Morning Radio and the Joy of a Quiet Offseason

Driving into work this morning I was flipping between Fox Sports Radio and ESPN Radio on XM. Most of the talk was about baseball and March Madness, but for a few minutes I heard some ranting regarding the new Jets/Giants stadium and their dilemma about who will open the season in the new home. After a coin toss by the commissioner it was decided that the Giants will open the stadium on Sunday September 12th and the Jets will open on the following Monday night to the huge MNF crowd.

First of all, can you imagine your team sharing a stadium with another team, even if they were in the other conference? I still find it ridiculous that they aren’t even in the state of New York. I guess some could argue that the Dallas Cowboys don’t play in Dallas but Arlington is a hell of a lot closer than say Louisiana or Oklahoma.

Another topic discussed on my morning drive radio programming also featured the Jets and their newly acquired running back LaDainian Tomlinson. The poor guy has gone from being the best in the biz to being a 3rd string back that fans hope they never see on the field. I’ve always liked LT, and I find it really sad how the world of sports works sometimes.

It seems the Jets really are trying to make some noise this offseason, but none of their moves have impressed me yet. In case you missed it they grabbed former Cowboy Nick Folk to a one year deal back in February. Their veteran kicker Jay Feely isn’t worried at all and expects a new deal despite the signing.

As for the Cowboys, everything is really quiet right now. Next month comes the draft and the release of the 2010 schedule.

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For now you can relax and enjoy Spring Break, only five or so months until Preseason football… 😉

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    “only five or so months until Preseason football…” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
    Good read, Kelly. A friend of mine, Michael Colna, on facebook pointed out that the Giants get to open their new stadium this year. Does anyone remember who ruined OUR home opener this year? I wonder if this is just a coincidence that the Giants won the coin toss. I wonder if it will also just be “the way the schedule worked out” when they announce the Cowboys on the road vs. the Giants for their home opener? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I get that all the time about the Boys not playing in Dallas. Please!!! At least they play in the same state unlike the Giants. Go ahead and schedule us to play the Giants the first game. I would love it!!!!!


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