Dear Fellow Dallas Fans; Why Do You Want Romo Gone?

The Dallas Cowboys have been the center of criticism and unwarranted jabs for a long time.

That said, I can honestly state that this team is one of the best in the league, especially since it won its first playoff game in over a decade. It was a long time coming for us Dallas fans, and I treasure that moment up with the ones you would have on today’s holiday of Valentines Day.

However, I was sitting with my close friend and the conversation included college majors, the artwork in our homes, old memories, and finally it drifted to sports.

And I heard something from her I couldn’t believe. She actually wished that Tony Romo was off the Cowboys.

Immediately I was stunned because Tony’s coming off his best season ever.  347/550 pass completions to attempts with a 63.1 completion percentage, 4,483 yards passing, 26 passing touchdowns to only NINE interceptions, and a 97.6 quarterback rating.

Plus, we won a playoff game!!!

What else do you want? Yeah, I know. You want to win the Super Bowl; who doesn’t?

It just ruffles my feathers when I hear the fans I represent take advantage of what Dallas has in its possession. We have a top ten quarterback and they want to catapult him out of Dallas?

I think of the days when we had Quincy Carter or Drew Bledsoe starting for us. Or how about that three game stretch in 2008 with Brad Johnson as a starter?

Those were some dark times. With Tony Romo however, we are never counted as an automatic loss ever. No team suits up against us thinking they can just check this one off the to-do list.

It’s offensive and somewhat asinine to be against Tony Romo after what he has done for us. We finally have a shot at the whole thing; Lombardi Trophy, parade, and all with Romo.

That’s something we never had with Drew Bledsoe, who looked more like a worn-out punching bag at times.

That first year in 2007 when Tony Romo took over as the starter, you knew that Dallas actually had a shot. That we weren’t battling for a lower draft spot or a season about .500, we actually had a shot.

What does Tony do? He throws 36 touchdowns and we win 13 games. Get first round bye, but are knocked out by the eventual champions, the New York Giants.

Yeah, we didn’t win it all, but we made progress! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I think the fans or viewers that harshly critique the Cowboys as losers, and Tony Romo as a incompetent player, should either jump in a lake or read Football For Dummies.

Is their any legitimate argument that Tony Romo needs to be replaced other than the fact that he doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring yet?

Is that all that the negative people have?

Ok, lets see, just a few weeks ago, Drew Brees didn’t have a title. Should the Saints have looked for someone else instead?

Peyton Manning was in his ninth season before he won the Super Bowl. Should the Colts have scrapped him back in 04?

I think it is pure impatience by fans who want to win the Super Bowl, and since Dallas has this great history of winning the Super Bowl, they believe that the team should win it right now.

Football is not royalty, there is no entitlement to the fans for anything. All we can do is hope and pray for our players. They are trying very hard to win the Super Bowl, but we need to be patient because this isn’t Troy Aikman, who actually took five years to win the Super Bowl, and the 90s Cowboys. These are the 2010 Cowboys fresh off a playoff win and ready to kick some butt.

There are all these fans that think the solution is to change quarterbacks and every time I hear that, I just scoff and roll my eyes.

Who can we get that’s better than Romo? Better yet, who is better than Romo?

Ok, lets say: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and Kurt Warner are better.

If anybody says Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger are better because they have rings do not have any idea of how average-good passers they are while Tony Romo routinely throws for 300 yards.

Kurt Warner is retired. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees are staying where they are without question for now.

Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers are unlikely going anywhere barring some scandal or them demanding a trade.

Face it people. Tony’s the best we got. He may not have a ring, but we as fans need to give him time.

This team was sorting out its kinks when he started here, and now the first year where we actually look like a Cowboys team of the past, we win a playoff game.

You got to win a playoff game before you win the Super Bowl.

Yeah, we did lose to the Vikings the next week, but I don’t think the 85 Bears could’ve knocked Favre off his rhythm that day. They just had our number and it happens.

‘Next time, we’ll have their number’ is the kind of attitude I need to see more of. How can anyone say that Tony Romo is a bad quarterback when he threw for nearly three times as many touchdowns as he did interceptions?

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James Williamson is also an accomplished writer for SB Nation, NFLtouchdown, and Bleacher Report.

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  1. Dante Dowdell
    Dante Dowdell says:

    Romo is the shiznizz and if he leaves i would be kinda mad, he made one mistake way back when and now u keep punishing him for that thinking he can’t handle under the pressure. Incase ya didn’t realize he did amazing this year we only lost because the entire team was having a problem during that vikings game. ya think romo should leave than u are not a real dallas fan and need to get ahold of urself

    • Veto
      Veto says:

      i dont want romo gone i think hes a good QB he just needs healthy offensive line and some good star receivers and the cowboys need a good running game and the cowboys will go to the superbowl

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    People like to get all over Romo because of his fumbled snap vs Seattle, because he is the QB of America’s team, because he seems to get all the girls, because people just love to hate the Cowboys. I look at it this way…Romo is 38-17 as the starter and some may blame him for the loss to Seattle, but there is no way I’m blaming him for the loss to the Giants or Vikings. Romo can’t protect the ball and cut down on his INTs…until this past season. Romo can’t win at the end of the season…until this past season. Romo can’t win a playoff game…until this past season. Romo can’t win a Super Bowl…until next season. Get my point!!!!

  3. Veto
    Veto says:

    I do not want Romo gone as long as he just keeps improving every year like he has been Cowboy and Romo haters just need to back off and let Romo be the leader of America’s Team.And take us to win super bowl 45 so the steelers cant say they have one more than us anymore.

  4. londonsmommy
    londonsmommy says:

    I know someone just like that. Claims that they’re a Cowboy’s fan but sat their and just belittled Tony like it was nobody’s business. It made me sick.. I just wanted to say STFU… I think Romo will be fine. Besides the Super Bowl wins (which I truly believe he’ll get)Romo has passed alot of Troy’s milestones already. Maybe to some it’s not a big deal but it’s a start. The Boy’s were a couple games short of the big game. Next year we host so maybe it’ll be the year that they make history and be the 1st team to play in their own stadium! COWBOY’S BABY!

  5. Bmartinez
    Bmartinez says:

    I to agree do you know how many arguments i get into with dallas fans our friends at that about Romo dang he is one man they will blame a Barber fumble if he was close to the b all come on people were making progess everyone hates romo cause he is getting us somewhere and the fellow dallas fans that blame the sky being black on Romo if they could I love Romo at times im like yeah he messed up but who is perfect ALLL the time Not I not you so the same way were giving Wade a chance i want the same chance for Romo He is my QB lol

  6. jaime
    jaime says:

    Very well said. I know a few Cowboy fans that have also said the same thing about getting rid of Romo. To me its just frustration from all those dark years of Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Drew Henson, Quincy Carter and Drew Bledsoe. Cowboy fans have since Aikman really havent had too many choices to cheer on the QB untill Romo stepped in the picture. Come on, even the great Troy Aikman would of been struggling with no Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. A QB isnt the whole team and a QB will not win the super bowl by himself. Does anyone really believe that Drew Brees won the Superbowl by himself. NO!!! Of course not, its great running, a great O line, and solid defense plus excellent coaching. Romo, is the best chance to win a superbowl.

    BUBBLE says:

    how funny .. someone on myspace just asked me why we love romo so much when he is a bust in the playoffs.. this was my reply..


  8. irvin ross jr
    irvin ross jr says:

    man f*** dat romo just as good as aikman or steve young of course he dont got a ring thats comin tho if romo go i go to he not a bad qb um sick of ppl saying romo the problem since t.o. been gone pacman gone we havent had many problems defense is good offsense getting better a teams has to build n we yung so romo should stay n you cant wait cowboy fans shud just go root for who ever playin n da superbowl

  9. mbomgaars
    mbomgaars says:

    I will admit I have been pretty down on Romo over the last few years – maybe once or twice have even had the fleeting thought that the Cowboys should get rid of him. Mainly that just comes from the frustration of having seen the glimmer – you know the glimmer of what we all saw in 2007. I loved Romo back then – I saw a guy who truly wanted to PLAY football – he got his chance and man was he impressive. Then, in my opinon, it got to him and he became the guy who wanted to be/thought he was a football star instead of the guy who was a great football player (there is a difference) – and that got in his way. The glitz he surrounded himself with clouded his vision, his ability. This year, his best year, he has made a conscious effort to move forward, get better – and the result was an improving Romo and an improving team. If he continues along that path of being a great football PLAYER – he will become a football star and carry the Cowboys to the big game – he just needs to keep on that path and not let himself be distracted by the “fame.” And, honestly, the QBs are the one’s who get all the credit when a team wins. Farve, Brees, Manning, etc. – they are the ones that get the league MVPs and take the stage when the team wins the Superbowl (how many times have you seen a great defensive leader given that “honor”) – if people can accept that, they should be able to accept the fact that people are gonna jump on the QB’s back when the team is not performing up to expectations. As for me – I think both lines of thought are wrong – it takes the entire team to go all the way . . . and we’ve got an amazing group of guys who are in a groove and really playing like a TEAM and as long as Romo fosters that team mentality, the Cowboys will likely get to the big game.

  10. Raina
    Raina says:

    I love Romo he had a awesome year. Nate loved the article man, u said what has been bottled in me all year. What more do you fans want? A superbowl. In Dallas if the QB doesn’t get a ring it seems like they don’t count for all the hard work and talent they have had aka: Danny White. I want a ring for Tony for that reason. He deserves to be listed with Aikman. Lord don’t get me started. lol u know how I feel about Danny White.

  11. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hey my Dad can’t stand Romo and he says he’s a Cowboys fan. We sat at TGIF’s one afternoon over beers and debated who we thought, logicly was better than Romo. Yaaa there are some like the Brees, Manning, and Eli Manning? Oops, did I say that? I can’t stand him, but he did wina Superbowl and thats what its about right? Winning the whole damn thing? Well, I still would take Romo over Eli cause he gives us the best chance of winning and i think that is what you want. i can’t stand it either when people get on Romo, because really look at the starters in the League and who gives you a better chance of winning and Romo had his best stats last year than previous years just by having less turnovers. I think what the Romo haters don’t like about Tony is that he has good looks, dated Jessica, is the Dallas Cowboys QB, and they’re jealous! With all that they think he should give us a Superbowl in return, but it’s not a one man sport, it’s a team sport and he is one ingrediant in the pot.
    So lets play the game that my dad and I played. NFL Team QB’s and better or not better than Romo? Would you take them over Romo?:
    Giants: Eli- No, Eagles: McNabb- too old, Redskins:Campbell-Please!…lol, Saints:Brees- Yes, Bucs:Who is their starter..No, Falcons:Ryan- Maybe, tough one, maybe not, Panthers:Moore-No, Arizona:Leinart-No, Seahwaks:Hasselbeck-No, too old, gets hurt too easy,49ers: Smith-No, Rams:Bulger-No,Bolts:Rivers-Argue no here,Chiefs:Cassel-No,Raiders:Do i even have to say anything?,Broncos:Orton-No, Steelers:Roethlisberger-Yes, Browns:Anderson/Quinn-Hell No,Bengals:Palmer-No,Ravens:Flacco-Not proven yet,No,Texans:Schaub-No,Colts:Manning-Yes,Jaguars-Garrard-No,Titans-Young-No,Dolphins-Pennington/Henne-No,Jets:Sanchez-Humm, still unproven in only year one,No,Patriots:Brady-Yes,Bills:Edwards, No…..
    So you see there are only a handful, if that, that would be better than what we have in Romo. So if you have a doubter again, just do this game with them and they will see that they should be happy with what we got. God put him here for a reason and I still BELIEVE he will show us the way!
    BTW, if someone doesn’t like Romo… It doesn’t make them less of a fan, they just have an opinion. We don’t all have to like every player on the roster. Respect my fellow Cowboy brothers and sisters…RESPECT.


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