Final Mock Draft of 2010

The NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. CT. will be carrying a live stream of the draft for those of you who want to follow online. There are already plenty of rumors circulating as to what the Cowboys may or may not do. One this is for sure, there will be plenty of buzz and excitement and after the draft it wont be long until training camp starts and we all lineup to buy football tickets for a new season.

The Cowboys have half a dozen picks with the first at #27.

Round 1, Pick 27 (27)
Round 2, Pick 27 (59)
Round 3, Pick 26 (90)
Round 4, Pick 27 (125)
Round 6, Pick 27 (196)
Round 7, Pick 27 (234)

27. With all the top first round talent off the board, Jerry finds a trade partner AGAIN in Cleveland, who send their #38 overall pick in 2010 and a 3rd and 6th in 2011 to Dallas in exchange for #27 in which Cleveland lands their future QB.


38. Dallas is holding out hope that Philly doesn’t pick Nate Allen at 37. No such luck. But wait. A call comes in from the Ravens.

Restricted free agent Offensive Tackle Jared Gaither is offered up for pick #38. The value here for a potential starting tackle is fantastic, however Jerry counters with #59 and a 2011 4th. No deal.

Dallas picks Devin McCourty (CB, Rutgers) who surprisingly slid through the first round. Devin will provide excellent depth at corner and will be asked to return kicks.


59. The top three second round safety prospects in the second round (Nate Allen, Chad Jones and Morgan Burnett) are gone.

Jerry dials Baltimore’s number and offers pick 59 and a 2011 5th round pick this time for Jared Gaither.

Seeing no other offers and now coming to the end of round two, Baltimore accepts the deal.

86. Dallas sends DE Marcus Spears to Green Bay and selects John Jerry (G Ole Miss).

The Eagles, who sit at 87, are livid. Payback for drafting Nate Allen is a motha.

Dallas can comfortably send Spears away without drafting another DE high in this draft with belief that either Hatcher or Bowen will be hungry enough to finally get their shot at starting and a new contract.

Third year end, Marcus Dixon is now ready for a reserve role after spending the last two years on Dallas’ practice squad.


90. Jordan Shipley (WR/PR Texas) has been a target of Dallas all along. The versatile former Longhorn WR finds a home with the Cowboys and will learn his position while returning punts.


125. Eric Olsen (C Notre Dame) takes Cory Procter’s roster spot as the swing C/G. Sirens go off and the crowd roars at the draft viewing party inside Cowboys Stadium. Davis and Colombo email Olsen a link to this video:


196. At this point in the draft, teams are looking for backups and possibly if they are lucky enough, future competition for their starters.

Robert Johnson (FS Utah) can compete with Patrick Watkins for the tail end of the safety spots. If he can be a solid special teams contributor, the job is his to lose.

I’m anticipating a strong run at O.J. Atogwe to upgrade the starting FS spot.


234. Nose Tackle Jay Ratliff needs to cut back a little bit on his snaps to last a long season with an early bye.

Dallas selects Kade Weston from Georgia to compete with Junior Siavii for the reserve NT role.


Dallas aquires:

-2011 3rd and 6th round picks from Cleveland

-CB/KR Devin McCourty

-OT Jared Gaither

-G John Jerry

-WR/PR Jordan Shipley

-C Eric Olsen

-S Robert Johnson

-NT Kade Weston

Dallas loses:

DE Marcus Spears

2011 5th round pick

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Hey nate? Do me a favor and the next time you post put some thought into it!!!! Just kidding. Wow!!! I like it. I wouldn’t miss Spears either. I like Hatcher and Bowen. Guess we will see starting tomorrow night. Can’t wait. Nice post nate!

  2. nate
    nate says:

    lol thanks rob. i love doing these mocks. the shock is the week after the real draft. i dont know what to do with my free time. lol

  3. nate
    nate says:

    me too. i really think that solidifying this o-line for the future should be our number one concern heading into this season. all this talk about dez bryant and these others, i really think is just “april lies”. we need to protect our qb and make sure he is able to make plays.

  4. nate
    nate says:

    its kind of weird the order in which the top corners went in the first round. its also ironic that mccourty went at 27 where we were in the first. 11 spots higher than i projected.

    • Joe D.
      Joe D. says:

      Yeah, but everybody is way off when it comes to these mock drafts. Look at ESPN’s panel of six guys, not only were they way off but they get paid $100 grand a year to be wrong. Here on LSS we just do it for the fun of it.

    • nate
      nate says:

      i got one pick right! too bad it wasnt for the cowboys! lol (nate allen to the eagles at 37) its impossible to get a complete draft right. the thing is, it only takes one pick to throw the whole thing off. for me, that started with washington selecting williams at #4 instead of, in my mind, a more logical approach of signing free agent flo adams and selecting eric berry. to me, you don’t take a projected right tackle at #4, pay him left tackle money and expect him to be able to handle the left side. it is washington though and bruce allen sucked in tampa too. throw in danny snider and you have a recipe for disaster. i do like some of their other moves in the draft. especially in the 7th round where they got erik cook and selvish capers. there’s no prize for being right anyway. lol


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