Super Bowl Memories

I can’t believe that the Super Bowl is only a few days away. I also can not believe that we are up to Super Bowl XLIV. The very first Super Bowl I remember a little of was Super Bowl XII when the Cowboys beat the Broncos, although I really had no idea what was really going on. It was the game that made me a fan. Here is my post from last July.

As far as my favorite Super Bowls? That’s a tough question. How do you rate Super Bowls? By how close the game is? By the exciting plays? Was their a great finish? Can a blowout be a great game? Here are some of my favorites over the years.

Super Bowl XII – Dallas over Denver, 27-10

This has to be on my list because it was my first ever Dallas game and the reason I became a fan.

Super Bowl XIII – Pittsburgh over Dallas, 35-31

Yes, the Cowboys lost, but you can not deny that this was one of the all-time classic showdowns.

Super Bowl XIV – Pittsburgh over LA Rams, 31-19

Great game that I was fortunate enough to get a copy of. The Rams put up a great fight and actually led 19-13 late in this game.

Super Bowl XVII – Washington over Miami, 27-17

This game does not get the credit it deserves.

Super Bowl XVIII – LA Raiders over Washington, 38-9

One of the great blowout games I think and not boring in my opinion. Complete domination by the Raiders.

Super Bowl XXV – NY Giants over Buffalo, 20-19

Yes, I know. Hated that the Giants won this game. I was actually mad for weeks, but again you can not deny this was a great game.

Super Bowl XXVII – Dallas over Buffalo, 52-17

Finally, my first chance to see the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Amazing game by an amazing team. Final score should have been 59-10. Cowboy’s fans know what I’m talking about.

Super Bowl XXVIII – Dallas over Buffalo, 30-13

Ok, I could do without the first half. The second half? Wow!!! Dallas took control and stomped on the Bills.

Super Bowl XXXIII – Denver over Green Bay, 31-24

One of my all-time favorite Super Bowls. From start to finish it was entertaining. It was great to see John Elway finally win one.

Super Bowl XXXV – Baltimore over NY Giants, 34-7

Hahahaha!!!!! As a Giants hater I could not have been more happier with this Super Bowl. Complete domination.

Super Bowl XXXVI – New England over St. Louis, 20-17

This was back when the Patriots were unknowns and underdogs. I thought it was great how the dominated the Rams until the 4th quarter and then drove down for the winning field goal after the Rams had tied the game.

Super Bowl XXXVIII – New England over Carolina, 32-29

Great 4th quarter of scoring and exciting football. A total of 37 points were scored in the 4th alone.

On with this years Super Bowl. I know some people don’t even like to watch when their teams are not playing in it, but for me it’s still the Super Bowl. I love watching the game every year. This year we have the Colts and the Saints. The Saints are the feel good story with everything New Orleans has gone through with hurricane Katrina. But they also have Jeremy Shockey and that alone keeps me from cheering for them. The Colts are a likable team that I can cheer for. Plus their Manning is not named Eli. So I guess I will pull for the Colts, but in the end I just want a great game that comes down to the end.

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