Antrel Rolle a Strong Possibility as Free Agency Looms

Help could be on the way for the Cowboys as the official start of free agency begins in a little less than an hour.

As expected, the Arizona Cardinals released safety Antrel Rolle this afternoon to avoid ponying up a $4 million roster bonus. Expect the Cowboys to take a long, hard look at bringing Rolle in to fill the ever-vacant safety position.

Rolle is a young 27-years old, and played cornerback for the first few years of his career before being moved to safety. Because his résumé includes a stint at cornerback, he could be the candidate the Cowboys are looking for to provide adequate coverage at the safety position. If Dallas pulls the trigger on Rolle, expect Ken Hamlin to be shown the door.

Dallas could also look to add some depth at nose tackle with Jamal Williams and Jason Ferguson now on the open market. Keep in mind that Wade Phillips coached Jamal Williams in San Diego. He could be a good investment if the price is right.

Also remember that since Antrel Rolle, Jamal Williams, and Jason Ferguson were released by their respective teams instead of simply becoming unrestricted free agents, the free agent restrictions imposed on the final 8 playoff teams would not count against the Cowboys.

Should be an interesting next couple of hours.

  1. There is no way he’s going to Cowboys.

    He’s already negotiating with Bears. Has a deal on table with Dolphins and is scheduled to visit NY (Giants) tomorrow.

    • Derek Sanders

      I saw that headline on right after writing this. Kinda disappointing :/

  2. nate

    it was reported on that he was asking for 8 million a year, 4 days ago. that immediately puts us out of the picture. its not like this guy’s polamalu.

  3. Derek

    Agreed, I’d rather see them draft Earl Thomas.

  4. D-Ware Fan

    How about Taylor Mays? He’s got the height, speed and can Hit hard.

  5. Mike

    We have the money Nate with an uncapped year, we should have signed him. What we can’t afford to do is let the Giants sign him. He is meeting with them today. Taylor mays would be great, but he’ll be gone before we can grab him, just like last year when we were a few picks short of getting Delmas and some others. Maybe Sharper or Gibril Wilson could add depth. THere are rumors that Dallas may go after Bethea, but at what price?

  6. nate

    mike, we dont have the money. an uncapped year is just that. a year. these contracts are multiyear deals. on top of that, jerry set us up nicely this year with former contracts to put heavy emphasis on getting rid of huge chunks of guaranteed money this year so we wont be hurting in the future. rolle is asking for 8 mil. a year. polamalu doesnt even get that kind of money. his skillset doesnt equal anywhere near that kind of money. as for taylor mays, dude is roy williams II. a workout warrior that looks great on the surface but cant cover anything. he is and will be a liability for a team that drafts him with the kind of expectations we put on our safties, which is being able to cover, not a 4-3 box strong safety whos primary responsibility is to play close to the line on 1st and 2nd down to stuff the run. sharper is old and done. watch the super bowl again. if he was worth anything the saints would have tried to keep him. wilson never was anything. the giants laughed when they let him go and the dolphins are pissed at what he produced. Oshiomogho Atogwe from St.Louis would be a better option than anyone right now if we go the free agent route. close to the same skills as rolle with a lot less pay.

  7. Derek

    @Nate I dont know who told you Dallas doesnt have the money, but thats a lie. They are choosing to be smart and not spend it since we dont have any glaring needs like past years.

    O.J. Atogwe is a restricted free agent. You wanna give up a high draft pick for him?

    Agreed about Taylor Mays. He will transition to linebacker in the NFL.

    • nate

      derek. we dont have money to spend like 8 mil a year contracts. next year is not uncapped and to keep under a projected cap we cant just go out and go crazy. oj can be had without giving up a pick. he was assigned the lowest possible tender which is “right of first refusal”…

      • Derek

        Again, they do have a load of money to spend, however overpaying for the limited number of unrestricted free agents is not wise to do.

        • nate

          ok i finally see what you mean. and yes, jerry jones does have a lot of money. just not money to spend and get stuck in salary cap hell like he did before parcells took charge.

  8. nate

    Giants signed FS Antrel Rolle to a five-year, $37 million contract that includes $15 million guaranteed.
    He’s the NFL’s highest paid safety. ever. sounds like a chris canty deal to me.

  9. wow what a read! this was excellent, thanks for posting this.