Random Cowboys Thoughts…

I  am sorry for the long absence, however I am pleased to inform all of you that I will be having my first child soon, so I’ve been very busy getting ready to be a dad.  =)

Now on to the Dallas Cowboys and a few thoughts I have.

I will start with the upcoming NFL draft. There has been much speculation on who the Cowboys will take with the 27th pick. I have heard everything ranging from Eric Berry falling to our pick, to trading up in the draft to select Dez Bryant. Whatever Dallas does, I hope it’s with the goal of having this team playing football on February 6, 2011; the one thing that is most important for me. Dallas, no scratch that, the state of Texas, needs the Dallas Cowboys to succeed, and what better way than continuing our tradition of excellence than by being the first to play the “Big Game” in our brand new stadium?

My next order of business is ensuring a wining game plan to clinch a first place berth in arguably the most competitive division in the league. As we all know, Mac 5 was traded to our hated rivals the Washington Redskins (which might I add ruined my holiday lol) which now gives the Skins instant credibility. We all bashed the Redskins for years for spending all that money and never having a solid quarterback. Not anymore… Basically, they traded very little to get one of the best QBs in the NFL. The Washington Redskins already had a dominant defense and now if they can get some insurance on that O-Line they will be instant contenders because of the sheer greatness of Donovan McNabb. (By the way, rumor has it they are considering Flozell Adams.)

So as we all get ready for the ride that is the NFL season, don’t forget that we have a wonderful history and a rich tradition of excellence on our side.

I feel like this is our year and I believe that the players understand their jobs now. It won’t be easy… That big blue star on our helmet is always a target for our hated rivals, who are always motivated whenever they play our team.

Our task is not impossible or unobtainable it is very much in our grasps all they have to do is play like champions and all of us will be there for the ride.

I’m hoping that my new baby will be here to see its first Cowboys game on Thanksgiving, and Super Bowl title two months later. =)  I am hoping for a girl, daddy’s little girl, my own princess to dress up in her pink Cowboys gear.

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    A bit off topic, but I found a quote from a guy who replied to a blog written on DMN about how its now realistically possible to trade MB3. It read:
    “Never trade Barber. This guy sacrificed his body more than any Cowboy in history and his career will be cut short by it. Put him back in the closer role and you’ll see him bounce back with 2 or 3 more good years making him well worth the investment.”
    Someone needs to get this guy and our old LSS pal T.D. together. I’ll buy the beer, cause that’s a great way of looking at the Barber rumors.

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Thanks everybody the stress I am going through right now will be worth it.

    MB3 needs to be 2nd string and that is not a knock on his talent, look at the NBA they do it all the time Lamar Odom from the Lakers, Manu Giinobli Spurs, Jason Terry Mavericks. All 3 cold be all-stars if they were starters and all 3 are in the top 3 or 4 best players on their respective teams but they sure up the 2nd string when they come off the bench. Let MB3 do the same he was amazing when he was doing it with Julus Jones.


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