Diary of a Mad Cowboys Fan

I come from a huge family of Dallas natives who are all Cowboys fanatics, but I’d put money on it that if you asked any one of them who the biggest fan in the Horn family is, the majority of them would without hesitation say, “That would be Kelly Nell!” Ask anyone at my place of business and they wouldn’t think for a moment before saying, “Miss Kelly, of course!”

I’ve got Cowboys posters and memorabilia in my bedroom, a closet full of jerseys plus enough Dallas tees to wear a different one every day for weeks, and even a “Cowboys” silver car… not to mention my favorite addiction, this Cowboys website.

In my household, football season means Sundays are booked – no parties, no outings, no shopping, no work. Dinner is planned around the game. From kickoff until the clock reads 0:00, no one better get in front of the tv and I’m not answering questions, taking random phone calls, no cleaning, cooking, laundry… well I’m sure you get the point.

My teenage son, as amazing as he is, says “Go Cowboys” but I’m not sure he means it the way I do. I’ve bought him jerseys, jackets, etc. – but he’s just not that into football. I’ve been known to scream at the television and get a little bit vocal during Cowboys games. I’m pretty sure that’s why he hides in his bedroom at kickoff. But hey, I love him just the same.

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to know some amazing people who also love the Cowboys. I know people who hold season tickets year after year and people who travel clear across the country just to witness a Cowboys game. Although some of the biggest and craziest Cowboys fans I know have never even been to a game, but love ’em just the same.

I have friends whose homes are completely decorated in Blue and Silver, from the shower curtain to the sofa. I have friends who blog about the ‘Boys, and many who “vlog”, some designs graphics, and others spend hours on forums. Some of my Rowdy friends drive vehicles with players painted on them, decorated with star logos, and personalized Cowboys-themed license plates.

I have Cowboy-tattooed friends, and even some who name their children after players and coaches (I think Landry would be a cool boy’s name).

I think each of us has our own way to express our true blue enthusiasm. I’d rather not classify who is more of a fan, or less of a fan. I’m just happy to say I have been lucky enough to get to know some kickass people who I can relate to because of the Dallas Cowboys.

I feel honored to be able to share my love for this team with all of you through Lone Star Struck. I am so proud of the name we have built in the Cowboys online community and our amazing fan base that continues to grow daily.

From the average football fan to the obsessed die hard fanatic, you are important to the Cowboys organization, and the NFL for that matter.

Lil' Baby WittenRegardless of what kind of a fan you are, without all of us, and I mean every single one of us, there would be no team. Its the oldest principle in the book – supply and demand. We the fans demand some Cowboys football.

It may be offseason but being a Cowboys fan isn’t seasonal,  its a year round event. We are counting down the days until the draft, and looking forward to training camp. Some of us are already planning tailgate parties and road trips to visit Arlington or the closest football stadium that will be lucky enough to host the Dallas Cowboys.

Some rivals and opposing fans question why the Cowboys are America’s Team? Well the answer is crystal clear, WE are the reason.

My fellow fans span from California to New York and Illinois to Florida, not to mention the great state of Texas and its neighboring states (a big hello to my fellow Oklahomans). From sea to shining sea, we are loud and we are proud, we are Cowboys fans and I have to say it’s been a pleasure meeting all of you.

Note: We will be adding a fan gallery to the site this offseason and would love all of you to contribute your photos. Keep us in mind, and stay tuned for information on how to submit your Cowboys pictures.

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  1. BECKY
    BECKY says:


  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Kelly…stop sugar coating things and tell us how you feel!! 🙂 Awesome post Kelly and I do believe I see one of my tattoo’s. I always say that football is like air, we need it to survive. Especially the Cowboys. I just received my signed Alvin Harper picture from what he dunked the ball over the goal post after scoring in Super Bowl XXVII. He signed his name and Super Bowl Champs 92-93. It will go with the other autographed pics that line my hallway. My thing recetly has been to test myself on every playoff game the Cowboys have ever played along with final score and their regular season records. Amazing what the mind will remember when it’s something your passionate about. Love them Boys!!!

  3. TD
    TD says:

    HELLS YEAH! Love it…..being a Cowboys fan is not something you do, it’s a part of who we all are! How bout them Cowboys, and Cowboys fans!?

  4. Valerie B
    Valerie B says:

    Haha, Great post! I fly all over the country and love finding other year-round fans (ours and others). Is there a better subject to talk about than football? Go Cowboys! 🙂

  5. Diddy
    Diddy says:

    Not only do I bleed silver and blue… I am lucky enough to have my best friend also be a cowboys fan… We get together for every game with a couple other Boyz fans and some haters!!! Thank you kelly for the site!!!
    Win, Lose, Or Tie,Da Cowboyz are our team till the day we die!!!!

  6. nate
    nate says:

    now THAT’S a feel good story…good job kelly. its been an honor and privilege to be a part of your site. the cowboys community rules.

    MIKE MOSH says:

    wow awesome ! love the pics 🙂 thanks for including me as one of the many florida fans repping mr. ellis hehe
    COWBOYS RULE ! 24-7 365 !!! AMERICA’S TEAM !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Baby Witten's Mom
    Baby Witten's Mom says:

    I’ll admit, I have only been a fan for a few years, but my fiance introduced me to the awesome world of Cowboys Football and I have been hooked ever since. As much as his dad lives and breathes the Cowboys, I hope that our little Witten embraces that spirit and lives up to his name as a lifelong Cowboys Super Fan! – Lenore

  9. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    Since bring a loud and proud Cowboys fan, it’s like I have a second family. I love this team. Thanks Kelly, I was feeling kinda Blue(no pun intended).

    • Kelly H
      Kelly H says:

      hey stranger! glad to see ya on the site! dont worry, we are that much closer to the draft, then training camp, hall of fame, preseason — then its ON!!!

  10. ayre
    ayre says:

    Hey Hey!! LSS Family! The Cowboys are never out of season for me, and I’m here always reminding the Redskins fans of that. Be it hat, jersey, watch, T-shirt or dog tags I’m repping everyday!

  11. Raina
    Raina says:

    Kelly I love this article! I have not had the pleasure of meeting u but I consider u a dear friend. Thank you for all u do for Cowboy Fans. I feel like LSS fans and staff member are family. A Cowboy Family! love ya girl! Thanks for including my picture it meant alot!

  12. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Yeah Baby! Thanks for including me Kelly Nell! I have always been so impressed by your talent as a Graphics Artist and Writer, Mom and BEST OF ALL FRIEND! Your friendship has meant so much to each of us and when we all meet in that Stadium in Heaven…We will have our Blues ON!


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