Flozell and Hamlin to Be Released

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that veterans Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin will be released by the Cowboys today.

Flozell Adams has been with the Cowboys since he was taken in the second round of the draft in 1998. The 6 ft. 7 in. offensive tackle is a five-time Pro Bowler. At the age of 34 it’s hard to say what’s in store for Big Flo now.

Ken Hamlin was signed by the Cowboys in 2007 to a one-year contract. He made a great run in 2007 and was elected to his first and only Pro Bowl. In 2008 the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on Hamlin and later that summer signed him to a six-year deal. Since signing the deal Hamlin has had only one interception.

This morning Hamlin announced his release via Twitter stating:

“I would like to say to all of my fans that I appreciate all the love that you have showed me in Dallas. It was a good run….. Thanks”


I think the draft may just get interesting now…

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    I think trading up to get a premier tackle (okung, bulaga, williams)would be too costly. i could see them, however, making a run at earl thomas if he starts to slide towards 20 where houston or cincinnatti would be sure to swipe him up.i would love to be ordering my earl thomas jersey from mike mosh immediately after the draft.

  2. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    Funny, how many Flo haters are going to really miss him when it counts. I hope we get a young or rookie tackle that can take his place. Not amazed or shocked about Hamlin. I knew this was gonna happen a year ago.

  3. James Williamson
    James Williamson says:

    Can someone explain to me how releasing Flozell may benefit the team? Really, I gotta write about it and I got nothing. Please, someone HELP!

    • Blas Baez
      Blas Baez says:

      Just look at the lost momentum caused by his false starts or his age or his earnings….

      The world was suppose to end when T.O. left too remember?

  4. irvin ross jr
    irvin ross jr says:

    flo was good in his time its time to get younger and better dallas need a superbowl ring now more than ever we got too much talent on the team to keep falling short and it not romo its our secondary other then jenkins we need help a good safety n free safety and some more or better playmakers and i think dallas should cut garret anyway with that dumb play callin but flo was in his end tho

  5. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    Since Doug Free did so well during Columbo’s injury, you would think we can move Flo and be ok. I think Dallas is looking at a few new linemen in the draft and free agency.

  6. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I have a hard time believing that this was done without a plan. Whether that plan works, well I guess we’ll see. I thought Free did a great job at right tackle last season. What about Robert Brewster who we drafted last year? As far as Hamlin. Was never impressed with him to begin with. He had some good games, but it’s an area we can improve on.


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