Cowboys Playoff Chances Depend On Every Player Giving It Their All

Is anybody else as bored as I am during this painfully long Cowboys offseason?

Mike Florio of the Sporting News believes that the Cowboys are one of six teams that are virtually assured of making the playoffs this season.

The NFC East has a quartet of evenly-matched teams. Last year, for example, the Cowboys won the division even though the Giants, who didn’t qualify for the playoffs, swept them.

This year, each franchise has question marks. Of the four, the Cowboys have the fewest.

Then there’s the fact the Cowboys host the Super Bowl. That may not be enough of a carrot to get them to the game, but it should at least get them past the first major cut.

I agree with Florio, and I hope this time they can go all the way. The other teams he sees in the playoffs are the Chargers, Ravens, Colts, Vikings and Packers.

Is Mike Jenkins sounding a little too cocky and starting to take his starting role for granted?

Well according to some recent comments he made, Jenkins gave those listening the distinct impression that he no longer has to give 100% and work as hard as he once did when he was trying to nail down a starting job. According to ESPN Jenkins said,

“I’ve got a Pro Bowl under my belt, so that’s one of the goals I don’t even have to work for. I feel like my job right now is easier, so I don’t have to work as hard. I can just go on and ride that roller-coaster and keep playing.”

Jenkins is a great player and really excelled as one of the cornerbacks last season after leading the team with five interceptions, but there is still plenty of room left to grow and he is far from perfect.

Now that Jenkins sees no real threat to his starting job, rather than working on refining his skills to take his game to another level, he seems to have taken the approach that his starting job is safe and that he doesn’t need to try as hard.

I find that attitude totally unacceptable.

Hopefully, one of the veterans will take him aside and explain the concept of giving it your all and leaving it on the field.

This team needs players who are hungry for a title, and not simply satisfied because they achieved a meaningless individual honor of playing in the NFL’s most meaningless game, the Pro Bowl.

If we are going to make the playoffs, we need to play as a team with one solitary goal and focus.

Every player must give 110% percent every second that game clock is ticking.

The last thing we need is another key player essentially admitting that he is mailing it in.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Hopefully it’s one of those things that it makes more sense if you hear the quote and not read it. Maybe Jenkins means that he doesn’t have to worry about sharing the job with Scandrick and starting every other game like he had to deal with last year during camp and when the season opened.

    Or maybe I’m just really hoping Jenkins is not getting a big head due to his good season in ’09.

  2. Nate the Cowboy Ninja
    Nate the Cowboy Ninja says:

    Wow, I really hope that quote was out of context or he clarified it later. I cant imagine Jenkins really feels that way. Hes one of my favorite young Cowboys…Dont break my heart like #11 Jenk-eez…

  3. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Here is the response from Jenkins from his blog on his quote…

    This is one of the reasons I stay away from the media. They take what you say and make you the bad guy!

    First off, I have never said I don’t work as hard in practice! Nor would I ever say a thing like that!

    What I said was that the Pro Bowl wasn’t a big factor to me because I’ve experienced it and I don’t have to feel like I have to work as hard to get back there because it’s not a big factor! I have always been a hard worker on and off the field!

    I’m a team player and everybody that knows me knows that the Pro Bowl is the last thing that I’m worried about! Don’t ever judge me and say that I’m not hungry! Because I want a Super Bowl for my organization and my fellow teammates. That is my goal and that’s what I’m focused on this year.

    Quote me on that.

  4. cowboysforlife
    cowboysforlife says:

    I was up set at first with the statement, But when he came out and said his side of it and also his coaches did the same then I was like they are just stirring things up.

  5. Raina
    Raina says:

    after I heard how he actually meant it I decided ESPN are on our A** again this year. They take any little thing and blow it up.

    • David W
      David W says:

      That’s cause they have nothing better to do! They run out of meaningful stuff to commentate on, so they start looking for quotes to twist around, especially if it’s from the Cowboys!


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