Fast Starts and False Starts

One of the things the Cowboys need to do is get some momentum going again. There’s all kinds of momentum and it doesn’t just happen on the field of play. I’d like to see the Cowboys get out there and start making some noise by signing some of their key players and getting that rumor mill churning as they look toward the draft and potential free agents and trades. When the new season begins, I’m looking for the ‘Boys to bust out of camp oozing with confidence and getting off to a fast start.

From fast starts to false starts…

The Dallas Morning News had an interesting take on one of the Cowboy’s big problems last season; the offensive line.

They believe That Marc Colombo is getting a free pass while Flozell Adams catches all the heat regarding the excessive amount of false starts.

Adams has 24 false-start penalties in 48 games during the last three regular seasons. Marc Colombo, who mans the right side, has had the same problem at nearly the same rate. He has 20 false-start penalties in 41 games during the last three regular seasons.

Add one mistake by Doug Free last season, and the Cowboys have 45 false-start penalties by their tackles in the last three regular seasons. Only one team has had more false starts by its tackles in that span: dreadful Oakland, with 47.

Penalties have haunted this team for a few seasons now. Each time training camp opens, we’ll hear how they plan to focus on reducing the penalties, but the fact is nothing really changes. Hopefully this year will be different.

One of the problems is that our O-Line is getting older, and to compensate for the reduced burst in their first step they move too early. Flozell will be 35, Colombo is 31, Gurode is 32, Davis is 32, Kosier 31. That may very well be one of the oldest lines in the NFL.

I wonder if this becomes one of our primary objectives in the NFL Draft?

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    OMG Joe, you said the word trade. Now you will get 30 comments about it. I think they do need to focus on the O-Line in the draft. We need some decent depth and players that can become replacements. We know what Free can do now. He played very well last season while he filled in. But we have no idea about Robert Brewster due to his injury.

    • londonsmommy
      londonsmommy says:

      Yes, I have been hearing alot of stuff flying around about our aging O-Line. I know it’s true but, They have been decent for the most part. Free filled in really well, but who will fill Flozell’s shoes?? That’s the million $ question. Davis, Kosier and Gurode are also good at what they do… I guess the time has come to start thinking about going younger.. We will see soon enough what JJ is gonna do with FA and the draft…


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