I’m Sorry, Did You Say You Were A Real Fan?

Monday, December 14, 2009 (Day after losing to the Chargers)

Mike: How can these guys play such a bad game? They knew how important this game was after losing to the Giants last week.

Dan: I know. That’s two in a row. Another great December run for the Cowboys! They’re done!

Mike:I just don’t understand it. Romo and Phillips needs to go! I can’t watch this team anymore!

Dan: Agreed. No way they make the playoffs, again!!

Monday, January 4, 2010 (Day after beating the Eagles and winning the East)

Mike: Oh man, did you see our Boys beat up those Eagles?

Dan: I knew they could do it. They are the team to beat right now in the NFC. No doubt!!

Mike: You know it. Phillips has our defense playing great right now.

Dan: Our Boys have everything it takes to make a Super Bowl run. Look out!!

*Names have been changed for their own protection*

I’m sure we all know these kinds of people. They bash the teams they say they are die-hard fans of one minute and then praise them the next minute. They always want to go and hide when the team loses and then want to shout from a roof top when they win. These are not true fans. These are what I like to call “Bandwagon fans”. I’ll be the first to admit that I get upset when the Cowboys lose and I will also talk about if someone didn’t play well or made a mistake. To give up on a team you say you are a die-hard fan of when things are not going right and then jump back on board when they are going right is just wrong. It just does not make sense to me when people do that. Be true to the team that you say is your favorite and support them through the good times and the bad times. That is what makes you a real die-hard fan.

I worked with a person last season who said he was a die-hard NY Giant fan. He was “Big Blue through and through” in his words. He loved them and would not stop talking about them when they were 5-0 last season, but after they started losing and giving up 40+ points in games he hated them. He didn’t want anything to do with them. They had become a horrible team and he did not want to be associated with them. As the season went on he jumped onto the NY Jets wagon and not a word about the Giants came from his mouth. Then a week after the Super Bowl it was no longer about the Jets because his cube at work was now decorated in New Orleans Saints colors. How can someone call themselves a die-hard fan of any team when they can’t stick to one team? This person went through three teams in one season. Each time saying he was a die-hard fan of each team, but only when they were winning. I’m happy to report that I no longer work with that person.

It actually gets me mad to the point I have to walk away because talking to these kinds of people is useless. They just don’t get the true meaning of being a diehard fan of a team. During the 2007 season I knew someone who wanted Tom Coughlin fired from the NY Giants. This same person wanted Eli Manning benched and Jared Lorenzen to be the starter. Of course when the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl that season, then Coughlin became a great coach and did a great job with the team and Manning was the greatest quarterback ever.  

As a fan you also have the right to criticize players and coaches. Everyone does it during a long season, but at the same time you cannot give up on a team. As a Cowboys fan I’ve suffered through three straight championship losses in the 1980s. A three win season in 1988 as well as a one win season in 1989. It was beyond frustrating at times, but when they became the team of the 90s it was great. Why? Because I knew deep down that I never gave up and never stopped being a die-hard fan.

I’m always asked during baseball season if I’m a Yankees fan or a Mets fan. I always say that I’m not a fan of either. I watch both teams and I want both to do well. That makes me simply a person who follows baseball, but I am not a fan of either team. I cannot call myself a fan of either NY baseball team when I enjoy watching both teams. Either someone is a fan or they are not. Someone cannot be a Yankees fan and a Red Sox fan or a Mets fan and a Phillies fan. How about if someone said they were a die-hard fan of the Cowboys and the Giants? If you were a die-hard fan yourself I’m sure you would look at that person like they were crazy.

Being a true diehard fan of a team is the greatest thing in the world. There is nothing better than feeling like you are part of a team and believing that you are going through what they are going through. To all the diehard fans (and you know who you are), I say keep it up. For all those bandwagon fans (and you know who you are), I share this poem with you that was written for bandwagon fans that I’m around every day.


As we continue on with this NFL season.

A Bandwagon fan is among us with no reason.

He smiles when they win and hides when they lose.

He can’t tell you the player’s names,

But knows enough with the Internet and news.

He’s a Bandwagon fan through and through.

Please stay safe because all that jumping can be brutal.

Never a dull moment in a Bandwagon fans life,

Most likely because he can’t decide which team is right.

It gets a little confusing week after week,

To those Bandwagon fans who love to leap.

Stay on or Stay off.

That it always the question.

It all depends on the score the day after.

So I plead and I beg to the Bandwagon fans,

Stop rocking the cart and become a real fan.

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  1. DCFanatic
    DCFanatic says:

    So if you bitch and moan about your team losing you aren’t a fan?

    What kind of real fan is going to watch their favorite team who they live and die for lose and look like shit in doing so and then have a ho-hum worthless reaction like the following…

    “oh well, we will get them next year”

    Yeah those walking dead fans are the real fans – NOT.

    I will take the ‘angry because it hurts me to the core’ fan any day of the week over the ‘five minutes after a loss zombies who tell everyone not to cry about it because it’s only being a game and who aren’t all that upset because there’s always another one next week’ type every day of the week.

    Show me some emotion. Show me some hate for the people who just let you down. Show you that you are invested in a stupid game. Show me the passion is there and that winning and losing matters. Show me that if you go 5-11 every damn season you demand change. Show me you are angry because you love the team and you only want the best for them.

    You can keep the BS’ers who constantly tell you everything is going to be ok even when the score is 24-0 at halftime.

    I would rather be surrounded by angry, not happy at the moment, over emotional for the day, out of their mind about a loss nuts over a bunch of zombies because I know my brain is safe from being eaten.

    Being a fanatic by definition…

    A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.

    Where does it say I have to be Mr. Positive 24/7 to keep my fan card?

    When they win I will scream loud. When they lose I will scream loud.

    It’s me screaming at all that makes me a ‘fan’.

    • Mike Mata
      Mike Mata says:

      I agree with you 100%. Being a die hard fan means you have die hard emotions, but at the end of the day, your love still belongs to the same team. There was a point last season where I thought all was lost and we were done for sure, but I still backed the cowboys. No matter how angry i was for losing or for a missed opportunity, I knew what team i belonged to and for being angry at MY TEAM, that does not make me a bandwagon fan. You can not tell me you have never been upset with a player or coach for a stupid mistake. How about garrett and his play calling, or crayton and his dropped pass against the giants in the playoffs, or romo fumbling the infamous snap? Folks missed field goals? Sensabaughs lack of awareness on the Rice TD? The Denver game? The first Cowboy Stadium game? Any REAL DIEHARD knows they were full of emotion at each one of those points. You should know exactly what i mean ROB! http://lonestarstruck.com/2009/10/frustration-and-anger.html

      • Rob V.
        Rob V. says:

        I remember that post very well. I was so mad at the way they played and all the stupid penalties. I was the same way after the first Giants loss, but I always get mad when we lose to the Giants because I’m surrounded by Giants fans every day. I’m not sure where DCfanatic was going with his comment. I’m sure the players are harder on themselves then any one fan will ever be. We will always speak up when things are not going the right way and always cheer loud when they are going the right way. But the main thing is that no matter what a diehard fan will be back the next week watching. The one loss I was not upset at was the playoff loss to the Vikings. The Boys just ran into a better team that day. Payback time this season!!!


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