True Blue Cowboys Pride

Until recently, I don’t think I truly understood just how many people are proud to be Cowboys fans. I’ve had tons of people request my friendship on Facebook that are fans of the Cowboys and it amazes me to see how loyal they all are! I see wonderful things each and every day from these fans that encourage others even when things may look a bit bleak. They also help keep me informed as to what’s going on with our team. I’m constantly looking things up online and watching for anything on the sports networks and yet I tend to find more info simply from all the awesome fans on FB.

There is one lady in particular that I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with that really stands out in my mind. Her name is Shelby Kelly and she may be little, but she’s one of the biggest Dallas Cowboys fans I’ve ever known! Recently, I asked her if she minded if I asked her a few questions so I could do a story on here and she gladly accepted.

What do you feel are some of the ways you show your Cowboys pride the best?

Year around, I can be found wearing our star but during the season, it’s head to toe silver & blue! I am a season ticket holder so I’m at every home game. My house has Cowboys every where! What started as a one room “man-cave” has grown to take over two rooms and two hallways. I attend as many player events as possible and I invite all my friends to meet me there! It’s a simple way to show your support for the players and the team.

The biggest way I show my Cowboys Pride best is sharing with others. Whether fans meet up with me for the fun or they are waiting online for me to tweet, blog or post pictures; sharing has allowed me the opportunity to meet Cowboys fans from around the world and make friends with people in my area that I may have never met otherwise. These amazing people inspire me and I love them for that!

When the team happens to not be doing so well, how do you keep such a positive attitude?

I’m a positive person! *giggle* I don’t see a value in negatives and pity parties. The trick is to put it behind you quickly and remember what the individuals on the team are capable of doing. If I know they could have done better, I’m sure they know it, too. They are probably beating themselves up over it: which is not where we want our players to be. Learn from it and jam on!

What do you think the team can work on to improve their game?

I would like to see the team work on mental aspects of the game. I think this would help them remain calm before big games and when they find themselves in a situation on the field. Many of our errors were mental. Also, would like to see the fans work with the team better by remaining quiet when our QB is behind the center and screaming our heads off for our “D”.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a Cowboys fan?

Well, there are quite a few stories I could share! *chuckle* Like throwing gum at Michael Irvin, doing the robot with Deon and Isaiah or the time I told Dave Campo, “Don’t act like you have some place to be! I’ve been watching D. Ware highlights!”… or standing in a parking lot for hours on a beautiful August afternoon in Texas (aka: 100+ humid degrees) for the opportunity to be on the field for a few minutes before the final open practice Texas Stadium would ever see… I’d do it again! Only I’d get there earlier! My son and I met Walt Garrison later that day! Totally worth it!

When you hear someone talking trash about the Cowboys, what do you do?

*giggles* I don’t have to do much. I smile and ask about their team. Their answer usually explains a lot.

It’s amazing people like Shelby that make me so proud to be a Cowboys fan. She’s an excellent example of how classy and devoted the Dallas Cowboy’s fans truly are. We not only have the best team in the NFL but the best fans as well!!!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Awesome post Michelle!!! Love hearing things from other loyal fans. When talking to people about their teams you can always tell how big of a fan they are and how loyal they are. Good example is the new person who started working with me two weeks ago. I asked if he was a football fan and he laughed because he saw how much Dallas stuff is in my cube. He said he loved football and he was a Cowboys fan and a Giants fan. RED LIGHT!!!! No way you are a Cowboys fan and a Giants fan. NOT POSSIBLE!! In NY we would call that person a fraud.

  2. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Passionate fans are what this site is all about! Great job Michelle.

    Hi Shelby 🙂

    LSS is very familiar with Shelby K, she used to be a writer for our site, fun times.


  3. nate
    nate says:

    I had the pleasure of tailgating, attending a game and going to “inside the huddle” the next night with Shelby when i was in town. Couldn’t ask for a nicer, more down to earth person who just so happens to be the biggest cowboys fan in existence. Anyone who goes for a home game should stop by lot 15 and give a round of hugs to some the coolest cowboys fans on the planet, known as C.N.S.(Cowboys Nation Syndicate)

  4. Raina
    Raina says:

    I have the pleasure of calling Shelby and Kelly as being two of my first myspace cowboy family. Shelby is getting famous in her own right and so happy for her. I would like to hang with her just one day. I would be worn out so couldn’t handle two. lol Great job Michelle. Miss Shelby’s LSS articles.

  5. pawlina
    pawlina says:

    I loved this article…. And I LOVE OUR BOYS year round…. If I was in texas I would be there for everything just like Shelby… It is so tru normally askin someone who their team is answers everything… I love standing up for my team and wearing their stuff year round… And I also agree you can’t be a fan of two teams in the same conference that’s not possible… Lol. Its good to get to know other fans who share my enthusiasm cause a lot of people her in cali think I’m crazy especially when I start spoutin stats. 🙂 again great article michelle

  6. mudduck
    mudduck says:

    Shelby without a doubt is the biggest Cowboys fan there is, I did not think anyone could be as loyal as me, she is willing to put in the extra effort, so others can stay involved year round.

  7. dalefencer
    dalefencer says:

    it’s about time shelby has been seen in her own right….a one radical fan….though thick and thin….win or lose….she is true blue and silver…

  8. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    I just hope the fans will be there if say this team is 6-10 next year not just when they are Super Bowl favorites…..


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