2010 Preseason Schedule Released

As this off-season slowly moves there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of news coming out of Dallas. With the draft still three weeks away I’ll take any news I can get. Today the preseason schedule was released.

Aug 8th. Dallas vs Cincinnati in the Hall of Fame game.

Week 1. Date has not been set.  Oakland at Dallas

Week 2. Date has not been set. Dallas at San Diego

Week 3. Aug 28th. Dallas at Houston

Week 4. Date has not been set. Miami at Dallas

In the next two weeks the entire regular season schedule should be released.

  1. nate

    i love that were playing in the hall of fame game since emmitt is being inducted, but the thought of playing 5 pre-season games scares the heck outa me.

  2. Miami should be interesting, wonder if Tuna will come say hi.

  3. James Edwards

    The Oakland game might be interesting…considering McNabb might be there at that time

  4. Full Metal Black

    It’s preseason, I could careless who we play but….WE GET TO SEE FOOTBALL AGAIN!!! YAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Shoots off guns!)

  5. Im in Cali so Oxnard is where I’ll Be August 13th!