Some Sound Advice For Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd

Whenever you hear a professional football player say something like, “I just want to play and help the team win.”, what they’re really saying is, “I just want to play so I can make more money”.

It’s no secret that in football, the more snaps you participate in, the better your chances are for earning more riches.

Immediately after the selection of Dez Bryant on Thursday night, most of the reactions from our current crop of receivers were very cordial and supportive.

However, I wasn’t all that convinced, and in fact in a previous post I poised the question,

“What are they really thinking?”

The answers started trickling in less than 24 hours later…

According to several reports, wide receivers Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd have asked to be traded. Additionally, Jerry Jones was quick to react and didn’t seem all too shook up about it.

“Both of those receivers I have such respect for,” Jones said. “And I know what they’ve given to our team and what they may give to the team in the future. I respect their sensitivity and I understand that. We all, I think, should understand when Dez Bryant enters the scene that that’s competition.”

You can be sure that niether of them will be back.

We might be able to get a future 3rd or 4th round pick for Crayton (if we’re lucky), but Hurd?

Sorry Sam… But like I said yesterday, you’re only sixth on the depth chart right now (if that), and you’ll probably just get released.

If you had made the right comments and said the rights things, you may have been able to stick around somehow and earn a paycheck, but now you’re looking at the prospect of trying to beat out a field of 10-12 other wide receivers trying to make another team, and that’s only if another team gives you that opportunity.

If we lose Crayton, I’ll be honest, I’ll miss him. But I also don’t hold it against him for trying to find an opportunity to be a number two receiver somewhere else.

But Patrick my friend, you have no control over where the Cowboys trade you. You have no veto power. You may very well end up in a situation where you get even less playing time. Or worse yet, end up with a perennial loser like the Detroit Lions, with no chance to make the post season.

Well. whatever happens I wish both of you luck.

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    ill miss crayton too. hurd, not so much. he was just a guy who showed flashes here and there but is no way worth his tender.

  2. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I was a little surprised that the two of them asked for a trade. I understand why, but I dont think it was the smartest move to vocalize it.

    I love Patrick Crayton and I hope he stays a lifelong Cowboy, but I know its not a sure thing, nothing ever is. It kind of bothers me that he publicly asked to be moved. I always thought he had Cowboys pride, and just loved the team. Now I’m not exactly sure. For me its a little bit heartbreaking.

    Sam Hurd is young and talented. I dont think he will ever be more than a special teams star and an injury backup. So I question his request as well.

    These are the times we have to realize we are true to the team and whatever decision they make we should stand behind. I truly believe that every move that Jerry Jones makes is out of the best of interest for the team as a whole. I know many Cowboys fans don’t agree with that, but thats how I really feel.


    • Tha Barbarian
      Tha Barbarian says:

      I think that Crayton has a lot of Cowboys pride, but you have to also consider the fact of how many times he has bumped around. In and out of the starting line up. Just like its bussiness for the owners, its also bussiness for the players.

  3. Derek S.
    Derek S. says:

    I’ve been disappointed in the comments Tashard Choice has made. I’m tired of all these immature players Tweeting all this bullshit, they need to grow up or pack their bags and get out. His little Youtube videos are cute for awhile, but eventually its time to grow up and play a little football

  4. bobbygringo13
    bobbygringo13 says:

    Seriously? These guys are getting paid to do this. It’s a career and all of them could get more playing time on other teams…which would mean more money. I’m sure it’s very frustrating when Tashard doesn’t get to show that he can handle more…because I don’t doubt for a second he couldn’t.

  5. Full Metal Cowboy
    Full Metal Cowboy says:

    Patrick Crayton will most likely will still be on the roster this year. Sam Hurd…nice knowing you man.

  6. Raina
    Raina says:

    Jerry said on NFL station that Crayton would be playing with the cowboys this season. So now I am very confused. I love Crayton and surprised he wants to be traded. ? Hurd don’t think he will be here. Kevin Ogeltree? where is he? did we give him up?

  7. Tom
    Tom says:

    Players have a right to state their opinions. I don’t have a problem with it. But just like us who actually work for a living, there is a cost if you make those private thoughts public, and especially to your boss. Crayton simply catches passes. He may not get traded at all, but if he did, I’d miss him and wish him well and hope he doesn’t go to anyone we’d play this year. Hurd is so deep on the depth chart there would probably be no trade value at all. If he doesn’t get cut, he’d do well just to stay quiet and take his few millions he’s earned over the last 4 years and plan for a life after football.

    Choice on the other hand, will be around at Jerry’s convienience. If he shows something this year, he’ll either be trade bait (not smart) or become the second back with a healthy salary. I love MB III, but he’s breaking down before our eyes. In an uncapped year, he may get cut and JJ will suck up the salary.

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    Oh, Ogletreee is still here. He excites me. All he needs is consistent playing time. That’s one of the reasons if there is a receiver cut, it’s going to be Hurd.

  9. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I think if Barber can go back to his role of coming off the bench it will save him. Choice without a doubt needs some more playing time. Crayton has made some big plays, but I still can not get past the playoff game against the Giants. I will always blame him for the Boys losing. I know i should let it go, but I can’t. If it was any other team I probably could get past it.
    Love Olgetree. I know he didn’t play a lot, but there is just something about him. A gut feeling I have.

    • nate
      nate says:

      I agree Ogletree needs more playing time. The kid is the real deal. Looking over this crop of undrafted free agents, I see another WR with the potential to be this year’s Ogletree. Terrell Hudgins, WR, Elon. 6’2″ 237 lbs. slow 40 time (look at his weight), but productive receiver.
      NCAA Records:

      * 207 Combined receptions in one season (FCS record with former teammate Michael Mayers in 2007)
      * 395 Career receptions (all NCAA Division I record)
      * 123 Receptions in a season (2009; FCS record)
      * 8.8 Career receptions per game (FCS record)
      * 5,250 Career receiving yards (all NCAA Division I record)
      * 116.7 Career average yards gained receiving per game (FCS record)
      * 28 Career games gaining 100 or more yards receiving (all NCAA Division I record)
      * 1.2 Career touchdown passes caught per game (ties FCS record)
      * 34 Career games with a touchdown reception (FCS record)
      * 4 Career 1,000-yard receiving seasons (all NCAA Division I record)

  10. robot
    robot says:

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