Am I A Traitor?

For the first time in 30 years, I cheered on another team that was playing  the Cowboys.

Before you all delete me as a friend, let me explain:

My grandson is playing coach pitch baseball.  There is a Cowboys team on the schedule.  I thought it would be a cowboy you know, a country cowboy.  But when we got there they are wearing blue and silver with a star!

My granddaughter ran out to the parking lot and screamed “Mimi we are playing the Dallas Cowboys!”  My grandson replied, “Mimi I know you are going to cheer for the Cowboys aren’t you?”

Who do u think I cheered for?

Come on friends, I am a grandma and they weren’t our Dallas Cowboys.

I have to admit it felt a little weird.

  1. Thats cute. Ironically my son’s soccer team is the Eagles. Go figure!

    I’m just glad they are red and white not green and white.

  2. NAtt

    (off topic lOl)Im from Tampa Fl and am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan as well as a Texas Longhorns fan and well our family has turned into some kind of rivals lOl being that we have an East Bay Bucs (boo lOl) team as well as a Lennard Longhorn team =) luckily my sisters play for the Longhorns therefore we wear our Orange and White with Pride =]]

  3. Raina

    It funny hearing how far our Dallas Cowboys loyalty goes. lol

  4. It funny hearing how far our Dallas Cowboys loyalty goes. lol