Let the Offseason Begin

Even though most Cowboys fans began offseason weeks ago, its official now that the big game is behind us. Congratulations to the Saints for winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Drew Brees, Sean Payton and the rest of the Saints worked hard all year and definitely deserved to win it all. At least we can have joy in saying we were the first team to ruin the Saints undefeated season.

In other news, I think its sad that no one is shocked that Michael Irvin was fired from his ESPN show and at the same time was accused of rape. What else can you say?

Congratulations to Emmitt Smith for his Hall of Fame induction announcement. I cheered so loud when they announced his name at the Super Bowl to do the coin toss. Emmitt has always made us so proud, I can’t wait until he gets his moment on the stage in August.

As for the Cowboys offseason, I believe it will be relatively quiet compared to recent years. I don’t think there are any players who are unhappy… wait a minute, maybe I’m wrong. A couple of players may be ‘unhappy’ but none that have earned the right to make any noise.

I am looking forward to next season, and our road to six. The Cowboys have a great chance to play in the Super Bowl which will be extra special since its in their house! And maybe I’ve mentioned this several times, but it happens to fall on my birthday. I know every year we believe the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl but I’ve got extra high expectations for 2010!

So Cowboys fans – sit back, relax and enjoy the offseason. Hopefully it won’t last too long.

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    • Kelly Horn
      Kelly Horn says:

      If I had to take an educated guess, I would say that Marty B and Roy W are less than happy with their current roles on the Dallas Cowboys. Thats not saying I want them gone or they announced anything. That’s an assumption from what I’ve heard, read and seen. Nothing more, nothing less.

  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Those two would be my guess too. Heard a rumor that Tashard Choice hasn’t been happy with his role on the team. Hopefully thats not the case, although I would have to agree that he deserves more carries.

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Its amazing the Colts in “06 were undefeated 9-0 going into Dallas and they leave 9-1 eventually they go on to beat Chicago in the Super Bowl. In “09 the Saints were undefeated 13-0 playing the Cowboys they left that game 13-1 and as we know just a week ago went on to win the Super Bowl.


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