Cowboys Apparently Not Interested In Safety O.J. Atogwe

When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones is one of the best, if not the best, owners in the National Football League.

As a general manager, he’s one of the biggest riverboat gamblers on either side of the Mississippi River.

A lot of times he’s been right, and a lot of times he’s been wrong.

Having enough faith in our backup receivers to cut Terrell Owens and subsequently, Miles Austin emerged. Good.

Trading two first round draft picks for Joey Galloway. Bad

Well, Jerry Jones is on the craps table and is rolling the dice again. This time with the safety position of the Cowboys.

Gerald Sensabaugh, our strong safety, signed his one-year tender with the Cowboys, and Jerry Jones may extend him, but the free safety position is still a concern because Alan Ball, the replacement for Ken Hamlin, who we cut, is… the best word would be unproven.

I’ve seen Ball in preseason games, and he’s good, but when Jerry Jones passes up a shot to get Darren Sharper, a beast of a safety, in free agency, you wonder if Jerry is taking too large a risk with the team.

Well, now the Cowboys aren’t going to make an effort to sign free agent, O.J. Atogwe, a safety who last played for the St. Louis Rams.

Atogwe is a pretty good safety. I know he’s an upgrade from Ken Hamlin, but not on the Ed Reed/Darren Sharper level. I was hoping to possibly see him with the Cowboys and give me more assurance than Alan Ball has.

However, Jerry Jones disagrees. He replied to the question, “I’m ready to go to our season with the safeties we have. That might answer your question.” According to the Cowboys official website.

Jerry Jones feels comfortable with new draft picks like Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, a fourth rounder from IUP, or Jamar Wall, a cornerback who might convert to safety from Texas Tech.

Add in Michael Hamlin (no relation to Ken Hamlin), who missed most of last year due to a wrist injury, and the incumbent, Alan Ball, to the mix and Dallas has a strong depth at the position.

There is even some undrafted players that can work out as safeties.

Jerry Jones apparently has faith in these players, so Dallas fans are going to have to trust them. Who knows? Maybe a Miles Austin will emerge.

We can only hope, but for right now, it is for-sure that Jerry Jones isn’t rummaging for his checkbook to give Atogwe a contract.

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  1. SMOKECzECH(Mike)
    SMOKECzECH(Mike) says:

    I say you still sign him since Ball and Hamlin aren’t proven. Listen to the Talkin Cowboys broadcast from 6/3, it has some good points about signing Atogwe.

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    I think this is a mistake. After researching Akwasi he needs a solid safety/cb to learn from. He isn’t going to be a player that will impact the team except on special this season. I hope I am wrong and he develops faster than I think he will.

  3. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    I am not a big fan of some of Jerry’s moves. But I feel this is the right one. I feel that AOA will be a top of the line safety. It may not be this season,But I feel ( Baring a lockout next season ) that he will be ready next season. We have some big players coming up to be signed starting with Mile’s that needs to be taken care of. So save you money Jerry for the one’s we have.


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