Admitting Depression Is The First Step To Recovery

  Well after what has seemed to be an eternity, I have decided to crawl out of my off-season hole and get back into the real world. I apologize to my co-writers and to our Lone Star Struck fans for not blogging about our Cowboys. Ever since that loss to the Vikings, I have been in, what I did not want to believe, a depressed state of mind. I have finally realized that loss affected me more than I thought it did. I said right after the loss, just like most of us did, its ok we got our first playoff win in 12 years. We had a great season and this season was a step forward. While all of that is true, that loss devastated me. Not because it was such a great season and I know we have the team to go all the way, but because the way we lost that game.

 We were the better team going into that game and EVERYONE knew it. The Cowboys were FINALLY getting the credit they deserved. A stout defense, an offensive line that protected and made holes for 3 GREAT running backs. A TRUE CONTENDER! I do not know what happened that dreadful day but I am now admitting it is eating me apart from the inside out. That is all I can think about and the only way to get back to myself is to write about it.

 As for the upcoming season. Free agency has just started and what an active season it is. The SECOND and maybe even third best defensive end in the league, Julius Peppers, has gone to Chicago. Of course the first being Demarcus Ware and second Anthony Spencer. Although I think we might all agree that Spencer needs a year or two more experience! With all the free agents out there and all the teams that need help in their areas, I have not heard much talk about the Cowboys needs. To me, that means we don’t have any real “needs”. We have what we need to take this team to the next level. We are a championship team.

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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    Don’t feel bad buddy……took a while for me to pull out of it too, and I STILL feel like crap about it. My MIL (who isn’t a football fan) was here during regular season and claimed that “we wasted a whole day on football” one sunday. My reply was “If it’s a win for us, it wasn’t a wasted day.” Here comes the playoffs, and my SIL is a purple people eater fan. All of a sudden, here comes my MIL in full support of grandpa… about a slap in the face.

    I haven’t spoken to her since LOL

    So hang in there. All we can do is hope that Jerry makes the right decisions, that our guys stay healthy and out of trouble, and wait for the next event. 44 days or so til the Draft, right?? Keep your head up!

  2. V Johnson
    V Johnson says:

    One thing I learned being a Cowboy fan is that it is like a marriage. You take the good, bad & ugly. The lost to the Vikings was bad. They should have played better. It does hurt, but our Cowboys will get right back up & keeping moving forward. Right now, everyone is frustrated because it has been awhile since we have been to the superbowl. This next season I have STRONG feelings we will be there. Hang in there. You will see it happen!!! GO COWBOYS!!!


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