcement. I cheered so loud when they announced his name at the Super Bowl to do the coin toss. Emmitt has always made us so proud, I can’t wait until he gets his moment on the stage in August.

As for the Cowboys offseason, I believe it will be relatively quiet compared to recent years. I don’t think there are any players who are unhappy… wait a minute, maybe I’m wrong. A couple of players may be ‘unhappy’ but none that have earned the right to make any noise.

I am looking forward to next season, and our road to six. The Cowboys have a great chance to play in the Super Bowl which will be extra special since its in their house! And maybe I’ve mentioned this several times, but it happens to fall on my birthday. I know every year we believe the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl but I’ve got extra high expectations for 2010!

So Cowboys fans – sit back, relax and enjoy the offseason. Hopefully it won’t last too long.

Emmitt Smith’s Greatest Games

Within the next 24 hours it will be official that Emmitt Smith has made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I can not wait for the announcement. Emmitt Smith became my favorite player early in career. As I explained in an earlier post about Emmitt he was the kind of player that gave it everything he had in every game. Sure some people say he benefited from great teams where he had a great offensive line, great quarterback and receivers. Well, I guess one could say that those other players also benefited from having Emmitt Smith as well. I never got tired of him running the ball. He took the air out of defenses to the point you could just see them give up at times.

I thought back to some of my most memorable games for Emmitt Smith. I could have listed so many more games then I did, but then my post would have been way too long.

1992 – Dallas over Washington, 23-10

It was opening night of the 1992 season on Monday Night Football. The Cowboys made a statement to the Redskins and the NFL that they were back. Emmitt Smith rushed for 140 yards on 27 carries and one touchdown.

1992 – Dallas over Philadelphia, 20-10

After getting crushed by the Eagles 31-7 a month earlier, the Cowboys came out in the rematch and took it to the Eagles. Emmitt Smith rushed for 163 yards on 30 carries as the Cowboys improved their record to 7-1.

1992 – Dallas over NY Giants, 30-3

Thanksgiving Day against the hated the Giants. A huge win which made my turkey dinner taste even better. Emmitt rushed for 120 yards on 17 carries. He scored on a 68 yard touchdown run to increase the Dallas lead to 23-3 in the third quarter. He also caught a touchdown pass from Troy Aikman in the third quarter.

1992 – Dallas over Atlanta, 41-17

This win clinched the NFC East for the Cowboys for the first time since 1985. It was also the game that Emmitt Smith had one of his greatest runs. He entered a crowd of Falcons only to get loose, bounce to the outside and beat Deion Sanders to the end zone on a 29 yard run. He added another 29 yard touchdown run in the game as he rushed for 174 yards on 24 carries.

1993 – Dallas over Philadeplphia, 23-10

Halloween on a rainy day in Philadelphia. Troy Aikman could not throw the ball in the rain and only passed for 96 yards. So Emmitt Smith had to take control. He had his only 200 yard rushing game of his career as he rushed for 237 yards. He sealed the game in the fourth quarter with a 68 yard touchdown run as he beat Eric Allen to the end zone.

1993 – Dallas over NY Giants, 16-13 (OT)

The greatest performance I have ever seen from a player. Emmitt Smith played through the pain of a separated shoulder and showed how much heart he really had and that he would do anything to win a game. Emmitt Smith scored the Cowboys only touchdown on a pass from Troy Aikman in the first half. He rushed for 168 yards on 32 carries and added another 61 yards on 10 receptions. The Cowboys kept giving him the ball in overtime and Emmitt put them into position for the game winning field goal.

1993 – Dallas over Buffalo, 30-13 (Super Bowl XXVIII)

With the Cowboys and Bills tied at 13-13 in the third quarter, Emmitt Smith led the Cowboys to the go ahead score and they would never look back. Emmitt scored from 15 yards out and then sealed the game in the fourth quarter with his second touchdown. He rushed for 132 yards on 30 carries and earned the Super Bowl MVP.

1995 – Dallas over NY Giants 35-0

Opening night of the season and Emmitt Smith could not have started the season any better. On his first carry of the season he scored from 60 yards out. He scored three more times in the game as he rushed for 163 yards on just 21 carries.

1995 – Dallas over Minnesota, 23-17 (OT)

Emmitt Smith shredded the Vikings defense as he rushed for 150 yards on 20 carries. He also scored twice. The last score coming in overtime as he broke free and scored from 31 yards out to improve the Cowboys to 3-0.

1995 – Dallas over Green Bay, 38-27 (NFC Championship)

With the Packers leading going into the fourth quarter it was Emmitt Smith who took control and tired out the Packers defense with two scores in the fourth. Emmitt Smith totaled three touchdowns in the game and rushed for 150 yards on 35 carries.

1999 – Dallas loses to Minnesota, 27-17

A few days after the death of the great Walter Payton. Emmitt Smith wanted to dedicate the game to Payton and try to break his single game rushing record. He was well on his way as he pushed the Cowboys to a 17-7 halftime lead. He scored from 63 and 24 yards, but late in the second quarter he injured his finger and could not return. In one half Emmitt Smith rushed for 140 yards on 13 carries to go with his two scores. One can only imagine what kind of game Emmitt Smith would have had if he had not been injured.

2002 – Dallas loses to Seattle, 17-14

This was the game that Emmitt Smith broke the all-time rushing record that Walter Payton held for so long. It was an unbelievable moment that I will never forget. The emotions Emmitt Smith showed were great, especially the moment on the sideline with Daryl (Moose) Johnston who blocked for him for so many years. Emmitt Smith was the one who tied the game in the fourth quarter, but the Cowboys could not get the win. Emmitt Smith rushed for 109 yards in his record breaking game.

Michael Irvin Accused Of Rape

Hall of Fame wide receiver, Michael Irvin, has been accused of forcible rape by a young woman at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in 2007, a month after he gave a moving speech at the Hall of Fame.

There are no criminal charges yet, but the woman is filing against him in civil court with a lawsuit. She will be known as the woman because her name has been kept confidential. Even the lawsuit states her as Jane Doe.

Irvin’s lawyer, Larry Friedman scoffed at the charge calling it, “totally untrue.”

In fact, he is stating that no kind of contact of any physical nature, consensual or forced, happened between the plantiff and Irvin.

I’m sorry, but I refuse to graphically state the alleged crime because I’m not sure how young my readers are.

But, to put it in plainly, she states that Irvin got her drunk, tricked/escorted her to his room where he and another man had some fun with her, and then Irvin committed the alleged felony. After he was done, the other man had the woman ‘Lewinsky’ him.

Irvin’s brother, Derrick, was accused of helping Michael silence his crime after the deed was done by taking the woman to another room and “assisted in covering the sexual assault and rape up.”

Friedman, Irvin’s attorney, is basically calling the woman a blackmailer/extortionist.

The woman apparently spoke up after Irvin appeared on a few episodes of the television show Dancing With the Stars.

She wanted to settle for a million dollars, then went down to $800,000.

Each time, Friedman said no.

“This complaint is tantamount to criminal extortion,” Friedman said. “There is no merit to the complaint.”

Plaintiff’s lawyer stated that his client has passed a polygraph test (which, by the way, are not used in criminal courts of law because they can be fooled).

No criminal charges have been filed, but the district attorney’s office will ponder their options for a little while until a decision is made.

Super Bowl Memories

I can’t believe that the Super Bowl is only a few days away. I also can not believe that we are up to Super Bowl XLIV. The very first Super Bowl I remember a little of was Super Bowl XII when the Cowboys beat the Broncos, although I really had no idea what was really going on. It was the game that made me a fan. Here is my post from last July.


As far as my favorite Super Bowls? That’s a tough question. How do you rate Super Bowls? By how close the game is? By the exciting plays? Was their a great finish? Can a blowout be a great game? Here are some of my favorites over the years.

Super Bowl XII – Dallas over Denver, 27-10

This has to be on my list because it was my first ever Dallas game and the reason I became a fan.

Super Bowl XIII – Pittsburgh over Dallas, 35-31

Yes, the Cowboys lost, but you can not deny that this was one of the all-time classic showdowns.

Super Bowl XIV – Pittsburgh over LA Rams, 31-19

Great game that I was fortunate enough to get a copy of. The Rams put up a great fight and actually led 19-13 late in this game.

Super Bowl XVII – Washington over Miami, 27-17

This game does not get the credit it deserves.

Super Bowl XVIII – LA Raiders over Washington, 38-9

One of the great blowout games I think and not boring in my opinion. Complete domination by the Raiders.

Super Bowl XXV – NY Giants over Buffalo, 20-19

Yes, I know. Hated that the Giants won this game. I was actually mad for weeks, but again you can not deny this was a great game.

Super Bowl XXVII – Dallas over Buffalo, 52-17

Finally, my first chance to see the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Amazing game by an amazing team. Final score should have been 59-10. Cowboy’s fans know what I’m talking about.

Super Bowl XXVIII – Dallas over Buffalo, 30-13

Ok, I could do without the first half. The second half? Wow!!! Dallas took control and stomped on the Bills.

Super Bowl XXXIII – Denver over Green Bay, 31-24

One of my all-time favorite Super Bowls. From start to finish it was entertaining. It was great to see John Elway finally win one.

Super Bowl XXXV – Baltimore over NY Giants, 34-7

Hahahaha!!!!! As a Giants hater I could not have been more happier with this Super Bowl. Complete domination.

Super Bowl XXXVI – New England over St. Louis, 20-17

This was back when the Patriots were unknowns and underdogs. I thought it was great how the dominated the Rams until the 4th quarter and then drove down for the winning field goal after the Rams had tied the game.

Super Bowl XXXVIII – New England over Carolina, 32-29

Great 4th quarter of scoring and exciting football. A total of 37 points were scored in the 4th alone.

On with this years Super Bowl. I know some people don’t even like to watch when their teams are not playing in it, but for me it’s still the Super Bowl. I love watching the game every year. This year we have the Colts and the Saints. The Saints are the feel good story with everything New Orleans has gone through with hurricane Katrina. But they also have Jeremy Shockey and that alone keeps me from cheering for them. The Colts are a likable team that I can cheer for. Plus their Manning is not named Eli. So I guess I will pull for the Colts, but in the end I just want a great game that comes down to the end.