An Offseason Letter From Kelly

Every offseason we go through the same drought. After five years you would think one would be used to it. Every now and again you will find a story the media has brewed up to stir some controversy. Nine times out of ten those stories are speculation and hype that never develops.

The most interesting subject this offseason will no doubt be the salary cap issue and how it affects free agency. The draft is always exciting as well. We don’t have a high pick but definitely have some needs, anything can happen when Jerry Jones is in the war room.

This summer will definitely be a memorable one for many Cowboys fans. The great Emmitt Smith will finally claim his place in the National Football League’s Hall of Fame. We received great news a few weeks back that the Cowboys have been selected to play in the Hall of Fame exhibition game the same weekend. It seems like the best thing next to a Super Bowl party if you ask me.

Speaking of Super Bowl, how exciting is it that the big game will be played in North Texas this time around? Of course every year we die-hard fans believe the Cowboys are going to the Bowl, well our haters really are going to squirm this season aren’t they? Our expectations will be at an all-time high and no we won’t back down.

On another note, during the offseason we are continuing to think of ways to improve the site. Everyday as technology advances there are new ideas and the world wide web is constantly changing. One thing that has made this site unique and popular is our graphics. Our site was created back in 2006 on Myspace. As everyone can tell, Myspace is dwindling and losing popularity fast. Facebook and Twitter are where it’s at now, and who knows how long that will last before the next big thing arrives.

I’m going to need some fan feedback here. With a show of hands (votes) how many Cowboys fans would like to continue to see our graphics grow? Do you still use the graphics? Should we keep our graphics section open?

I know we still have many fans and followers who use our graphics daily and we are very grateful for your continued support. As a graphic designer it brings me great joy to create Cowboys themed images and to share them with the world. I just want to know if I should be focusing my creative energy elsewhere. Please take a minute to vote in the following polls so I can get an idea on what the future has in store for LSS. Don’t be shy, if you have ideas or requests please leave a comment or contact us in an email.

This is not a resignation letter but more of a “how can I serve you better” letter. We love the Cowboys and we love Cowboys fans. And for the record, we aren’t going anywhere but up! 2009 was our biggest year in the five seasons we’ve been around, we grew by leaps and bounds. Our new layout design was a big hit and we gained some excellent staff members who continue to impress every time they post. All of this is thanks to you, our fellow Cowboys fans. So to show our appreciation I am reaching out to you in hopes of making the site even better! I am looking forward to your feedback.

How ’bout them Cowboys!


Kelly Horn
Founder/Owner/Graphic Designer of

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  1. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    I would love to see more graphics, and I use this site’s graphics for my myspace, facebook, and blogs! They are very unique, and I would rather use this site’s graphics than any other site! Hope they keep on coming!!!!

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    Kelly I love your Graphics! I am your #1 fan. u know that. That is what draws fans to the site, being a staff member I can be honest. the graphics is what made me find the site. The article are just a bonus. I don’t think fans come here for our articles really its your graphics! love ya girl!

  3. MOSH
    MOSH says:


  4. Colleen M
    Colleen M says:

    Love the graphics. I enjoy using them in emails & sending them a pic messages to other Cowboys fans’ cellphones… I really appreciate the design & time put into them. I couldn’t make something that good… lol… THANKS!!!

  5. CHUCK
    CHUCK says:

    Kelly you do a fantastic job with every thing you do.. thats why we love you so much and have continued to share the joy of being true blue with you all these years.. love the grapics very much.. now im rich enuff to have a phone i can load all the wonderful graphics on im having a blast with them.. I got a few rival teams fans as friends and its so much fun to send your graphics to them via pic message.. sooo great!!!!!! other teaMS HAVE NOTHING LIKE IT!! KEEP IT UP

  6. Michelle G
    Michelle G says:

    Kelly, you totally rock! Your graphics are what first brought me to LSS a long time ago. I know I’ve been slacking big time in writing the last month or 2 due to being so dang sick and being in and out of the hospital. But, things are getting much better and you’ll be seeing something from me very soon!


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