Enough Already, It’s Time To Dump Crayton

The last thing the Cowboys need right now is a divided clubhouse, especially after the lessons learned during the Terrell Owens era.

Since drafting wide receiver Dez Bryant in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft, one too many Cowboy players have been chirping about their status on the team and wanting out of silver and blue.

At first, I felt it was just a natural reaction for some players to balk when a team drafts a first rounder that plays the same position as them. But the situation with Patrick Crayton has now evolved into a black cloud that is hanging over the team and it could escalate into a major distraction that could once again divide a locker room and have players taking sides.

Yesterday, Patrick Crayton appeared on a radio and reiterated that he would like to be sent to another team as soon as possible so he can begin competing for a starting position with a new team.

He no longer believes that he will get a fair opportunity to compete for playing time when Cowboys training camp opens in a few weeks and wants out as soon as possible.

As was already reported on this site, Crayton is already boycotting voluntary workouts and has threatened to sit out training camp and the preseason unless he gets his way.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones feels differently and still believes the situation will work itself out, but I strongly disagree and believe that Jones is clearly misreading the situation and needs to address it now either by trading Crayton or giving him his release.

There is nothing left to gain by keeping Crayton at this point and we must act in due haste in eliminating him and his negative attitude from our team.

History has already taught us what can happen when you have one rotten apple in the barrel, lets not tempt fate again and potentially mar a new season even before the season gets officially underway.

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  1. DaBoyz Fan since'85
    DaBoyz Fan since'85 says:

    I say trade crayton to a team that needs WR help and in return our boys get a FS/SS, LT or a draft pick.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    The problem is that no one is interested in Crayton as far as a trade. Crayton is a good third option, not one or two. If he truly believed he was that good he would be in camp fighting, but in my opinion he knows that he can’t compete with the others and thinks he can go somewhere else where there is less talent. Now that he has taken it to the media he needs to go. I’ve never forgiven him for his two bone headed plays against the Giants in the playoffs.

  3. roger cruz
    roger cruz says:

    trade his ass to detroit,, as a lesson to everyone else..thank you pat, if not for you dropping that one pass we might have won a playoff game.. NFL star tas loco…

  4. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    It is sad, He makes 2 mil a season if he is playing or sitting. There are people out here that will never see that much in a lift time. So it is so hard to feel for a guy like that.

  5. irvin ross jr
    irvin ross jr says:

    dallas need that cover corner to acommadate jenkins look like newman starting to get slower and burnt more we cud use two gud cover corners that can play one on one all the times vs. any wideout with any speed good call jones maybe bring n a good quarterback for the future i think if romo dont do it this year his chances will be dull in the big d


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