LSS Extra Points: Special Visitor, Quotes and 50th Logo

Staubach Speaks

The Cowboys had a special guest speaker after practice today. Roger Staubach addressed the team and told them that if they pull together as a team anything is possible as reported by

“I just talked about having the right people in the right places and pulling together,” said Staubach. “That’s the big difference, pulling together. Miracles happen, you know?

“Back in ’71 that’s what happened to us. We were 4-3, complaining and yelling at each other and unnamed players saying it’s this fault, that fault. We had a team meeting and decided we were going to put everything aside, personal stuff, and start fighting for the team. We won 10 in a row.”

“I don’t want to jinx it,” (Speaking about the Super Bowl) but I think this is a really, really good football team and they have the capability, as does five or six teams in the NFL, that can win it all and this is one of them. They can do it. It’s a matter of giving a little extra and fighting. I think they have the attitude, too.”

“You get that feeling. There are a few quarterbacks that when they hit the field, you know something good is going to happen. When Troy (Aikman) was here I felt it, and I feel the same way about Tony. When he is on that field good things are going to happen. I think they have a heck of a quarterback in Tony Romo.”

“With Dez (Bryant), Felix Jones, (Jason) Witten, (Roy) Williams and Miles (Austin), I think I could still be playing on that team,” Staubach said jokingly. “They are some pretty good weapons. Towards the end of my career, we had Tony Hill to add to Drew (Pearson) and also Butch Johnson and (Tony) Dorsett coming out of the backfield. It’s nice to be able to have some extra. This talent they have, including Jones coming out of the backfield and Martellus Bennett looks good out there too, they have got some really good receivers so they have some people to throw the ball to.”

Brooking on Lee

Sean Lee is off to a good start when it comes to having the right teacher showing him how to play linebacker in the NFL. Keith Brooking while recovering from knee surgery has been watching Lee and likes what he sees as reported by ESPNDallas.

“He’s intense,” said Brooking, He reminds me a lot of myself”.

“We’ve just got to get him to slow down at times. The linebacker position, you play fast, but a lot of times, it’s slow to fast. You have to diagnose plays and get your read before you pull the trigger and roll. But he’s intense and all the ability is there. He has a lot of ability and he’s very eager.”

“There’s no ego there, so I’m willing to help a guy like that,” Brooking said. “He listens, and when I approach him, his ears open up and you can tell he’s very attentive. I know the coaches are very pleased with him, because he’s coachable”.

“When he makes a mistake, it means something to him. The learning curve is always there for a rookie, but he’s going around that curve right now, but he’s getting better each and every day.”

David Buehler

Seems as though the kicking job is David Buehler’s to lose. Wade Phillips believes Buehler is up to the challenge as reported by

“We know he has the leg strength,” Phillips said. “We are worried about him trying to over power it, but it looks like he’s got his stroke down. He’s doing a good job.”

“I think just being out in front of everybody, that’s a lot of pressure on him right now,” Phillips said. “If he holds up under that, I think he’ll be fine in the games.”

Marcus Spears Worried?

Spears was asked if he was worried that the Cowboys were looking to make either Jason Hatcher or Stephen Bowen the replacement for Spears this season as reported by

“Maybe so,” Spears said. “But you know, all of that stuff is to be determined. I’m going to go into camp and fight hard and try to keep my starting job. Hatcher is going to try to be the starter and Bowen is going to try to do the same thing”.

“You know how I am, man. If they want Hatch or Bowen to start, they’ll start. If they want me to start, I’ll start. But I’m not caught up in that. If I’m starting or not starting, I’ve got to make the most of my time out there.

“I’ve dealt with this for a long time, bro. I was supposed to have lost my starting position three years ago. I guess it comes with the Marcus Spears territory.”

“I only know how to play one way,” Spears said. “If it’s not good enough for them, then it has to be good enough for somebody else”.

“I would like to think I’ve been playing at a pretty high level around here. We’ll find out.”

50th Anniversary Logo

Here is the new Cowboys 50th Anniversary logo that will be displayed on their uniforms this coming season.

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