Cowboys To Split Training Camp And Return To Oxnard

According to the Dallas Morning News,  Stephen Jones confirmed an earlier report that the Dallas Cowboys are seriously pursuing a plan to split training camp this year between Oxnard, California and the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Speaking about the yet to be finalized deal that will allow the Cowboys to train in Oxnard for two weeks, the Cowboys Vice President said,

“There’s a good chance we’re there. We’re getting everything put to bed. We get a lot out of it. We get great coverage. I think it gives the players a nice little getaway … I think it will spice things up, getting outside in that cool, fresh air. Obviously we’re not at a point to announce the deal is done, but we’re fired up about it.”

A couple of weeks ago, team owner Jerry Jones was very enthusiastic about splitting training camp and was hoping that the NFL would accommodate the team and schedule a pre-season game on the West Coast to tie in with the move.

“It’s got a good chance of happening,” Jones said. “There are several logistical things to weigh, but I’m optimistic about it.”

According to another report on by Matt Mosley, Jerry Jones believes the Cowboys can help fill the void of Los Angeles not having an NFL team and that it would also represent a very good marketing opportunity for America’s Team.

The plan would be to open training camp in San Antonio around July 24 because of the team’s inclusion in the August 8th Hall of Fame Game, and then travel to Oxnard for two weeks. A final decision will be made when the preseason opponents are announced.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Cowboys return to Oxnard which I prefer to the closed in atmosphere at the Alamodome, and I do agree with Stephen Jones in that it’s a nice getaway for the players.

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  1. Marika Hollis
    Marika Hollis says:

    I would love the Cowboys come back to Oxnard.
    I seen them both times when they were up here!
    Like Jerry said it would be good business for the Boys.
    Has Jerry been thinking to have the training cap in Oxnard for good?
    How Bout Them Cowboys!!!!!!


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