Times Have Changed But the Stars Remain the Same

The entire world has changed since social media took over the internet. It has brought a sense of reality that everyone really is human. I think in the beginning even I got excited to know that I was friends with a famous football player, or at least I thought it was him. Who really knows who is running the page, maybe an agent or a media manager? Heck, it could even be a cousin or sibling. At times we would find out it was someone impersonating the pro athlete we adored so much. Ahh the days of Myspace and the addiction that came with it…

Twitter and Facebook are the big thing now. With Twitter they now verify if it really is the celebrity, which I guess is a good thing. Do you really think they have time to sit down and tweet when they are in the middle of the playoffs or after a big game? I don’t know, why not. I don’t leave home without my cell phone and thats the easiest way to update statuses these days.

What if these forms of communication existed back in the day? Do you think Emmitt Smith would tweet that he has new t-shirt designs on his website or would Herschel Walker question if he was going to get traded? The whole world would know the instant Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys or that Troy Aikman had decided to retire. Back then we had to wait for the morning newspaper. Today all you have to do is sign on to Twitter or check your rss feeds and you’re instantly in the loop.

You may have seen Tony Romo’s face on the cover of a magazine or maybe you seen rumors about him on TMZ back when he was dating celebs, but you will never see Tony Romo trying to promote himself online. I know this for a fact because last year we had a run in with an impersonator who offered an interview. Luckily we got past that without much harm.

Recently, we had the honor to do a Q & A with the great Jay Ratliff. It felt really good to get such a wonderful player on our site. Jay reached out to us because he said he wanted to speak to true Cowboys fans, wow what a compliment to Lone Star Struck. Thanks again Jay!

While some people still get STARSTRUCK whenever they get to meet a professional athlete, I think these days social media has softened the excitement. We get to see personal photos and learn what they did over the weekend. We actually get a chance to be part of their lives.

Even though I believe everything I just said honestly, I’d still scream like a school girl if I was ever in the same room as Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach. No matter where the world wide web takes us, the legends will always be untouchable.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Agreed Kelly. Nice post. When I think back I think it was more fun years ago. I remember the day after a Dallas game I would run down the street to the store, and I mean run. Because I wanted to get the newspaper so I could read about the game and hopefully see a picture or two. Now I just need to go any of 100 sites to see anything without delay. Now I follow people like Emmitt, Barber, Choice, Colombo and Ratliff on Twitter.

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Kelly you’re getting all philosophical on us!!! Seriously though, it took man a million years to invent fire and then another half million to invent the wheel. But when you consider what we’ve done in the last two decades it boggles the mind. The world is a much smaller place, and you would think it would be safer too. But hell no! Thankfully, we still have our Cowboys… and this site… and the piece of Junior’s Blueberry Topped Cheesecake in the fridge…

  3. nate
    nate says:

    “I’d still scream like a school girl if I was ever in the same room as Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach.” – Kelly Horn
    You do realize guys, that we HAVE to set this up now. I’ll bring the cam. lmao

  4. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I can see it now. Like someone who is afraid of mice. Jumping up and down on a chair screaming!!! Keep in mind I’m talking about myself the first time I met Emmitt. LOL

    • nate
      nate says:

      lol…Rob I feel your pain. I “met” Emmitt once in my life. 2002 at Sun Devil Stadium. He was stretching in the end zone right in front of us. I got so excited I reached out my hand like I was Inspector Gadget or something expecting to get a hand slap and nearly fell over the side. I guess its normal to lose your head when seeing these cats up close.


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