FMC’s Offseason Rant: Bobby Carpenter Edition

First thing’s first people, my favorite Cowboy of all time turned 41, Emmitt Smith. He’s one of the greatest. I’m not sure if anyone else goes through this but other people often have something to say about Emmitt. Either he never took a lot of punishment like other backs; he benefited from great offensive line; he lacked power; he wasn’t as good as Walter Payton or Barry Sanders, and so on and so on.

I can go on for a while with people who doubted or just plain didn’t like Emmitt, but some of it I have to agree with them. Like the great Dallas O-Line in the early 90’s, but then again a line is only as good as the running back. If we had one single back running most of the running plays not being split up like it is now, I’m sure Felix Jones would be cranking out Emmitt numbers, or something close to it.

I agree with anyone who didn’t like him as a commentator. I wasn’t in love with him. I’m not in love with Troy either. In fact, the broadcasting team that Moose is on kick’s ass! Moose should be the only Cowboy other then Michael Irvin to talk.

Back on subject, Emmitt took punishment. He didn’t? I got a game for you, 1993 Dallas Cowboys v. New York Giants. Emmitt dislocated his shoulder, left the game and then came back! Suck it Eli throwing in double coverage in the Super Bowl! That takes guts! I can go on and on about how great Catch 22 is but I’m not. Happy Birthday to the future Hall of Famer.

Now for my rant this week, it’s a very special one. It turns out that I have ESP, or something that Professor Xavier has on the X-Men, either way it’s awesome. I channeled myself into the shoes of someone who works in management over in Valley Ranch. He was talking to now ex-Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter on why he was getting shipped off to St. Louie. Now don’t call any news anchors on what I’ve done, just be amazed…ok enough of that, just watch me act like an idiot while I make fun of Bobby C.

Enjoy, and LET’S GO COWBOYS!!!

FMC’s Offseason Rant: Bobby Carpenter

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Emmitt will always be the man. My favorite all-time!! Yes, he had a great oline, but he also hardley ever went down with the first hit. He had great vision. Maybe not a lot of speed, but enough. He was a great receiver and blocker. Two things that Sanders was not in my opinion. He had heart which showed in that Giants game in 1993. The best game I’ve ever seen as far as player not giving up.


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