What Should Cowboys Do With Patrick Crayton?

One of the Cowboys that I immediately started liking from day one of covering Dallas was Patrick Crayton.

Crayton came from the Parcells era where Dallas would make excellent draft choices of key starters for future Cowboy teams. Crayton was one of those guys that wasn’t supposed to succeed. He was a seventh round selection, who originally had played quarterback at Northwest Oklahoma State his senior season while playing wide receiver the previous three.

Okay, so I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of Northwest Oklahoma State to begin with…

Crayton came to the Cowboys with a lot of hope. Teams cut seventh rounders everyday, so he had to make an impression on the coaches immediately. Dallas decided to keep him, and he outperformed guys like Quincy Morgan.

When Terry Glenn suffered an injury, Crayton started in his place in 2007. He had his best season with 697 yards and seven touchdowns from 50 catches.

The guy has just got a cool name to start with, then add in the fact that he’s passionate about the game. I remember watching an interview of him by Dallas reporters, and the question something like what’s your main goal going into training camp.

Well, Crayton interrupted the reporter before he said training camp. He assumed immediately that they meant the season, and he said, “Super Bowl.”

Brief, simple, quick, but if you looked at his eyes, you could see quiet determination and resolve. This guy wants to win it all. Forget money, he wants to win it all, and I admire that in a player.

However, Dallas has made some moves that lead me to believe that there is a severe chance Dallas fans may lose our dedicated receiver.

First, you have to understand that Dallas is a team that runs the football a great deal. Roughly 44% of offensive plays last year were running plays, so Dallas likes to keep the running backs happy.

The part that concerns me is the fact that now Dallas has drafted Dez Bryant to go along with Miles Austin and Roy Williams, Crayton will have to settle at being the fourth wide receiver at best.

Also, Dallas like what Kevin Ogletree did last year as a rookie, and he’s much younger than the 31 year-old Crayton, so Dallas may deem Crayton expendable.

In fact, the rumor is that Dallas has already contacted the Miami Dolphins about a possible trade. The rumor makes sense because Miami has had issues with receiver, and the head coach, Tony Sparano, and the general manager, Bill Parcells, of the Dolphins are very familiar with Crayton and his abilities.

Sparano was once the offensive line coach for the Cowboys in 2007, and Parcells was the head coach for Dallas during 2004 when we drafted Patrick Crayton.

I definitely do not want that to happen. Call me sentimental, but I like the guy. I like his smooth crisp routes, I like how he returned two punts back for touchdowns in back to back weeks last year. I like how he caught a clutch touchdown against the Buffalo Bills where Dallas had to do the onside kick to win the game with a 53 yard field goal in 2007.

Please view the rest here: http://www.mtrmedia.com/cowboys/2010/05/what-should-the-dallas-cowboys-do-with-patrick-crayton.html

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  1. Raina
    Raina says:

    great article! I am a big Crayton fan. He caught my attention because he attended Northwest Okla. State. Honestly I am from OK and I had never of Crayton. Coming from such a small school and making it in the NFL shows the determination he has. I hope he will be happy as a 4th receiver. We need him in case of injuries. Kevin Ogletree caught my eye and I think they will keep Kevin over Crayton. If Crayton does go to Miami he will be a great asset. I hope he gets what he wants to be the starting wideout.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    He needs to get to the OTA’s because he is only hurting himself. He’s not good enough to be a starter. His place is in the slot. With the Cowboys he will continue to get that chance.

  3. S. Arnone
    S. Arnone says:

    First and foremost, this is indeed a great article. I can’t help to admit that Crayton has been very serviceable for the Cowboys. That said, there always comes a time when franchises need to make the tough decision on when to part ways with these types of players. Now is that time! Not only do we have talented youth at the WR postion, we have a replacement in Dez who can do everything that Crayton has done. Additionally, I’m a little concerned that Crayton now will become a distraction to the remainder of the team as they begin their journey to the super bowl championship.

  4. Michael
    Michael says:

    Simpily. I think Crayton showed more value than Roy Williams last year. I personally would like to see him remain a with the team. If not, I hope Roy has a better year…. Go Cowboys!!!


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