Don’t Throw Out Those Antonio Bryant Jerseys Yet

Expectations for Dez Bryant will be very high in Dallas, especially the first time he takes the field sporting his just assigned number 88 jersey. Ahhh shades of the great Drew Pearson and electric Michael Irvin…  But wait a second… Haven’t we seen that jersey before? It looks strangely familiar…

Sufferin’ succotash, it’s none other than Antonio Bryant!

Heck, why pay a hundred bucks for brand new Dez Bryant jersey when you can pull your old Antonio Bryant jersey out of mothballs and get some bang for your bucks. What’s that you say? You already burned them, tore them to shreds, or donated them to the Salvation Army? Well, that’s too bad then, sorry about your bad luck.

As most Cowboys fans know, Antonio Bryant never quite lived up to his advance billing and over-hyped expectations, but maybe Dez Bryant will be the “chosen one” and finally restore prominence to the hallowed Number 88 Jersey and bring balance to the force. Use the force Dez, use the force…

Incidentally, in case you were wondering how the selection of Dez Bryant sits with our current crop of wide receivers, Calvin Watkins of ESPN dishes out the dope,

Thursday night, a source said the Cowboys will attempt to trade backup wide receiver Sam Hurd to give him the options of gaining more playing time with another team. While Hurd is grateful for an opportunity to compete, he’s tired of being a special teams ace.

I never saw Hurd as anything more than an emergency backup WR, and basically just a Special Teams player anyway. In my opinion, he was quickly passed over by Kevin Ogletree on the depth chart anyway and looks like the sixth best receiver on the team right now.

Patrick Crayton, will still fill the number three wideout spot with the addition of Dez. He and Romo have some good karma going and the team will not do anything to change that. Plus Crayton is an all and all solid player, a team first guy, and a great guy in the locker room.

Obviously, the player who is effected the most by last nights big news is Roy Williams. Reportedly, he has welcomed Bryant with open arms and said competition is a good thing. Now tell us what you’re really thinking Roy?

Roy Williams sounds a lot like Senator Palpatine telling Queen Amidala that he would restore peace and democracy back to the republic. We all know now, what he was really thinking… Watch your back Dez!

The problem is what do the Cowboys do with Roy? I asked fellow LSS blogger Nate the Cowboy Ninja his thoughts, and he believes the Cowboys will most likely be stuck with him for this year and then just cut him after the season. The reasoning behind that is the unlikelyhood that the Cowboys can find a team willing to take on all that salary.

As for Miles? He must be all smiles thinking about all those open field TD passes coming his way, now that he has a speedy accomplice to splits opposing secondaries. In fact I believe Miles was the biggest benefactor of the Dez Bryant selection and he could have a monster season that will blow last year’s breakthrough season completely out of the water.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Excellent post Joe! I am still living on the happiness high from last night. I still can’t believe he’s ours. This is the WOW we’ve been waiting for all offseason.

    I know there are doubters (can’t fathom why) but as soon as they see Dez on the field they will change their minds.

    I love Number 88!

    • Raina
      Raina says:

      Kelly for Cowboy fans that haven’t seen much of Dez all I can say is u are in for a treat . speed, soft touch, wow I am still in shock!

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    Great Blog Joe D. I agree with Nate about releasing Roy after this season. I am flying high in Oklahoma! My dream came true. I need to update my favorite player on my status miss Kelly lol Crayton, Felix and now Dez. Can’t wait for your new graphics!

  3. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Message from Dez Bryant to all the teams that passed on him…”You underestimate my power!”

    The new Dez Vader…”I find your lack of faith disturbing”.

    Wow!!! Dez Vader has a chip on his shoulder…”You don’t know the power of the dark side

    Ready to take on the world one reception at a time!!!!

  4. C Moore
    C Moore says:

    I Had A Feeling Yesterday Morning That Dez Would Fall To Us…. The Minute It Came Through That We Traded With NE I Knew He Was Ours!!!! I Was Jumping Up And Down For Joy… I Was Soooo Ecstatic!! GO COWBOYS!!

  5. Donald wallace
    Donald wallace says:

    I love the fact that we didn’t pass up on dez like we did for moss when I was 14 it feels good
    to say Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboy. He will be the reason that miles has another 1,300 plus yard season I got to see my boys in action last year at fed ex feild and the offense was ran so beautiful and the addition of dez jus makes this offense new England like romo just may pass for 40 TD’s thanks Jerry for the new toy can’t wait to dog the skins week 1

  6. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    Great Blog Joe D. I agree with Nate about releasing Roy after this season. I am flying high in Oklahoma! My dream came true. I need to update my favorite player on my status miss Kelly lol Crayton, Felix and now Dez. Can’t wait for your new graphics!

  7. derfootballchrisse
    derfootballchrisse says:

    ah, shoot. anyway, love the bryant pick and the fact that jerry went for the best players available instead of pure need.
    overall a good draft. watch out for sean lee, he’s going to be a stud!

  8. smokey
    smokey says:

    well it seems ole roy had better read the writing on the wall…he had better know that he either produces bigtime this year or next will b his last.dez is faster , better hands, and clearly more desire,my best guess on sean lee is he will suplant brooking next year, hes a tough kidd, smart, will prepare and game film alot,desire to succeed is built in. akwasi ansah will certainly affect the return game and bk up secondary role, i like this kids athletic ability,and he will hit you, now to the undrafted free agents they have so far, who will most have a chance of bein with the team this year and how much of an impact they might have?


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